Prayer for Our Brothers & Sisters In Florida

Almighty Goddess, Loving Mother to us all,
We come before you in this time of need
When chaos and fear surround us
and threatens to overtake us.


Awaken our faith to know the power
Of Your Divine Presence, Love & Protection.
Deliver our brothers & sisters in Florida
from their fears and ease their anxiety.
Let them feel Your Mighty presence as they face this
time of uncertainty and give them strength to face
the challenges ahead.


Let them feel Your shield of love and Your Mighty Arms
of protection encompass them and protect them from all harm.
Give them the assurance of Your presence as they face the
hurricane to come.


As your children, we cling to you not only
as our Almighty Mother but also our comfort,
our protection and our light in this very dark time.


Give your children strength Mother,
let their faith be strong and
You, their almighty Rock.
Protect them, keep them from harm and
give them hope for a brighter tomorrow
for with you all things are possible.


In Your Divine and Almighty Name, we pray.

So Mote It Be


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