Pisces, the Fish

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  1. I have always thought I have been born under Pisces since I was on the cusp, i.e. March 22. I feel I am more attracted to water and the oceans. Any thoughts?


    1. I have always heard the old saying, “like attracts like.” This explains everything, I am a Pisces also. I have always had a fondness for the water and especially the oceans. It seems like on rainy days, I actually thrive and have more energy. I have to admit the part about occasionally living in our own fantasy world is true. I don’t actually live there, just like to visit. I am not sure how great of detail this poster went into the characteristics of the Pisces but I do know one thing, you never want to make one angry. It seems we have the quality of striking when it is least expected. I know, personally, I have found this true for myself. I just noticed your birthday, mine is on the 19th, darn, we do have a lot in common then. I know this year they moved the Equinox so bad that it actually fell on my birthday. But it is good to know there is another fellow fish swimming around the pond here, lol!
      Lady A


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