Come To Me Love Soap

2 cups goat’s milk soap base

2 teaspoons dried patchouli

1/4 teaspoon honey

1/2 teaspoon jojoba carrier

Equal parts of jasmine and rose fragrance

Red or pink soap dye

Finely grind patchouli herb. Melt soap base. Add herb, honey, jojoba, fragrances, and dye. Whisk until near gel. Pour in love-themed mold. Cool. Remove from mold. Air-dry on rack for twenty-four hours. Store in Saran Wrap to help hold the scent.

Kitchen Witch Hand Soap

This soap recipe is a great formula for kitchen cleanup. The mixture of tea tree oil and botanical provides a wonderful, natural antibacterial formula.

4 cups glycerin soap base

2 teaspoons dried basil

2 teaspoons dried oregano

2 teaspoons dried parsley

2 teaspoons dried sage

10 drops tea tree essential oil

4 vitamin E gel caps

Lemon, lime or orange fragrance

Dye to match fragrance

Grind herbs together. Melt soap base. Add tea tree oil and desired fragrance. Add dye. Cut gel caps and pour liquid into  mixture. Add herbs. Whisk until near gel. Pour. Cool. Remove from mold. Wrap after one hour.

Coconut Candle Cleanser

Coconuts possess an aroma that many find pleasing, sensuous and evocative. Releasing the scent of coconut into the air provides long-term spiritual purification in a relaxed, fragrant manner. Unfortunately what is commercially available is almost invariably synthetic, thus the fragrance may be pleasing but the power is nonexistent. Make your own coconut candles.

The simplest method is to use pour-and-melt wax from the craft store. White or brown are the preferred colors. If you are a skilled candle maker, however, choose any method or wax you prefer.

  1. Prepare the candle shell prior to melting the wax. You may use any type of container you choose; however, a hollowed out half of a coconut shell is ideal.

  2. Melt the wax until liquid

  3. Stir in pure coconut extract. The quantity depends upon the desired intensity of fragrance.

  4. Make sure that the wick is attached securely to the container, either by holding it in place until the wax hardens or by attaching it to a pencil or stick laid across the top of the container.

  5. Pour the scented wax into the container.

  6. Allow the wax to harden.

Ocean Water Asperging Spell (1)

Unless you live by the sea, this spell may involve more work and preparation than sprinkling with salted fresh water, how the potential power is also greater.

  1. Carry ocean water to the area to be cleansed in a glass or metal flask. (For maximum effect, request permission and offer thanks to the Spirits of the Sea).

  2. Asperge as needed, ideally with a rosemary or sea lavender wand.