What Type of Psychic are You?

What Type of Psychic are You?

posted by Annie B. Bond
Everyone has four psychic senses, and you can learn to focus on psychic reception areas to enhance all of your psychic abilities. But as you become more adept at the process you will find that one or two of your four psychic senses are dominant–easier and more reliable for you to use.

It is important to know which psychic senses are your best channels for your intuition. Over time you can rely on them to help you keep your bearings. Find out which of the four psychic senses are your special gifts, here:

Know Your Psychic Strengths: Four Types

Gut Feeling: Feelers
Psychic feeling is the most accessible. It is the easiest to open to and to interpret. The hallmarks are “gut” feelings, and uneasy physical feelings that often give you a sense of something not being right, or being right.

All people, places, and objects constantly radiate vibrational patterns, and your physical body is like a large antenna able to register and assimilate their meaning as inner feelings.

Focal Point: In the front of the body, from the top of the diaphragm to just below the naval (the third chakra).

Knowing: Prophetics
The sense of “knowing” is very fleeting, but once you get the message the awareness of the truth is deep and unwavering.

Men and women high in psychic knowing function at an accelerated pace. They are excellent anticipators of problems or difficulties, and they naturally sense how to be at the right place at the right time. They are innovators with limitless creativity.

Focal Point: The crown and top of head (seventh chakra). The insight comes down from the crown into the center of the head to the nerve bundle that connects the two hemispheres of the brain.

Hearing: Audients
Psychic hearing manifests as words, phrases, and inner dialogue. You might even hear a song that gives you a message. Or a warning that comes with words.

People good in psychic hearing can hear when someone is lying to them, and they are good, uncomplicated and direct initiators.

Focal Point: Both sides of the head, just above the ears, in the area of the temporal lobes.

Seeing: Visionary
Seeing messages visually, such as a date, or someone’s energy field. With your eyes shut, your visual awareness shifts upward to your forehead.

Visionaries can often “see” when something is not right, and know what is wrong. They are excellent planners and have a very good sense of time and space.

Focal Point: The third eye.