Happy Home Spells

Home Sweet Home. Sounds nostalgic, but nowhere as exciting as gambling, wild sex, fame and fortune–the usual goals of magick spells. That may be true but when all isn’t peaceful on the home front it can be hard to concentrate on anything else. Sometimes what you need more than anything is a peaceful home and a family that doesn’t argue. Magick offers advice for pouring oil on troubled waters.

Some Happy Home Spells concern themselves with who’s in the home, they allegedly provide peace in the family and create an aura of tranquilty. Other spells are concerned with the home–the residence or dwelling–itself. In many cases, in accordance with the belief that it’s easier to prevent trouble than fix itappy Home Spells are meant to be performed as soon as or before one moves into a new home.

Empowering the Square

  • Use smudge and proceed clockwise round the square from the top north-west corner (as you face north) until you end at the same place. If possible empower at sunset, and as close to the three days after the full moon as you can.

  • Make a swirl at each corner with the smudge and ask for blessings and protection from the benign lesser earth spirits who will, if you are fortunate, take up position there (especially if you have taller rocks on which for them to make a home).

  • Greet each of the loftier mid-point guardians, however you picture them, by raising your smudge to the sky and then downwards to the earth. Greet each of the guardians on the first occasion with a small rounded black stone offering (you can use jet or tourmaline if you want to use a crystal but not the fiery obsidian).

  • Unlike archangels, a land wight may not reveal his specific name so greet him as “sacred or noble land wight of the northern land” and so on round the four directions.

  • You can if you wish refer to the northern direction guardian as Tiwaz the Viking spirit warrior who represents the Pole Star, the east as Odin the Viking father God, the south as Thor the mighty thunder and blacksmith God and the west as Ingvi or Ingwaz, the ancient fertility God who, according to the old sagas or legends, went anticlockwise, against the sun, that is westwards.

  • You can empower a temporary or large visualized square by standing in the center and pointing your smudge in the same order as you walked north-west corner, north-center, north-east corner etc. and repeating the words as you turn the smudge clockwise and anticlockwise.

  • If you are making a protective square of light around yourself in a dangerous place, picture staves of light rising vertically at all eight points.

  • Magick squares don’t need to be uncast as their energies will flow back and forth from the soil.’Re-empower a permanent magick square monthly at sunrise, on any day during the three days after the full moon

Casting A Magick Square

The square is a very powerful symbol of protection. Even if you work within a circle you can still designate an outer square as an additional protective enclosure. If you can’t have a permanent altar outdoors, your magick square can designate the smaller space where you regularly set up your magickal tools.

It is also very protective of the home, even more so than a circle, and is an easier shape to cast in many gardens than the circle. You can draw a square around anything outdoors with small stone markers if the site is very quiet or if you have to leave the item, building or whatever you are trying to protect alone or unoccupied for a while.

It is effective also for keeping children or animals temporarily off lawns or flower beds you are trying to grow.

You can visualize a protective square of any size, from a small one around a precious artifact to one around a sacred site where you have organized a seasonal ritual.

They are very protective around natural circles such as groves where you would not draw a circle.

Indeed, you can create a temporary square if you are working in a public spot and don’t want your magick area invaded by dogs and curious individuals. In modern times where working in isolated places may be less safe, you can visualize one around the beach or forest while you are working or around yourself (as well as your protective circle) on a deserted station platform or taxi rank.

  • Stand in the center of your designated square, which may also be the center of your projected magick circle.
  • Hold out your arm as far as you can with your palm upright and outwards and say:

“Enough and no more, I draw my square of protection. Preserve this space as sacred.”

  • Picture a line of light forming the top horizontal (west to east). Keep turning, making next the vertical north-south line along the right east side as you face north. Speak and visualize till you have all four lines in place and can see a shimmering outline to your square of light.
  • You can also walk your square from the furthest away top left-hand corner, moving clockwise and ending at the nearest, bottom left corner. Use your wand in front of you and put a small dark stone at each corner and one halfway along each line. You can align with a compass or estimate north in the middle of the top line furthest from you as you face north.
  • You can assign your midpoint, the main directions, to archangels or to the lofty Landvaetir, the tall brown guardians who in Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway; Germany and eastern parts of the UK are recognized as protecting land and all who live on it. You can further protect the corners with the traditional taller dark stones if you are setting up a permanent magickal square. Bless your square as you would a circle the first time you create it.

Out of the mouth of babes or at least my son’s mouth…

I just had to share this with you. I think it is hilarious but unfortunately, I am the only one that does around here.

Give you a little background, my son got married before my daughter did. He now has two little girls that are absolutely dolls (of course, I am the grandmother and I would think so, lol). His wife’s side of the family has little ones everywhere. I think at times they are crawling out of the woodwork. Now on my son’s side, there are no little ones. In fact, my daughter and him were the first babies to hit my husband’s side in years. So you can imagine they were both spoiled rotten. Also my son keeps after my daughter to have children were his children will have someone to play with on his side. OK, that’s the background.

The last time we all got together, we were sitting in the living room. My husband was holding the newest addition to the family and I was sitting in the floor playing with her. My son kept watching me and finally got up and came over and told me, he needed to talk to me. I thought, “oh, brother, what have I done now.” His wife and her family knows that I am a witch and they do not approve at all. So I figured it had something to do with that. So anyway, he takes me by the arm and we go to the kitchen. We sit down at the kitchen table and my son is very, very serious looking. He would clear his throat and then look down and then up at me. Finally he was starting to get on my nerve. If you have something to say to me, then say it, don’t beat around the bush.  I finally asked him what he needed to talk to me about. Well he worked his gall up and said, “It is very personal, Mother.” I said, “OK, what is it? You know you can talk to me about anything.” He proceeded to tell me that he had been after his sister to have children and she wouldn’t do it right now. So he came up with this brilliant idea for Mother to get her tubes fixed and start having kids again. I was so shocked I almost fell out of the chair. He said, “you know the girls need someone to play with on my side.” And since his sister wouldn’t do it, his wife and him had talked it over and decided I would be a good candidate. Well you talking about someone hee-hawing around, I was in shock and almost in the floor. I had always had an answer to give my kids when they talked to me but this……..I finally came to my senses and told him I appreciated them thinking about me but I didn’t want to have anymore children. Then he started the argument about why not? He is about as bull-headed as I am and if I want something bad enough I don’t take no for an answer and he is just like me. Good grief! I just finally told him because I didn’t want too. That was that! He got up from the table mad as an old wet hen. I stayed in the kitchen for a few moments dying laughing but it wasn’t out loud where they could hear me. I laughed so hard I was crying. After I got over my laughing spell, I went back to where everyone was. My hubby looked at me and could tell I had been crying. He thought something bad had happened he didn’t know they were laughing tears. Immediately after the last one was out the door. My hubby wanted to know what was the matter, what did our son want to talk to me about? I told him, he better sit down. We went in the living room and got all nice and comfortable. I told him about how our son had been after our daughter to get pregnant and she didn’t want to right now. I also told him that he wanted me to get my tubes fixed and us have a baby. After my husband recovered for that blow, his first words were, “HELL NO!” I started laughing again. After I have had time to think about it, I still wonder where he came up with this idea and it still makes me crack a smile. Whoever said, “Kids say the darndest things got that right.” Oh, boy!


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

We know without being told when we have acted unkindly or behaved unjustly toward another. Intolerance, whether it is personal superiority or religious bigotry, serves only to isolate us from the greatest joy in life – the sharing of ideals and happiness and friendship.

We must be patient and fair toward anyone whose opinions differ from our own. There is a much better chance of convincing those whom we hope to influence by being an example rather than a voice.

It is much easier to be led than to be pushed, and not so hard to be tolerant when we recognize within ourselves the reasons we are not always tolerant.

It sometimes becomes habitual to be dissatisfied with everything we see others do. We don’t take time to understand and know the basis for their actions. We often fall short of listening to them long enough to understand, and their next words or actions may explain it.

We cannot afford to be intolerant, because no matter how good our ideas are, there is always a better one.


Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – January 12

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – January 12

“The first thing that we want you to understand is that spirit has no color or race to it. It doesn’t matter whether your skin is white, black, red, Hispanic, whatever. No one out there is any better than you, and you are no better than anyone else out there.”

–John Peters (Slow Turtle), WAMPANOAG

We are all created to be of equal worth. We may be different sizes, different heights, different ages, different colors, we may have different beliefs and be of different cultures. In the unseen world, we are all spirit formed into different shapes and colors but we are all worthy. For example, you can have water, you can have steam, or you can have ice. Which of these is not made up of H2O?

My Creator, today, let me see equal worthiness in all people.



January 12 – Daily Feast

 January 12 – Daily Feast

As time goes by we learn it isn’t the speed with which we do our work, but the quality of time that makes life an accomplishment. How much do we enjoy working, or playing, or just resting? Schedules and deadlines take up most of what we do. We seldom have time to enjoy something for the sake of doing it. If we feel pressured, we have little incentive to enjoy doing anything, much less doing it well. Many who have to sit all day are bored and have nothing to think about except how unhappy they are or how they feel physically. More time is not the answer. We need a better quality of life, I ga osi, deeper rest, and it begins with quality attitudes. What we have or what we do not have should never dictate the quality of our lives or our capacity to simply enjoy.

~ Some pass without recognition, the grandest of all….. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


“The Goddess Companion”

“The Goddess Companion” 
Wisdom rested on the ark of the covenant.
From the ark she moved to the cherubim.
From the cherubim she moved to the other cheribum.
From the second cheribum she moved to the threshold.
From the threshold she moved to the courtyard.
From the courtyard she moved to the altar.
From the altar she moved to the temple roof.
From the roof to the wall, from the wall to the city,from the city to the mountains, and then,
from the mountain, Wisdom moved out into the desert.
~Talmudic Poem, 279C.E
Life would be easier if Wisdom stayed in one place. We could look for her there and know she could always be found. We could leave her there knowing that, when we needed her, she would be waiting for us.
But the wise ancients knew better. They knew that Wisdom is never at rest for long. We find her here one day, there another. One day we find her in a book, the next day in the open sky. One day we discover her in the soulful comment of a friend; the next day a painting speaks to us.
We must never stop looking for Wisdom. For no one is ever fully wise; we are always on the way. And Wisdom moves before us. She cannot be confined to one truth, one idea, one dogma. She will always escape the prisons we build for her. Only the vast desert is large enough for her. The desert, and the stars ~ for the entire Universe is Wisdom’s home.
By Patricia Managhan