Witches Of The Craft and Its Domain are now for Sale

After 18 years spent on the internet and due to expensive lawyer fees coming soon, I have decided it is time to move on to the next stage of our lives. Therefore, the WOTC is now up for sale. It has not been an easy decision to make but I believe it is time for us to move on, hopefully to bigger and better things for each of us.

The site is currently valued at $45,000. But that is not the asking price for it. The price I have set for the sale of the WOTC is $5,000. If you are a member or Pagan group that would be interested in purchasing the site, the price is negotiable. It is my hope that someone will purchase the site and love it and care for it as we have over the many years.

Witches of the Craft is one of the oldest and most respected Pagan websites on the internet today. You will be purchasing a site that is well known and also has name recognization. The domain will come due later on this year at which time it can be transferred over to you. We also have a Blogger site (Witches Rec Room) and a Pinterest site which I will include in this purchase, if you want them also. If you are not interested in the other two sites, they will be deleted immediately after the sale is complete. Included in the purchase of the site, I will stay on for three months as a consultant and help you learn WordPress if you need for me too. As far as the store goes, when this site is sold, the store will disappear. The store is not included because of the various wholesalers we deal with.

The site does produce some revenue from the ads that are placed on the site by WordPress. It is nothing that is going to make you rich but it does help pay the internet bill. You can also decide whether you wish to keep the ads or remove them, that will totally be up to you.

So what are you getting:

Basically three sites for the price of one, if you want the other two, I will gladly hand the keys over to you. You are also getting a well established site, one which you do not have to start out and build it up. Between the Pinterest site, the Blogger site, the Facebook pages(which by the way, the minute this site is sold will be deleted) and this site, there are more than 45 million followers. I will stay on for three months to help you, if you need for me too but I will not be in the public eye nor make any posts.

I have not put this site for sale on any of the websites that sells sites yet. The reason being is as I stated earlier, I hope some one or some group purchases it and loves it and cares for it as we have all these years. This site has huge potential and it is my hopes that the new owners can soar higher and further than we have ever done. I am willing to work with anyone who is interested in purchasing the site. As I mentioned, I wanted to offer it to you first before I did a total stranger.

If you are interested in purchasing the WOTC and the other sites I mentioned, you can contact me at:



Thank you,

Lady of the Abyss