Organic House Plant Spray

Organic House Plant Spray

(To Keep Plants Happy!)

Essential oils can keep your plants happy and healthy – just add formula to one gallon of water. Water plant well before applying solution. Shake bottle vigorously and spray your floral friends. Spray plants lightly every thirty days. If you don’t wish to make your own sprayers, buy organics soap sprays at your local nursery.

Bee Sweet Formula

10 drop peppermint essential oil

5 drops cinnamon essential oil

1 gallon water

Moon Wish Formula

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops sweet bay essential oil

5 drops clove essential oil

1 gallon water



By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

If you don’t know what to do about a situation – wait awhile, the answer will come. If weariness overcomes you before you’ve completed a difficult job, wait awhile, you’ll get your second wind.

If you do not agree with someone else’s philosophy, don’t fret, perhaps later you will come to know that the same philosophy can be reached from many different directions.

If you think the activities of another person or group are frivolous and unnecessary, wait a bit, they most likely will feel the same way about you sometime.

If you don’t like what others have to say, wait, they may clarify it – or you may change your mind.

If life hasn’t dished you unhappiness, wait a bit, if you’ve planted any happiness seeds, you will also reap.

We can’t always wait, but sometimes waiting is action, and action of the hardest kind. It is difficult to keep quiet when you have something to say, but it more often saves your face later and sometimes your life.


Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – January 14

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – January 14

“It is a native tradition to sit in a circle and talk – to share what is in your heart.”

–John Peters (Slow Turtle), WAMPANOAG

The talking circle is also a listening circle. The talking circle allows one person to talk at a time for as long as they need to talk. So much can be gained by listening. Is it a coincidence that the Creator gave us one mouth and two ears? The power of the circle allows the heart to be shared with each other. What we share with each other also heals each other. When we talk about our pain in the circle, it is distributed to the circle, and we are free of the pain. The talking circle works because when the people form a circle, the Great Mystery is in the center.

My Creator, give me the courage to share, and the courage to listen.



January 14 – Daily Feast

 January 14 – Daily Feast

What we take for granted someone else thinks is beautiful. What we want to get rid of is someone else’s treasure. Sometimes we stand so close to something dear that we cannot see that it is dear. Our lack of awareness robs us of what we assume is ours forever. We have many eyes, but most are closed or glazed over. The eyes of the mind and spirit perceive far more than our physical eyes will ever see. The eyes of our hearing detect sound but also feelings and attitude – and the music of the sphere. There is a word in the Cherokee language, agowhtvhdi, which means sight. When we touch something we not only feel but we also see the gentleness or the hardships, the depths and the heights. No, we are never blind except when we close ourselves off and deny the very Spirit of Life.

~ Give heed, my child, lift up your eyes, behold the One who has brought you life. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Daily Goddess Devotion

Daily Goddess Devotion

Many have been mistakenly taught since childhood, to give their energy to others that have power. You have the right to reclaim your own energy and strengthen the power within your own spirit. Then none shall have any control over who you are.

Lady Abigail
Copyright © 01132010

Runecast for Friday January 14

Today the rune is Isa of Heimdall’s Aett Isa pronounced “ee-saw” (I: Ice) A challenge or frustration. Psychological blocks to thought or activity, including grievances. Standstill, or a time to turn inward and wait for what is to come, or to seek clarity. This rune reinforces runes around it.

Frost has blanketed the earth. It seems that everything in nature is dead. But winter is not forever. You have to sacrifice a part of your personality for the sake of future rebirth. If you are carrying or nurturing a child now, you may feel isolated from the buzz of working life, and longing for more social contact. But the lesson of this rune is to see the need to free yourself from past habits and projects, and to prepare for something much more important. Perhaps this is a gestation period and you are putting new schemes and ideas together. You may feel that these are unrealistic and that everyone and everything is against you, but this is just like a winter in your personal life, a period of rest and secret inner preparation. Wait for spring. It will come without fail.

Isa Merkstave (Isa cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): Ego-mania, dullness, blindness, dissipation. Treachery, illusion, deceit, betrayal, guile, stealth, ambush, plots. (Note: the reversed or merkstave definitions are included only for reference as they apply to a multi-rune cast and not to a single rune that’s drawn blind from the pouch)

As with all, take only what feels right to you and disregard the rest.

**a portion of today’s rune meaning/description was kindly provided by Ingrid Halvorsen at and used here with her gracious permission**

In the Light…


“Music is a release from the tyranny of conscious thought”
— Kevin Burke
Insanity is inherited, you get it from your kids…

Power Animal of the Day: Buffalo

Power Animal of the Day: Buffalo

The Buffalo

Endurance          Hidden Talents          Adaptability


Welcome the great and powerful buffalo into your life to be your teacher.

The buffalo will teach you how to survive, even when the cold wind blows and the snow drifts across the plains.  He will teach you how to grow a thick coat and hold your head down in winter, doing what you must, but full of the certain knowledge that winter will pass and the green grass will again push through to the sunshine of spring.  And then, when summer comes, he will teach you how to shed that long, shaggy coat and adapt to the new season.  You will be able to handle whatever comes your way, strong and capable, comfortable in the cold or in the heat, for you are the buffalo.

The buffalo can also teach you the power of the group.  For even though the buffalo is a very powerful animal in his own right, he is especially powerful as a member of a group, where the stronger and more experienced actively protect others.  The buffalo will help you feel more a part of those around you, finding your proper role, whether it is as a leader and protector or one of those protected.  Either way, the buffalo energy will help you relate well and easily with others.

Buffalo energy will also help you find hidden talents and abilities within you.  For the buffalo, though appearing slow, can actually run very fast and can leap great heights.  You will surprise us all with your newfound strengths, for you are the buffalo

‘May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.’
The Universal Heart Center

Today’s Goddess: CARMENTA Carmentalia (Rome)

Today’s Goddess: CARMENTA Carmentalia (Rome)

Source: Patricia Telesco “350 Goddess” and GrannyMoonMorningFeastToday’s Goddess: CARMENTA

Carmentalia (Rome)

Themes: Children; Fertility; Foresight; Birth

Symbols: Music; Babies

About Carmenta: Carmenta, the Roman Goddess of prophecy and birth, joins in our new year festivities by teaching us the value of preparedness and productivity. The only offerings acceptable to Carmenta are vegetable matter-as a birth Goddess, taking life is abhorrent to her.

Her magical, prophetic nature can be seen in Carmenta’s name, specifically the root word carmen, meaning a spell or charm in the form of a song.

To Do Today: Put on some uplifting music while you get dressed this morning. Let it motivate the resourceful aspect of Carmenta within you for the entire day. 

In ancient Rome, today was the second to last day of a five-daylong festival honoring Carmenta. Pregnant women offered her rice for a safe delivery, while those wishing to have children ate raspberries to internalize her fertility. Try either of these to prompt the successful completion of a project or to improve your physical, emotional, or spiritual fertility.


Romans considered this an excellent day to make predictions for a child. If you know someone who’s expecting, take a ring on a long string and hold it still over the mother’s belly. If the ring swings back and forth it indicates a boy; circular movements indicate a girl.



By Patricia Telesco ~ From “365 Goddess” and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast


‘May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.’
The Universal Heart Center

A Broomstick Spell for Your Enjoyment

Broomstick Spell

Removing Gloom

Here is a quick spell that can be performed with a household or a ritual broom. First, sweep the room clean and visualize all negativity being brushed rought out the door. Work in a banishing (counterclockwise) direction. As you finish sweeping the dust and dirt out of your home, close the spell with this line:

All negativity must leave this room,
As I sweep away all the dust and gloom!