Daily Feng Shui Tip for January 5

Let’s look at some fast Feng Shui facts about the lasting blessings that birds can bring on this ‘National Bird Day.’ According to Feng Shui, all birds actually represent the celestial phoenix; a bird that can crash and burn and then transform itself so it can tell the story again. The ability of the phoenix to rise from the ashes makes this bird a universal symbol of hope, optimism, and possibility. Placing images of any bird (especially the phoenix) into the Fame area of your home will open doors of opportunity that helpful people, places and things will fly right through. And if you’re looking for love, using birds in the bedroom will give that effort wings as well. Birds are excellent love energizers since they are believed to be the magical messengers sent from the ‘God of Marriage’ who lives in the moon. In this case, the phoenix is also the best bird image to use for all romantic pursuits. This philosophy maintains that pairing an image of the phoenix with the all-powerful dragon and positioning it in the Romance/Relationship area of your bedroom will activate one of the most powerful marriage symbols in the entire Feng Shui pantheon. Pairs of lovebirds, mandarin ducks, geese and magpies placed inside this same space can make your heart (and a special someone else’s) take flight. So if you’re ready for your love life to soar, feather your love nest with a pair of partridges and the next carol you’ll be singing will have you and your partner sitting in a real ‘pair’ tree!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com