By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Hardly any of us are without some jealousy. We like to think of ourselves about that painful emotion, because such a monstrous feeling is a destructive thing. But if we have not felt a normal amount of it, it is because we have yet to doubt something we love very much.

Margaret, Queen of Navarre, and sister of Francis I, King of France in the fifteenth century, wrote the following words:
“Love may exist without jealousy, although this is rare; but jealousy can feed on that which is bitter, no less than on that which is sweet, and is sustained by pride as often as by affection.”

Jealousy can rear its head when logic is giving you the facts, and throw the whole thing into chaos. But confidence is the enemy of jealousy. Confidence, trust, and faith are all strong parts of a nature where jealousy does not rule.

And jealousy, even in moderation, can introduce us to a serious problem with ourselves, if we let it grow out of proportion. It breeds rejection while maturity and understanding keep us safely within the bounds of permissiveness rather than possessiveness.


Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – January 21

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – January 21

“This is the time of awakening to the inner father and the inner mother. Without this we will receive no high initiation; instead we get initiated into darkness. That’s because any investigation or revolution without God leads, not to freedom, but to more slavery.”


Honor the Father and the Mother. Father stands for wisdom and Mother stands for feelings. Inside each of us is the Father and the Mother. If we do not honor both, we will not grow in balance. To honor both the Father and the Mother helps our masculine and feminine sides grow. The winter season is a good time to focus on this. This is our season of reflection. Honoring both sides allows us to see the Creator is both Father and Mother.

Great Spirit, Father Sky, Mother Earth, guide me today. Let me experience balance.


January 21 – Daily Feast

January 21 – Daily Feast

In the darkest day in winter color is everywhere. They are colors we do not expect to see, so we do not see them. They float on early morning clouds that lie aloft in the southern sky and hover in the crevices of hills at midday. In the evening, the western horizon is purple – all shades of purple, which the Cherokee calls gi ge s di. The last rays of sunlight color the scuddling clouds with purple, rose, and lilac. The Indian loves color and is tuned in to its joy. If we are caught in moods that are drab, our eyes have little chance of seeing color. A drab view can be changed. Even now a sa go ni ge (jay) and a brilliant gi ga ge (cardinal) can stir us with their blues and reds if we have the heart to see them.

~ This is the most valuable thing I have ever possessed. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Daily OM for 1/21 – Feeling Our Life

Feeling Our Life
Finding Our Life’s Work

The way we know we are doing our life’s work is by how we feel when we are doing it.

Sometimes it takes us the better part of a lifetime to discover our life’s work, even though we may have been doing it our whole lives without necessarily realizing it. Our life’s work is not always what we do to make money, although we often think it should be, and sometimes this way of thinking prevents us from seeing clearly what it is. It may be the work of having children, caring for them, and running a household. The way we know our life’s work is by how we feel when we are doing it.

When we are doing our life’s work, we feel an uncanny sense of ease and alignment. This doesn’t mean that the work is always easy, and it doesn’t mean that it’ the only work we have to do; it just means that there is a conviction deep inside us that tells us we are in tune with our innermost self. When we are engaged in our life’s work, our bodies feel more alive, because our energy is devoted to a cause that, in turn, feeds us. We may be tired after engaging in our life’s work, but we are almost never depleted. We feel grounded in the world, knowing that we belong here and have something important to offer.

When we are deeply unhappy, depressed, or subject to one illness after another, this may be due to a sense of disconnection from our life’s work. At times like these, finding the work we are meant to do is an essential act of healing. Most of us remember a time when we felt fully engaged in some act of work, service or creativity, and it is here that we may rediscover the work we are meant to do now. On the other hand, it may be time to explore what inspires us through volunteering, taking a class, going back to school, or just doing whatever it is we long to try. We all have callings, and when we find them, we owe it to ourselves to nurture and protect them, because while they may or may not be our livelihood, they are the keys to our wellbeing.

Lunar Love Horoscope for January 21 – 23

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Love Gets Lively

January 21 – 23

The bouncy Moon in lively Leo starts Friday off in a playful manner but the mood is likely to turn a bit more serious before the day is done, due to Luna’s move into practical Virgo in the evening. Still, love can flourish in this meticulous and analytical sign as long as emotional extremes are avoided. Virgo values reason, organization and tidiness, and encourages us to shine by demonstrating our competence and reliability. Sloppy thinking, being tardy or acting inappropriately can be major turn-offs and interpreted as disrespectful and rude. But don’t get the idea that we’ve got to be so uptight that we can’t have any fun now. Instead of searching for the next party, we can enjoy ourselves working on personal projects, developing our skills or by helping others.

In fact, this weekend provides a perfect opportunity to be productive and playful at the same time. It’s amazing how sexy someone seems when they’re going out of their way to assist someone else; even small acts of kindness can make a major impression now. Although we may be a little fussier with the Moon in perfection-seeking Virgo, we also admire real acts of modesty and self-control. Showing off and coming on too strong are not going to make anyone more desirable this weekend. The Moon’s shift into sociable Libra early on Sunday night rewards gracious people and those with enough confidence and common sense to make compromises. Showing a willingness to put a partner first could be a strong move toward greater intimacy.

Horoscopes for 1/21


General Daily Horoscope


Although the expressive Leo Moon suggests that everything is as it appears today, our fantasies can still lead us astray. An unexpected twist of fate is indicated by a complex aspect pattern based upon a seven-pointed star. We try to solve problems logically when the Moon shifts into analytical Virgo at 6:10 pm EST. But a magical quintile between romantic Venus and imaginative Neptune intensifies our dreams, making it tough to sort out the truth.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Even if you think that you can power your way through the day, you may need to slow down and get one task done right before pushing on to the next one. Finishing a job doesn’t always mean that you’ve done it correctly. Take time to consider the logistics of what you are doing or you could be frustrated later when you discover that you must go back and redo something that you believed was already completed.



Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

Establishing a steady pace improves your chances of reaching your destination today, but you might feel that someone wants you to work faster. Instead of sacrificing quality for increased production, you must find the courage to set reasonable boundaries. Don’t be afraid to let everyone know exactly what you can and cannot do. Then, follow up by doing the best job you can. Fortunately, others will eventually recognize your positive contribution when you show the results of your work.



Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

Maintaining your focus can be quite challenging today, for your mind wanders around rather than concentrating on the task at hand. Still, you are aware of the pressure that others are placing on you now and you want to make every effort to do your part. However, a minor distraction is enough to lead you on a major detour. Don’t waste energy being hard on yourself if you get off track and waste too much time. Just remember to bring your attention back to what you were doing before moving on to what’s next.



Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

It makes you anxious if others try to make you work harder today. It isn’t that you’re unable to meet their demands; you would just rather be in charge of your own schedule. Be careful; you might have to suppress your rebellious attitude for a while as you do the best you can to fulfill your obligations. Thankfully, your extra effort won’t go unnoticed.



Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

It’s been challenging to keep your emotions in check while the Moon has been traveling through your dramatic sign. Although you’re quite skilled at presenting yourself in the best possible light, you may be unsuccessful in pretending that everything is fine today. Don’t hide your warm heart under cold efficiency. You can still finish your work while also being honest about your feelings.



Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Your perceptions are even more accurate now than usual, but this doesn’t mean you should act on every conclusion you reach. Your analysis may not be as balanced today as you think. Caution is advised because you tend to focus on the imperfections in others and yourself. An intelligent strategy now is to remain an observer. Wait a few days before finalizing any plans because things will soon look much better.



Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Sharing your ideas with others seems like a good idea at first, but soon it becomes apparent that interpersonal politics are more complicated than you thought. Maybe it would be easier if you praised your colleagues and told them how great they are instead of speaking your mind. But your willingness to please others can run you through stressful scenarios again and again. Relax the pressure by temporarily detaching yourself from the situation. Take no action until tomorrow after you’ve had time to rest.



Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You might be forced to relinquish control as the day unfolds and your personal agenda begins to transform. Give yourself some breathing room; allow enough flexibility to cancel a previous commitment if your goals have shifted. Don’t be overly concerned about anyone else’s disappointment. Just do what feels right, even if you have to gently let someone down in the process. Take care of your own needs first; this strengthens your relationships with others in the long run.



Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You may be required to take a position on a significant issue today, but it’s not a good idea to make up your mind until you have done enough research to be fully informed. Sharing your opinions before you have gathered all the facts only makes you look unprofessional or even foolish. Take the time to completely flush out the truth. Demonstrating your integrity helps you improve your standing with everyone at work.



Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Trusting your intuition is tougher than usual, because the facts can be so entangled with fantasy that it’s tricky knowing what’s true. You can get lost in the data as you step through your rigorous analysis, but you still might not arrive at the best conclusion. Study the information and then set it aside for a while. A moment of inspiration will ultimately bring you the right answer.



Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You don’t know if you’ve gone deep enough yet, for the more you dig, the more you learn. Nevertheless, at some point, you must finish your research and actually put what you’ve learned to practical use. Once you acknowledge that you’ve uncovered a bottomless pit, you’ll be able to stop spinning your intellectual and professional wheels. The time for thinking is over; get to work and apply your wealth of knowledge to getting ahead.



Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You may be struggling with your work today. The problem is that others might be very harsh with their judgments about what you are doing now. Instead of working to accommodate others, try meeting your own expectations. Your attitude counts for a lot; if you feel positive about your current effort, that’s all that really matters.

The Goddess Companion

The Goddess Companion      


Free in the glad greenwood,
leaping like a deer
who fears no hunter.
There I will dance
with no man watching,
there I will find wisdom
written in the forest shadows.
Is there any gift greater
than feeling such joy?
~Maenad song, Greek Dramatist Euripides
On this night in ancient Greece, the Lenaia was celebrated. It was the festival of the Maenads, women who followed a now-mysterious cult of the god of ecstasy, Dionysus. Little is known about the celebrations of these women, who for more than 200 years practiced a religion apparently based upon union with the divine. Yet even, 2,000 years after their societies were disbanded, the Maenads still hold a powerful place in our imagination. What were they like, these seekers of ecstasy? How did they find the divinity within themselves? We may never know, but we can celebrate the instinct for transformation within ourselves, however it may manifest itself.


By Patricia Monaghan

The Herban Corner – For Your Health

The Herban Corner – For Your Health

Insomnia – Chamomile is a very soothing tea to put you to sleep if you’re having trouble in that area. And a magickal remedy is to take garden violet, put it in a silver bag under your pillow, and then lay back and wait for the desired effect: sleep. Dill and dandelion also work on insomnia. Orange and passion flower are other plants that take away the sleeplessness you experience. Primrose and rosemary also may be used in a tea to take away your insomnia but I prefer that you put shavings from a white birch into a white muslin bag and wear it around your neck, or place it under your pilow. You should doze off almost immediately. Wild morjoram and sweet marjoram may be made into teas, too, and you may wish to make a poultice of lettuce and hops and mother of thyme to cover your eyes. Sleep should be induced soon after applying it.
Relieving Facial Tension –  Every night before you go to sleep, sit in your bed and start making faces — just as small children enjoy doing, make all kinds of faces, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, so the whole face and the musculature start moving. Make sounds — nonsense sounds will do — and sway, just for ten to fifteen minutes and then go to sleep.
In the morning, before you take your bath, again stand before the mirror and for ten minutes make faces. Standing before the mirror will help: you will be able to see and you will be able to respond
Excerpted From Elizabeth Pepper, The Witches’ Almanac, Ltd.


Pagan Studies – Burying Spell

Pagan Studies  –  Burying Spell

Perform a burying spell and lay to rest an old hurt, a dead  relationship, or an outgrown habit. Choose a symbol that embodies the aspect of your life that you need to let go of— a cigarette for example can represent an obsolete
love affair, out-of-date expectations, or your poor self-image. Hold the symbol in your hands and tell it goodbye.  Wrap it up in paper and string, using an appropriate color—red for anger, hurt, or old passions; black for
banishing and symbolic death; yellow for healing an old wound; purple for spiritual concerns. Find a quiet location and dig a hole. Bury the symbol, cover with earth, and dust your hands off three times, saying:   



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Pagan Studies -Money Smoke Spell

Pagan Studies  Money Smoke Spell

Pass a coin or bill through smoke of burning sage to clear it of all negative associations. Visualize a world where money is available to everyone. Imagine that money will be there when you need it. Take the coin or bill and place it on your altar or other personal space. Surround it with a circle of stones and crystals, and imagine this as a protective barrier to keep the funds safe. Sprinkle dried basil over the circle and chant: 
There is no need that can’t be met,
I have the means to pay all debts.
The funds will come, and bring no harm.
In love and trust, I bless this charm. 
After one entire moon cycle, put the coin or bill away in a safe place.   

 ~ Ember  


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Today’s Goddess: OSHUN

Today’s Goddess: OSHUN

Saint Agnes’s Day (Various Locatios)
Themes: Divination; Love
Symbols: Flowing Water; Seashells; Amber Beads
About Oshun: Oshun is a beautiful, oracular Goddess of love. Generous and beneficent, she opens her eyes to let us peek into what the future holds for relationships. According to legends, Oshun didn’t always know how to tell the future. She was taught by Obatala, one skilled in divination, in return for retrieving his stolen clothing from Elegba. But Elegba exacted his price too. Once Oshun learned to divine, she had to teach all the other orishas the fortune-telling secrets.
To Do Today: Traditionally, Saint Agnes’s Day is spent divining information about love’s path and relationships in the coming year. Following Oshun’s example, make a fortune-telling tool from three shells, each of which has a “top” and “bottom.” If shells aren’t handy, use three coins. Think of a “yes” or “no” question related to love. Three tops (or heads) mean “yes.” Two tops mean things are generally positive, but uncertain. One top indicates a “wait” or a negative response, and three bottoms is a definite “no.” Put the shells under your pillow before you go to bed to dream of future loves.
Or, to encourage Oshun’s problem-solving skills in a relationship, carry a small piece of amber or wear a piece of amber-colored clothing when you meet your loved one to talk things over.


By Patricia Telesco

Light A Candle Today!

Light A Candle Today!
In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention. 

Seasons of the Witch! Ancient Holidays (and some not so ancient!)

Seasons of the Witch!   Ancient Holidays (and some not so ancient!)   

Live each Season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. ~Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862)  

Altagracia Day (Dominican Republic)
Anniversary of the Elf Wars (Fairy)
Birthday of Marija Gimbutas – Renowned pioneer feminist anthropologist,theorist of the pacific, nurturing prehistoric Goddess.
Celtic Tree Calendar: Luis (Rowan)- January 21 to February 17
Errol Barrow Day – Barbados
Feast of Jolly Roger
Feast of our Lady of Altagracia – Dominican Republic
Granola Bar Day
Hot and Spicy Food International Day  
Lee- Jackson- MLK Day – In VA 
National Granola Bar Day
National Hugging Day
Own Your Own Home Day
Quebec International Bonspiel begins (Canada)
Squirrel Appreciation Day
St. Agnes’ Day (patron of virgins, Girl Scouts) 
Santa Ine’s Day
St. Meinrad’s Day
Tie-Up Town USA Ice Festival
USA Ice Festival
Yngona – This day of the year is sacred to Yngona, an ancient Goddess worshipped by the Danish people in pre-Christian times.
St. Agnes Day – Patron saint of virgins; the 13 year-old, fourth century Roman martyr, executed by sword in 350 AD for preserving her virginity. When in Cornwall, England, she thwarted the obsessions of the legendry giant, Bolster, who bled to death at Chapel Porth.
Divination by Fire – Agnes Day is a particularly edifying time for pagan divination by fire.

Celtic Tree Month of Rowan (Luis) begins. The Druids believed that the Creator, Celi who was an invisible god, manifested in nature including the restless elements such as lightning, which was also associated with Dragons.  Dragons are associated with new life and thus this period of time is also associated with the coming of  new life out of the dark winter.

World Religions Day – Day to contemplate all religions as different paths to the one universal Deity of many names and aspects.
Sweeping the Ground – On the 20th day of the last month of the Chinese lunar year, people do a thorough house-cleaning in preparation for Chinese New Year.






*Blessed Freya’s Day!
*Light Green candles
*Burn incense of Apple Blossom, Ambergris, Saffron, Verbena, Sandalwood, Myrtle
*Friday is ruled by Venus
*Friday’s angel is Haniel
*Friday’s stones: Emerald, Rose Quartz, Amber, Jade
*Work with Love, friendships, affection, partnerships, money, sex, protection, healing
*Lucky Sign: Friday Is The Lucky Day For Taurus And Libra
*Dieties: Freya, Diana, Aphrodite & Venus, Asherah, Auriel & Uriel, Bes, Brighid, Corn_Maiden, Dionysus & Bacchus, Elaine, Eros & Cupid, Frigg & Frigga, Hathor, Hestia & Vesta, Inanna & Ishtar, Nerthus, Sirtur are honored today.

Today Is: Freya’s Day

Today Is: Freya’s Day 


Energy: Female Ruler: Venus – Rules lovers and pleasure, affairs of the heart – Use for magick involving love, peace, beauty, gentleness, women’s problems, healing, protection, lovers, ease, pleasure, affairs. Resolve quarrels today!
Today’s Magickal Influences: All Love Matters, Friendships, Affection, Partnerships, Money, Sex
Today’s Goddesses: Astarte, Aphrodite, Erzulie, Aida Wedo, Eve, Venus, Freya, Diana, Aset [Isis], The Witch Of Gaeta, Chalchiuhtlique
Incense:  Saffron, Verbena
Perfumes: Stephanotis, Apple Blossom, Musk, Ambergris
Color of The Day:  Light Blue, Pale Green
Colors for Tomorrow: Black
Lucky Sign: Friday Is The Lucky Day For Taurus And Libra
Candle: Green