Greetings Sisters and Brothers

Why Lady Beltane takes Saturdays off from posting, answering comments and emails too. There are a few reasons the main one being I spend so much time on the computer to research other websites for information on different paths of paganism to present to the students in Coven Life’s different Witchcraft courses and now for cool and informative things for WOTC that I physically need one day I do not have to sit in my desk chair. Doing the research is a blessing to me as I learn more about the traditions I do and do not incorporate in my own solitary practice and as a teacher or mentor to those newer to The Craft then most of us it is an honor to learn new things and past them on to you and/or students on CL. So I make Saturdays a no screne time day the only exception once in a while is my Kindle if I’m reading a really good novel. Another reason is with having Fibromyalgia and somewhat bad arthritis through out my body I need a day to just kick back in another position besides sitting in my desk chair fingers typing away. I also have clinical depression and an anxiety disorder. So with all of these negative things that my physical body has, along with the mental, and emotional problems I need a day to hibernate, even my cell/mobile phone is shut off, to cleanse myself of all pain and any negative energy I have allowed to build up within me then I refill myself with positive emotions, be in a better place spiritualy, and not physically hurt so much. Now that the weather is warmer I also use the day to tend my gardens and just sit outside in my backyard watching my 2 canine familiars, Cleopatra a 10-year-old Min Pin and Starbabie a 7-year-old Long Hair Chihuahua, romp around and/or lay around soaking up vitamin D from Ra/the Sun. My husband drives me on errands I cannot walk to as I don’t drive. It’s a day of rejuvenation and family along with rest and no TV, Computers, Cell/Mobile plPhones interrupting me.

If you have a question or need to talk with me before Sunday put “Urgent” in the subject line because I check for “urgent” emails one time on Saturdays about 1:00 PM CT and will answer those. If it is something that can wait for one day please let it.

The only exception to this self imposed rule is the 2nd Saturday of every month when I host an Open Chat in Coven Life’s chatroom, informattion for the Open Chats can be found by clicking on Coven Life in WOTC’S menu than look for a box on the right-hand side of the Homepage for Coven Life’s Events. That week I take Sunday off.

Starting next Saturday I will have some posts scheduled to go live almost every Saturday.

Now I need to go enjoy Ra’s beautiful warmth and rejuvenation before it starts raining for about the 10th in a row. I wish each of you a weekend full of positive happenings and seeing the beauty of Mother Earth and all living thing upon her. Remember those small trash bags if you go for a walk, hike, or bicycle ride. We are the stewards that set the example for those who would harm her.

Blessed be dear ones.