Spirit Message of the Day – Awaken the Feminine Self

“The Grail appears before you and you are called to the Quest. The Grail is the lost Feminine and the appearance of this card signals a shift in values and perspectives. The time has come to validate, celebrate, and sing the Feminine. It is time to choose to focus on the right-brained or more Feminine values of nurturing, relating, creating, and spirituality, as opposed to the left-brained or more male-identified values of logic, analysis, and scientific proof.”

“An important way the Feminine will be restored to its rightful place of honor and equality is through women reclaiming their Feminine selves, then treating themselves and all that is embodied by the Feminine with reverence. Since the outer world follows what is created on the inner planes, once women validate the Feminine consciously in their thoughts and deeds, then the material world will follow suit.”

“Does your Feminine self seem a mystery to you? Time to explore her! Are you locked into being “the best man for the job” in order to be competitive in the male-dominated work place? Time to change! Do you live in your own personal Wasteland- a life that is sterile and spare, depressing and discordant, unfulfilling, and unfulfilled? Time to make the Feminine a priority in your life! Are you tired of having your gender thrown in your face: being considered second best or of no value at all; always having to prove yourself, forced into lower paying jobs of less import and stature, kept outside and apart by the ‘good old boys club’? Time to take your power back by becoming a victim-free-zone.”

“Perhaps you are not sure what the Feminine is and what meaning it could have for your life. Time for discovery! If you are a woman, the Feminine is your place of power. If you are a man it is the doorway into your spirituality. For both, a deeper connection and more attention are needed now to green and grow your life magnificantly.”

Today’s message is from Oracle of the Grail Code by Amy Sophia Marashinsky.

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