Today’s Goddess: CARMENTA Carmentalia (Rome)

Today’s Goddess: CARMENTA Carmentalia (Rome)

Source: Patricia Telesco “350 Goddess” and GrannyMoonMorningFeastToday’s Goddess: CARMENTA

Carmentalia (Rome)

Themes: Children; Fertility; Foresight; Birth

Symbols: Music; Babies

About Carmenta: Carmenta, the Roman Goddess of prophecy and birth, joins in our new year festivities by teaching us the value of preparedness and productivity. The only offerings acceptable to Carmenta are vegetable matter-as a birth Goddess, taking life is abhorrent to her.

Her magical, prophetic nature can be seen in Carmenta’s name, specifically the root word carmen, meaning a spell or charm in the form of a song.

To Do Today: Put on some uplifting music while you get dressed this morning. Let it motivate the resourceful aspect of Carmenta within you for the entire day. 

In ancient Rome, today was the second to last day of a five-daylong festival honoring Carmenta. Pregnant women offered her rice for a safe delivery, while those wishing to have children ate raspberries to internalize her fertility. Try either of these to prompt the successful completion of a project or to improve your physical, emotional, or spiritual fertility.


Romans considered this an excellent day to make predictions for a child. If you know someone who’s expecting, take a ring on a long string and hold it still over the mother’s belly. If the ring swings back and forth it indicates a boy; circular movements indicate a girl.



By Patricia Telesco ~ From “365 Goddess” and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast


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