You can buy this is Occult shops but why not make it!
Below refers to bought Essential oils they are often at New age or Health Food shops.
3 drops Clary Sage 3 drops Lavender 2 drops Pine
3 drops calamus rots or use (marigold leaves)
Optional: Roll candle in Mugwort and/or Nutmeg
Blend and swirl and anoint candle in spell. Wear near the person you want the truth from.
They do not stand a chance of lying so it is so handy to have.


  1. hi there,i have a combination or oils compelling ,commanding,come to me.however am pregnant and having problems with my pathner but am not sure how i should use these oils can u help me/


    1. Good morning Tiana,
      Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to your question. I have about 1000 comments that come through a day. It take a minute or two to weed through them, lol! I sincerely apologize, sweetie.

      In response to your question, I looked over all the ingredients in this specific oil. All of them are safe except for CALAMUS & MUGWORT! Do not use CALAMUS & MUGWORT under any circumstances if you are pregnant. NEVER! EVER! Marigold leaves can be used externally only, which this being an oil would be how it is used. Since you are pregnant and certain oils can have adverse side effects, I would wear latex gloves when mixing this (and to be on the safe side when using the Marigold). I know it says it is safe externally but I would still use it with caution. Then when you wanted to use it, you could always put it in a spray bottle. I did that one time. I pretended I was spraying the plants at work and I was really spraying my business partner. Hey, it still worked. But the other are safe, I assure you.

      Remember no CALAMUS & MUGWORT, lol! I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. Do you know what you are having yet? To me, it never mattered as long as the baby was healthy. Please let me know when you have the baby and what you name him/her.

      Goddess Bless You & Your Child,
      Lady A


      1. thank you for your response,but i jus wanted to kno how i should use the compelling oil


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