Lunar Love Horoscopes for 1/14 – 1/16

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Break Past Love Patterns

January 14 – 16

Friday is slow, sweet and sensual with the Moon in earthy Taurus. This grounded sign is very physical and loves a gentle touch. The Bulls have a voracious appetite so indulging in a delicious meal is an excellent introduction to romance. Flowers can add their own intoxicating touch of special powers to raise minds and hearts to greater heights. If the mood feels comfortable, giving a relaxing massage is an ideal way to create the atmosphere to gain the trust needed for closeness. Taurus, though, can be stubborn and resistant to new experiences, which makes pressuring anyone for anything a major no-no now.

The energy shifts as our thoughts become more important than our bodies when the Moon enters cerebral Gemini on Saturday morning. Seeking diversity, practicing flexibility and meeting new people are ways to make life more interesting with the Moon’s transit in this perpetually restless sign. Focusing on one subject can be challenging and sticking to commitments is more difficult when we’re so easily distracted. Yet a good sense of humor or a gift of gab can be a delightful ticket to a romantic adventure. But it’s wise to use some discretion because in this chatty environment it’s tempting to gossip or reveal more information than necessary. Passionate Mars moves into independent Aquarius on Saturday, increasing the interest in breaking patterns from the past and trying new and different ways to play while also strongly emphasizing the need for individual freedom.