Wishing All Our Brothers & Sisters of the Craft A Very Beautiful & Blessed Labor Day! Enjoy!

Labor Day Comments

Good Monday Morning to one and all! I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day. Hey, a short work week ahead, if nothing else!  We are taking the day off to take time to spend with our family and friends. If nothing else(in my case), just to enjoy the peace & quiet.  I know why I am Solitary, I like the time I get to spend alone. Sound strange? It gives me time to think and clear my mind. I believe anybody who does this seven days a week needs a break every now and again. If not, you get burnt out, real quick. So we are taking a break, enjoying the day, perhaps hitting the old fishing hole, do a little grillin,’ who knows but we are going to enjoy the day. If nothing else, in the past few months, I have learned to enjoy every moment you can because there might not be a next.

We hope you have a very safe, beautiful & blessed Labor Day. We will see you tomorrow.

Till then….

Lady of the Abyss & The WOTC Staff