Black Arts Oil

A traditional condition oil used to cast hexes:

  1. Grind up black mustard seeds, black pepper, mullein, stinging nettles and valerian.
  2. Put it in a bottle and cover with mineral (baby) oil.
  3. Float whole peppercorns in the oil and if you have a black dog, add one single hair. (Pick it off the sofa or your clothing. Don’t bother the dog, annoying the dog will cause the spell to backfire on you immediately even before the Rule of Three kicks in.)

Basil Happiness Spell

Surround your dwelling with fresh basil so as to draw and increase joy within the home, and to stimulate tranquility, harmony, cooperation, and peace.

  • Grow basil in your garden and around the house

  • Place pots of fresh basil by your front entrance and around the perimeter of your home.

  • If it’s not possible to grow basil, then place fresh basil in a vase in a prominent spot in your kitchen, replacing it weekly or as soon as it starts to spoil.

  • Cook with it as much as possible or incorporate it into spellwork. (Since basil also draws love and money towards you, this isn’t a painful, difficult recommendation!)

Anger Powder

If Peace Water encourages peace and War Water is a tool of psychic warfare, what does Anger Powder do? Wrong! Anger Powder is used as a banishing agent to dispel angry emotions. Asafetida and sulfur are both components of various exorcism formulas, so one could say that anger Powder exorcises anger. Of course, another reason it may work is because Anger Powder smells so foul everyone will desert that area, leaving no one left to be angry.

Black pepper
Chili powder
Sulfur powder

First Dollar San Martin Caballero

San Martin Caballero is invoked in Latin American magick to improve and stabilize business fortunes.

  1. Upon initiation of a new business, reserve the first dollar earned and dedicate it to San Martin.

  2. Place it beneath a statue of the saint or before his chromolithograph.

  3. Sprinkle the dollar with magnetic sand.

  4. Burn seven red candles in front of the image

  5. Keep the dollar beneath or affixed to the image (attach it behind the chromolithograph) to encourage increased business and profits.

Drawing Powder Personal Dusting Powder

Drawing Powder may be used to draw business toward you yourself, too.

  1. Blend powdered confectioner’s sugar into cornstarch

  2. Lightly dust this on your body with a powder puff to magickally attract personal attention–and open pockets.

For added enhancement, sprinkle the blended powder with essential oil of basil before applying to the body.