Runecast for Tuesday January 25

Our rune today is Eihwaz of Heimdall’s AettEihwaz pronounced “eye-wawz” (EI: Yew tree) Strength, reliability, dependability, trustworthiness. Enlightenment, endurance. Defense, protection. The driving force to acquire, providing motivation and a sense of purpose. Indicates that you have set your sights on a reasonable target and can achieve your goals. An honest person who can be relied upon.

Seeds lie under snow. They are waiting for spring. Be patient. Wait for a proper time to take action. Your present situation may be the result of earlier hasty actions or decisions but you should not hurry now. Shoots appearing at the wrong time are destroyed by frost, so patience and perseverance are essential. When the time is right, things will change naturally, in the same way that spring follows winter. Delay is no reason to worry. It can be necessary and useful. In terms of your career, if something is threatening you, the best response is to defend your position. Do not attack! Hostile factors will either disappear, or they will ultimately turn to your advantage.

Eihwaz Reversed or Merkstave: Confusion, destruction, dissatisfaction, weakness. (Note: the reversed or merkstave definitions are included only for reference as they apply to a multi-rune cast and not to a single rune that’s drawn blind from the pouch)

As with all, take only what feels right to you and disregard the rest.

**a portion of today’s rune meaning/description was kindly provided by Ingrid Halvorsen at and used here with her gracious permission**

In the Light…


“Music is a release from the tyranny of conscious thought”
— Kevin Burke
Insanity is inherited, you get it from your kids…

Can’t You See The Mighty Warrior?

Can’t You See The Mighty Warrior?

How often you ask,
What is my path?
What is my cure?
He has made you a seeker of Unity,
isn’t that enough?

All your sorrow exists for one reason –
that you may end sorrow forever.
The desire to know your own soul
will end all other desires.

The smell of bread has reached you –
if that aroma fills you with delight
what need is there for bread?
If you have fallen in love,
that love is proof enough;
If you have not fallen in love,
what good is all your proof?

Can’t you see? –
If you are not the King
what meaning is there
in a kingly entourage?
If the beautiful one is not inside you
what is that light
hidden under your cloak?

From a distance you tremble with fear –
Can’t you see the mighty warrior
standing ready in your heart?

The fire of his eyes
has burned away every veil,
So why do you remain behind the curtain,
scared of what you cannot see? –
Open your eyes! The Beloved
is staring you right in the face!

If a master has not placed
His light in your heart,
What joy can you find in this world? –

every flower is lifeless,
and sweet wine has no taste.

Can’t You See the Mighty Warrior? by Rumi

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for 1/25

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Everyone:

12: Standstill

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Hexagram 12
 General Meaning: A state of standstill is a state of decline. Confusion and disorder prevail. Inferior elements are on the rise, while the powers of clarity and creativity are waning. In such times, the wise take shelter in their own integrity and quietly remain faithful to their highest selves. Retreat from public activities and common exchanges until the time once again favors assertive action.

During periods of stagnation, inferior elements can rise to power. When the inmates are overrunning the asylum, summon up your fortitude, hide your worth and withdraw. Concentrate on your personal affairs with a quiet dignity, even if that means giving up short-term rewards.

Desiring to change a situation too quickly often creates extra conflict. By accepting hardship, while striving to maintain integrity, you are preparing for future growth. A seed of prosperity is often hidden inside the husk of misfortune.

Today’s Tarot Card for 1/25

Today’s Tarot Card for Everyone:

The Emperor

This Tarot Deck: Dragon

General Meaning: In the most practical terms, what has traditionally been called the Emperor card represents the highest leadership, a head of state or the most exemplary and powerful person in the realm. This archetypal ruler is responsible for the positive working out of affairs of a society or community, which are directly proportional to his well being and happiness.

The more enlightenment and cosmic perspective this energy brings, the better life is for all. The Emperor archetype masters the world of matter and physical manifestation. When you apply this card to your situation, acknowledge your potentials for mastery. Reinforce a sense of sovereignty within yourself, despite any self-limiting beliefs, habits or appearances to the contrary.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde

January 25th, 2011 by Kelli Fox

Saturn, the planet of boundaries, karma and life lessons, is turning retrograde. Depending on where you live, late at night on Jan. 25 or early Jan. 26, Saturn begins its retrograde phase, which lasts until June 12. Saturn is retrograde about thirty-six percent of the time, and when it’s retrograde, Saturn shines its baleful, beautiful yellowish light on us all night long.

Saturn already has the reputation of being a downer. So how could four and a half months of Saturn Retrograde possibly be a positive thing? Well, easily. Instead of getting more serious, folks back off a little bit during this retrograde period. It’s a time to take a little breather from the usual breakneck pace that most people keep these days. Don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of work done — it’s not like Saturn changes personality during this period. It’s just that the sense of urgency and anxiety relaxes somewhat. Doesn’t that sound like a relief?

As Saturn is currently in Libra, old relationship issues may arise. If so, you’ll have to reorganize your priorities and keep your perspective. What’s important to work through now, and what can wait? Let your significant other know about the changes, and reduce your expectations somewhat. Don’t cave in altogether, though; that won’t make Saturn happy!

During this time you may find yourself with a very strong inner sense of what is right and what is wrong. Integrity will be hugely important to you. Discernment and the ability to weigh many factors at once into your decision-making process are also natural gifts of Saturn Retrograde.

This is not usually a good time to break away and start a new relationship, but it’s a fine time to plan for the future that you’ll begin when this planet goes direct again. Take the time to do things right on the first attempt. Watch for authority issues — another domain of Saturn. As always, Saturn wants us to develop patience. Remember … it’s good for the soul!

Daily Horoscopes for 1/25


General Daily Horoscope


The socially astute Libra Moon reminds us that our feelings are connected to those around us. How we experience our emotions relates to our current circumstances and helps to shed light on them. Meanwhile, an intelligent Mercury-Uranus quintile enables us to imagine a radical new solution to an old problem. The Moon’s shift into secretive Scorpio at 9:15 pm EST can motivate us to explore people’s hidden motives to better understand their actions.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You are wound so tightly today that you should seek ways to blow off some excess energy. You might think you’ll be able to remain cool in an interaction with a friend, but engaging in a heated discussion is inevitable if safely defined roles break down. Unfortunately, flaring tempers won’t make anyone happy. Consciously back down to avoid an unnecessary battle without trying to justify your position.


Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

You know that you have a specific job to do, but you might not be able to figure out exactly what it is. You can lose focus today, but you don’t need to worry about regaining it yet. Don’t bother trying to make sense of your dreams; just let them reveal what you want to do in the world. It doesn’t matter now if your newly discovered goals are practical or not. Just let them grow and develop a life of their own.


Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

You may let a philosophy or a belief override your common sense now, without even knowing it. This obsession can be a major source of trouble with those around you. Most often your ideas are useful, but today they tend to alienate you, reinforcing your differences and not your similarities. Fortunately, your good intentions may be enough to lift others out of their doldrums. This positive energy reflects back to you by motivating you and giving you an instant boost of confidence.


Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

You may think that you can instantly change your old habits today, especially if you see the outcome of your present situation in your mind’s eye. Unfortunately, you could become overly possessive and try to hold on to your own past, if it appears that someone is attempting to take something away from you. Give yourself permission to relax while enjoying the present moment, no matter what happens.


Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You cannot understand anyone else’s motives very clearly today because you are looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Your eagerness to aggressively defend yourself or someone you love is admirable, but your current intensity can complicate things even more. Don’t be so quick to fight for your beliefs. Wait a few days to see if your point of view changes before escalating a difference of opinion into an open conflict.


Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

It’s easy to keep your energy focused today because the Sun and Mars both fall in your 6th House of Details. Even with the clearest of intentions, it’s nearly impossible to know why you are heading on your current path. But this isn’t a time to question your motivation. Simple action is all that’s required now to make progress toward your goal.


Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

The Moon’s visit to your sign today reminds you to stay connected with the sources of inspiration in your life. The Moon symbolizes the matrix of support that flows through family and creates intimacy. If you’re overly idealistic about love now, you might experience disappointment. However, maintaining your integrity is more important than anything else.


Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You are living under a magical spell that could date all the way back to your childhood days. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell which memories are based upon truth and which ones are fully fabricated from the depths of your unconscious mind. It can be helpful to be a detective when it comes to your heart because once you get to the bottom of the situation, your feelings are a lot easier to sort out.


Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Slowing down and establishing a sustainable pace enables you to accomplish a lot more than you expect today. However, before starting a new project now, it’s imperative to have your thoughts in order. Take time to think your strategy all the way through before you do anything at all. You can save yourself from a headache by doing your homework first.


Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You want more clarity to make an important financial decision today, yet, thankfully, your current window of opportunity will last for a few more days. It’s challenging to respond to a professional dilemma because a temporary loss of self-confidence can muddle your thinking even more. There’s no need to worry; your optimism will surely return again. In the meantime, don’t make any major decisions until you’re sure that you are ready.


Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You may feel a strong rebellious streak within and wonder if you’ll be able to keep it in check. Your desire to be impulsive increases through Feb. 4, as the Sun-Mars conjunction reaches fruition. Meanwhile, action-hero Mars comes to your rescue; even if you are having a tricky time knowing what to do with your physical energy. A high-intensity workout today could make all the difference in the world.


Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

The Moon forms a sweet trine to your key planet Neptune today, placing you in touch with the depths of your imagination. However, you are also receiving an energetic boost from Mars, operating behind the scenes from your 12th House of Secrets. Other people may not even know that there is magic brewing within your mind. Let your fantasies run wild; your creativity will break through the surface soon enough.

New Moon Report for 1/25 – Saturn Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde

Tuesday, January 25

Serious Saturn’s backward turn doesn’t reduce the responsibilities and ambitions it represents. Its simply a reminder to firm up foundations before taking on additional duties. Self-respect is also essential as the structure Saturn offers is stronger when it comes from within. Consolidating gains, rather than greedily plunging ahead ensures a greater likelihood of long-term success.


As of January 3, 2011


20 Simple Ways to Get Happy

20 Simple Ways to Get Happy

from Cut Your Cholesterol

Happiness is ephemeral, subject to the vagaries of everything from the weather to the size of your bank account.

We’re not suggesting that you can reach a permanent state called “happiness” and remain there. But there are many ways to swerve off the path of anxiety, anger, frustration, and sadness into a state of happiness once or even several times throughout the day. Here are 20 ideas to get you started. Choose the ones that work for you. If tuning out the news or making lists will serve only to stress you further, try another approach.

1. Practice mindfulness. Be in the moment. Instead of worrying about your checkup tomorrow while you have dinner with your family, focus on the here and now — the food, the company, the conversation.

2. Laugh out loud. Just anticipating a happy, funny event can raise levels of endorphins and other pleasure-inducing hormones and lower production of stress hormones. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, tested 16 men who all agreed they thought a certain videotape was funny. Half were told three days in advance they would watch it. They started experiencing biological changes right away. When they actually watched the video, their levels of stress hormones dropped significantly, while their endorphin levels rose 27 percent and their growth hormone levels (indicating benefit to the immune system) rose 87 percent.

3. Go to sleep. We have become a nation of sleep-deprived citizens. Taking a daily nap or getting into bed at 8 p.m. one night with a good book — and turning the light out an hour later — can do more for your mood and outlook on life than any number of bubble baths or massages.

4. Hum along. Music soothes more than the savage beast. Studies find music activates parts of the brain that produce happiness — the same parts activated by food or sex. It’s also relaxing. In one study older adults who listened to their choice of music during outpatient eye surgery had significantly lower heart rates, blood pressure, and cardiac workload (that is, their heart didn’t have to work as hard) as those who had silent surgery.

5. Declutter. It’s nearly impossible to meditate, breathe deeply, or simply relax when every surface is covered with papers and bills and magazines, your cabinets bulge, and you haven’t balanced your checkbook in six months. Plus, the repetitive nature of certain cleaning tasks — such as sweeping, wiping, and scrubbing — can be meditative in and of itself if you focus on what you’re doing.

6. Just say no. Eliminate activities that aren’t necessary and that you don’t enjoy. If there are enough people already to handle the church bazaar and you’re feeling stressed by the thought of running the committee for yet another year, step down and let someone else handle things.

7. Make a list. There’s nothing like writing down your tasks to help you organize your thoughts and calm your anxiety. Checking off each item provides a great sense of fulfillment.

8. Do one thing at a time. Edward Suarez, Ph.D., associate professor of medical psychology at Duke, found that people who multitask are more likely to have high blood pressure. Take that finding to heart. Instead of talking on the phone while you fold laundry or clean the kitchen, sit down in a comfortable chair and turn your entire attention over to the conversation. Instead of checking e-mail as you work on other projects, turn off your e-mail function until you finish the report you’re writing. This is similar to the concept of mindfulness.

9. Garden. Not only will the fresh air and exercise provide their own stress reduction and feeling of well-being, but the sense of accomplishment that comes from clearing a weedy patch, watching seeds turn into flowers, or pruning out dead wood will last for hours, if not days.

10. Tune out the news. For one week go without reading the newspaper, watching the news, or scanning the headlines online. Instead, take a vacation from the misery we’re exposed to every day via the media and use that time for a walk, a meditation session, or to write in your journal.

11. Take a dog for a walk. There are numerous studies that attest to the stress-relieving benefits of pets. In one analysis researchers evaluated the heart health of 240 couples, half of whom owned a pet. Those couples with pets had significantly lower heart rates and blood pressure levels when exposed to stressors than the couples who did not have pets. In fact, the pets worked even better at buffering stress than the spouses did.

12. Scent the air. Research finds that the benefits of aromatherapy in relieving stress are real. In one study people exposed to rosemary had lower anxiety levels, increased alertness, and performed math computations faster. Adults exposed to lavender showed an increase in the type of brain waves that suggest increased relaxation. Today you have a variety of room-scenting methods, from plug-in air fresheners to essential oil diffusers, potpourri, and scented candles.

13. Ignore the stock market. Simply getting your quarterly 401(k) statement can be enough to send your blood pressure skyrocketing. In fact, Chinese researchers found a direct link between the daily performance of the stock market and the mental health of those who closely followed it. Astute investors know that time heals most financial wounds, so give your investments time — and give yourself a break.

14. Visit a quiet place. Libraries, museums, gardens, and places of worship provide islands of peace and calm in today’s frantic world. Find a quiet place near your house and make it your secret getaway.

15. Volunteer. Helping others enables you to put your own problems into perspective and also provides social interaction. While happy people are more likely to help others, helping others increases your happiness. One study found that volunteer work enhanced all six aspects of well-being: happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control over life, physical health, and depression.

16. Spend time alone. Although relationships are one of the best antidotes to stress, sometimes you need time alone to recharge and reflect. Take yourself out to lunch or to a movie, or simply spend an afternoon reading, browsing in a bookstore, or antiquing.

17. Walk mindfully. You probably already know that exercise is better than tranquilizers for relieving anxiety and stress. But what you do with your mind while you’re walking can make your walk even more beneficial. In a study called the Ruth Stricker Mind/Body Study, researchers divided 135 people into five groups of walkers for 16 weeks. Group one walked briskly, group two at a slow pace, and group three at a slow pace while practicing “mindfulness,” a mental technique to bring about the relaxation response, a physiological response in which the heart rate slows and blood pressure drops. This group was asked to pay attention to their footsteps, counting one, two, one, two, and to visualize the numbers in their mind. Group four practiced a form of tai chi, and group five served as the control, changing nothing about their lives. The group practicing mindfulness showed significant declines in anxiety and had fewer negative and more positive feelings about themselves. Overall they experienced the same stress-reducing effects of the brisk walkers. Better yet, the effects were evident immediately.

18. Give priority to close relationships. One study of more than 1,300 men and women of various ages found that those who had a lot of supportive friends were much more likely to have healthier blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar metabolism, and stress hormone levels than those with two or fewer close friends. Women, and to a lesser extent men, also seemed to benefit from good relationships with their parents and spouses. Studies also find that people who feel lonely, depressed, and isolated are three to five times more likely to get sick and die prematurely than those who have feelings of love, connection, and community.

19. Take care of the soul. In study after study, actively religious people are happier and cope better with crises, according to David Myers, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. For many people faith provides a support community, a sense of life’s meaning, feelings of ultimate acceptance, a reason to focus beyond yourself, and a timeless perspective on life’s woes. Even if you’re not religious, a strong spirituality may offer similar benefits.

20. Count your blessings. People who pause each day to reflect on some positive aspect of their lives (their health, friends, family, freedom, education, etc.) experience a heightened sense of well-being.

How To Write An Affirmation

Phylameana’s Holistic Healing Blog

By Phylameana lila Desy, Guide

How To Write An Affirmation

There is a certain knack to writing affirmations. Keep your focus on the positive. Negative statements negate the purpose of affirmations. Keep your statements in the present. Futurist statements distract us from being present in the moment.

A statement such as I WILL BE RICH ONE DAY has the word-power to keep a person in poverty because the focus is that richness will come later. Later never comes, as we are always living in NOW. An example of a positive prosperity affirmation would read like this: I AM RICH or TODAY I AM PROSPEROUS.

Practice making a positive statement.

Circle Casting In Spells and Rituals

Long before circles were adopted by ceremonial magicians, they have appeased in folk tradition as people for thousands of years have danced in circles around a festival fire. They offer power as well as protection.

In essence you can cast a circle anywhere for any kind of spell or ritual (a visualized one using your index finger takes seconds). If someone is being spiteful at work, you can swirl round in a circle in your chair casting a circle close to your aura (about an  extended arm span all round) so that nasty words bounce off or are diverted back to the speaker.

Any circle you create should enclose yourself; your altar and tools, if you are using them and anyone working with you to create an enclosed protected place of concentrated power. Even if you are carrying out a whole spell with words or in your mind you can cast a visualized circle of light.

Empowering the Square

  • Use smudge and proceed clockwise round the square from the top north-west corner (as you face north) until you end at the same place. If possible empower at sunset, and as close to the three days after the full moon as you can.

  • Make a swirl at each corner with the smudge and ask for blessings and protection from the benign lesser earth spirits who will, if you are fortunate, take up position there (especially if you have taller rocks on which for them to make a home).

  • Greet each of the loftier mid-point guardians, however you picture them, by raising your smudge to the sky and then downwards to the earth. Greet each of the guardians on the first occasion with a small rounded black stone offering (you can use jet or tourmaline if you want to use a crystal but not the fiery obsidian).

  • Unlike archangels, a land wight may not reveal his specific name so greet him as “sacred or noble land wight of the northern land” and so on round the four directions.

  • You can if you wish refer to the northern directions guardian as Tiwaz the Viking spirit warrior who represents the Pole Star, the east as Odin the Viking father god, the south as Thor the mighty thunder and blacksmith god and the west as Ingvi or Ingwaz, the ancient fertility go who, according to the old sagas or legends, went anticlockwise,  against the sun, that is westwards.

  • You can empower a temporary or large visualized square by standing in the  center and pointing your smudge in the same order as you walked: north-west corner, north center, north-east corner, et., and repeating the words as you turn the smudge clockwise and anticlockwise.

  • If you are making a protective square of light around yourself in a dangerous place, picture staves of light rising vertically at all eight points.

  • Magick squares don’t need to be uncast as their energies will flow back and forth from the soil.

  • Re-empower a permanent magick square monthly as sunset, on any day during the three days after the full moon.


She was the personification of Eternal Night, what was believed to have presaged Chaos. There was another who personified Misery, and Hesiod described her in the Shield of Heracles: “And beside them [the Keres and the Moirai] was standing Akhlys, dismal and dejected, green and pale, dirty-dry, fallen in on herself with hunger, knee-swollen, and the nails were grown long on her hands, and from her nostrils the drip kept running, and off her cheeks the blood dribbled to the ground, and she stood there, grinning forever, and the dust that had gathered and lay in heaps on her shoulders was muddy with tears.” How pleasant.