September 12 Today’s Divination Journal

Tarot Card

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The Shadow Side – Major Arcana

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Shadow Side Witches Tarot

II. Meaning of the Shadow Side Witches Tarot

III. Message of the Shadow Side Witches Tarot

IV. The Shadow Side Witches in a Tarot spread


From – Runes


Protection, Sedge and Rushes, a Moose

This is about the control of emotions. During transition periods, changing the course of life and accelerated self-change, it is important not to rush into emotions, either positive or negative. Remember that early action and right conduct are the only real protection. No matter whether your business flourishes or fades, don’t worry. Maybe you don’t win, but you will never lose, because you will always learn from what has happened. Moderation and civility are the strengths of the protective forces of this rune.

Witches Rune

From – Witches Runes

The Sun

Keywords: Success, progress.

Meanings: The Sun is a rune of success and positive outcome. For a straightforward yes/no question it can be read as “yes”. It also denotes progress and personal enrichment in life. When it is the leading stone it equates to the outcome card in the Tarot.


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What is the definition of 1 in Numerology?

There’s so much motivation and momentum surrounding this single-digit number. It is a true pioneer, eager to break ground on new endeavors and pave the way for others to follow. It is a natural leader and a proactive force. The number 1 represents newness, movement, and the possibilities that await us. In spiritual symbolism, it is the number of creation and the birth of all things — the divine origin of the universe.

In Numerology the number 1 is the root of opportunity in our lives. It is a symbol of confidence, power, and action. It pushes us to look at our current circumstances and realize that we have the power to turn them into anything we wish. Even if we are afraid, the 1 inspires us to take control of our future and embrace new beginnings.

Strengths of the number 1

Independent: Of all the numbers in Numerology, the 1 is the most self-sufficient, needing nothing but itself and its energy to thrive. It doesn’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come about, it makes its own luck by capitalizing on circumstances others may be afraid to explore. The single-digit number 1 doesn’t want to waste any time getting stuck negotiating or discussing plans. Going it alone allows for greater flexibility and quick, efficient movement.

Goal-oriented: With a positive outlook and unwavering self-determination, this number excels at setting and going after its goals. It has a hard time standing still because it sees a world packed with possibilities just waiting to be taken advantage of. It’s not that the number 1 can’t be satisfied, rather, its satisfaction comes from staying active and always progressing. In a few words: Why stand still when you could advance?

Innovative: Roadblocks don’t exist for the strong-willed 1 — not because they don’t arise, but because this number’s innovative mindset can find new ideas and creative solutions to work around them. Instead of being daunted by obstacles, the 1 looks at them as a challenge that must be (and will be) overcome. Seeing a door where others see a wall is a major asset to the 1’s success.

Weaknesses of the number 1

Forceful: While this number can come across as ambitious, its stop-at-nothing attitude can also make it seem uncaring or …

I Ching

From – I Ching

Hexagram One/1

Name: Ch’ien.

Keyphrase: The Creative.

Formed By The Trigrams: Heaven over Heaven.

General: Persistent effort will help you realize your potential for achievement.

Love: You need to behave in a compassionate fashion towards your partner.

Business: Your ideas are sound but you need to take time to thoroughly plan out your strategy for making them work.

Personal: You need to take time out to relax and enjoy life more.

Overview: Ch’ien is pure yang energy. Being pure yang it indicates a time when you are in a good position to achieve your objectives (whatever they may be). However, it is a time of potential as there is a lack of yin influence. So now is the time to make those plans and get ready to put them into action. Plan thoroughly and don’t be impatient. Although Ch’ien is an auspicious hexagram, for your plans to have a lasting effect and value your motives need to be virtuous. Be compassionate when you move forward. If you are arrogant you will only breed complacency or resentment in those around you.

Angel Number

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“7” means “good”

The meaning of angel number 7 is “good”. The angels tell us, “You are on the right path now. Please do your best in this way.” When the number 7 appears in front of you, it’s a very grateful message from the angel, “I’ll get a chance soon!”

As the word Lucky 7 says, you are about to get good luck. The angels are supporting you well. Let’s go ahead in that condition.

Keywords for angel number “7”

1. Growth / Progress

Angel number 7 has the message, “Your soul has a mission to fulfill and has a goal in life. To achieve it, always try to” grow “and” advance “.” You.

You are now “on the way to success.” Success depends on growth and progress. As long as you keep your mind, that is, keep moving forward, you will succeed.

2. Mental power

Originally, I explained that the number 7 has a “mysterious” and “spiritual” image. From this, angel number 7 means “Aim to further enhance your mental strength.”

Angels know that “the sublime spirit” is the point that makes life richer. The angels are telling you to know yourself, study, and go further. When the number 7 appears in front of you, start by reviewing yourself as suggested.

3. Love

Angels say in the form of angel numbers, “Love, caring…

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

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White Butterfly

What does it mean when a white butterfly flutters in front of you or lands nearby? In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of white butterfly meaning, from spiritual meanings to love and relationships, money, health, and more.

Table of Contents

Types of White Butterflies

White Butterfly Spiritual Meanings

White Butterfly Meaning in Love and Relationships

White Butterfly Meaning in Money and Career Matters

Seeing a White Butterfly and Health and Wellness

Summary: Your angels are on your side.

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