Air Witch & Air Magick

Air Witch & Air Magick

Air magick pertains to all things that travel through the air. This includes death, music, thoughts, spirits, dreams and invisibility. Other specialty areas include travel magick and twilight studies. The word twilight is used here to describe the state of mind when we are not quite asleep and not quite awake. It is a shift in consciousness that allows for the more surreal parts of life to come into sharper focus.

Like dirt and water, each type of wind contains its own primary properties. The magickal properties and purposes corresponding to the different types of winds are as follows:

Whirlwind:  Whirlwinds run the gamut from gentle “dust devils” to full-blown tornadoes. This is a powerful aspect of wind to use; however, it is best to only use the violent form on the astral plane. This is the best wind to use to banish or destroy. Be careful with whirlwinds, even if only on the astral plane, because they tend to confuse.

South wind: The south wind is the warm wind of fire. It can work as an all-purpose magickal booster; however, it can easily cloud a situation. The South wind brings blessings of friendship.  Singing into the south wind can facilitate contact with loved ones. It is the wind of celebration.

North wind: The north wind is the proverbial wind of change. It is the icy col wind of death and works well in spells of destruction or banishment. It is connected to the element of earth, and can be used as a healing wind. The north wind moves things forward in time.

East wind:  The east wind relates to air. It symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. This is a good wind to use for matters involving intellect and self-improvement. It ushers in clarity and clears the mind.

West wind:  The west wind is the wind of love and  emotion. It relates to the element of water. Cleansing and divination are favored when the west wind is blowing. The voices of the dead are heard on the west wind.

3 thoughts on “Air Witch & Air Magick

  1. I’ve noticed there was a quote “the air witch”. can you tell me how to find your element? My birthday falls into water but I don’t feel attached to it. I would appreciate it! I didn’t know there’s an element that we work with or an identifier!!


    1. If you will look in the category “The Elements,” I believe I have the test there. It is a test that is suppose to help you identify what kind of Elemental witch you are. The biggest part of witches have a preferred Element and Elemental that they correspond with better than they do the others. If you find your Element, you can then create a bond with it and it will deepen your spiritual practice and empower your magick. Basically what it all boils down to is this section is just letting you know this is available to you, it might be something you would like to learn also and most of all these types of witches do exist. I thought I read where you said you were an Water sign but didn’t associate with it. There are a lot of people who don’t associate with the astrological sign. In Elemental witchcraft, that is perfectly normal. I am a water sign also but I don’t associate with it.

      But the Elemental witchcraft section is there to show you what all options are available to you as a witch. Don’t limit yourself to thinking there is only one Path in the Craft. There are many. The more you know about and able to use, the better witch you will be.


      1. Thank you I’ll go look at that page! My moon sign is leo and I can do fire work so maybe that’s what some tap into?! I’ve always be able to raise the energy and flame or put it out or push the smoke around and play and it feels like it’s playing too! Even though fire is serious. I can see now how this applies to my work! wow yup one day i raised a fire so high and said “transform!!” and swoosh it calmed down and rolled through out. I had enough of residue and people holding on to old things and being mean. The power of transformation i wanted for my home was to literally burn the crude off it. And it did! Ok I’m babbling…. this is what happens when I’m bed ridden! BB


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