We Have Made A Few Changes In Our Customer Appreciation Gifts for the Rest of September

Our Customer Appreciation Gifts Have Changed

Yes, we have changed our Customer Appreciation Gifts for the Rest of September. Check’em Out, We Are Sure You Are Going To Be Pleased!

With every $50.00 order you will receive one of these great calendars as a thank you gift from us. I know money, money, money but if you check your local bookstores or anywhere else these calendars will run you $21.95. So you are getting a bargain plus a valuable keepsake. The calendars tell you about each month, gives you a spell about that month, gives you the moon signs, phases, what zodiac symbols the moon is currently in and much, much more. It is a must for any practicing witch. I could go on and on because I love mine to pieces and I believe you will too.

For orders under $50.00, you will receive this beautiful Wire Wrapped Pyrite point. It is sometimes referred to as fools gold, pyrite can be used to help manifest wealth or to hide existing money and property from others.  This is a wire wrapped 6 faceted pendant point, that has a loop so you may hang it in your favorite spot or wear it on your person. It would make a wonderful piece to add to your collection of jewelry.

For orders over $100, you will receive both items.