We Are Taking A Break Today……

If you read Friday’s Digest, at the bottom I left a note. It was about my receiving a phone call at 4 in the morning from my relatives in Lake City, Florida. They had finally decided they wanted to evacuate from the state. Hmm, I had been telling them since the first of last week that the hurricane was going to hit Florida. “Oh, no, I was crazy, HA!” I had begged them and begged them to get the hell out of there. Friday, they decided I was right. I couldn’t believe it, hurricane due to hit any minute, interstate out of Florida cram packed and they want to evacuate now. I love them to pieces but I wanted to bite a ten-penny nail into. My relatives don’t believe in owning a car so I had to go get them. So after we finished the digest for Friday, Lord Myst and I were off, off to see the wizard!


Since I had that accident last year and it totaled out my SUV thing, I did not purchase another one. Instead, I purchased a small compact car, a little Chevy Sonic. You don’t have room to cuss a cat in it. Of  course, why would you want to cuss a cat in a car anyway? Put the cat in the car with my family and yeah boy, you would want to cuss that cat. Anyway, we left here around 3 in the afternoon. We took turns driving and we made it to Lake City around 12 or 1 Saturday morning. We were tired and knew we couldn’t stick around there for long. But would you believe that this bunch didn’t have a damn thing packed, nothing! The Lord went with my niece’s new husband’s room and packed him. I went to my niece’s room and packed her up. The funny thing she kept telling me, “you are always in a bad mood towards me!” I wonder why? She does this crap every time I have to go down there and get her. Never, ever fails. We filled the back of the car with as much stuff as we could get in there. I think around 5:00 Saturday morning, we were leaving their house. We had been listening to the radio the whole time we were down there. We knew there was gas shortages everywhere (thank the Goddess for small cars). So gas wasn’t a problem. We proceeded to head for the interstate. I have never, ever seen the like of  traffic in my life. It was bumper to bumper, people blocking intersection, so when your light changed you couldn’t even get out into the traffic. Finally, after sitting there for about 15 minutes a nice, sweet, adorable semi-truck driver let us out. We stayed on that interstate for about 4 hours, seriously.  And to top it all off, my niece is in the back with her dog, cat and new hubby hollering, “Kit, are you mad at me?” Me, mad, never!  I said very calmly, “Why no I’m not, WE ARE STILL GOING TO BE SITTING HERE WHEN THE HURRICANE HITS! Traffic was so slow at time, Lord M and I had time to get out, run around change drivers and get back in, really! We actually took naps while on the interstate. I have never seen anything like it nor do I again.


We finally made it to the Georgia line and traffic started to ease up, just a little. We always pick the big towns we want to drive in. In my case, I don’t want to drive in any of them but sometime you don’t have a choice. Lord M drove through Atlanta with his earphones in. He didn’t want to ear me explain to my niece why I was upset. Oh, it just dawned on me, you are probably thinking I am really ancient or my niece is a baby almost(not quite). My sister was 22 years older than me.   She always called me “the accident and change of life baby.” So my sister’s kids and I grew up together more like brothers and sisters. But anyway, you now know my life’s history, now on with the rest of my boring story……


After we got through Atlanta, the traffic started easing up. When we reached the Tennessee border, we switched drivers. It was MY turn to drive and drive I did. We made it through Nashville and back home in almost 3 hours. I don’t recommend anyone else trying to get from Nashville to Kentucky that quick, you really don’t get to enjoy the scenery, you know, lol! After being couped up in that little car for all those hours, if I had to go one more mile with them, I would have duct taped my niece’s mouth shut.


After our fly by night adventure, we finally made it home early this morning.  I told my niece she could use my bedroom to do whatever she had to do. Lord M took hubby to the office to do whatever he needed to do.  And after I walked back into my bedroom to get my phone, I called the Lord and told him to keep the new hubby or shall I now call him the new bastard up there. My niece was changing clothes, when I went to get my phone. She turned around and I apologized for interrupting her. But now I am not, I saw her back and I wanted to kill that thing she had married. Her back had bruises all over it. She showed me her arms and her legs also, they were covered in bruises. I went through the damn roof. I don’t understand it, her personality and temper use to be just like mine. She would never let a man beat her. Needless to say, we took him to a motel and dropped him off.  His ass now belongs to Lord M and me. At least she is safe from the hurricane and him. When we all rest up, we are going to have a nice long talk. I know I need lots of rest because I had some very evil thoughts and deeds concentrated on that man.


So now you know why we are taking the day off. We will be back tomorrow. Please remember all our brothers & sisters who have and are suffering from the hurricanes. Keep them them in your hearts and prayers. Also say a pray or two for me that I don’t end up in jail for killing Mr. Wonderful.


Till tomorrow, my sweets,

Lady A