The Essential Series: Essential Concoction


For all you who love DIY out there!

Ever wanted to know how to make you’re own essential oils?  Well, whether you like experiencing the creating and making process or have a hard time getting a hold of a particular oil through store means, here is a video that shows you a short step-by-step process of how to create essential oils and lists all the supplies and materials you may need.

Here it is – How to Make Essential Oils

If you prefer to buy, two reputable distributors I recommend are:

Eden’s Garden – a brand dedicated not only to exceptional 100% therapeutic grade essential oils at reasonable prices, but giving back to the community, too, to ensure sustainable harvesting for generations to come.  Eden’s Garden contains an extensive variety of hard to find essential oils and larger batches of carrier oils and blends.


Melaleuca – The Wellness Company – dedicated to consumers and bringing income opportunities to the average person, Melaleuca is a famous distributor of eco-friendly safe for your home goods.  Their PURE Essential Oils line boasts a variety of 100% pure oil guaranteed not to contain any synthetic impurities that are stringently tested to meet GCMS, Chirality, Heavy Metal/Pesticide/Herbicide, Organoleptic, Optical Rotation and Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Microbial, and Flash Point quality standards.  If you are familiar with the patented lotion and vitamin products this company offers, you will have confidence in this new addition their product line, too!  They also offer ultrasonic diffusers and humidifiers as well as a handy zipped carrying and storage case that is very convenient.

Since the Wellness Company sells through direct advocates of their products (much like Mary Kay), you will need to sign up for either a direct or preferred customer profile with them in order to purchase these.  If you plan to buy a regular supply of essential oils, I highly recommend the preferred membership as that will save you a large amount of money even in comparison to the average price of online stores.  As an available product advocate, I am happy to help anyone out that desires.  Just reach out to me at!

For ease, check out Eupterra’s Store for convenient Eden’s Garden essential oils and sets!