Might Wondering Why We Aren’t Posting Today…..

As you know, we provide information each day for our members to read, use on their site or for personal use. Everyone has always taken an item or two from our site, which is fine. But the other day, I was posting and I kept getting ping-backs. Ping-backs let me know where the information is going. We got so many that I stopped and followed them. They all went straight to a site by the name of koreandrama2016.com. As I got to checking this site out, I found they had used our trademarked name in their menu at the top of the page. They also used our trademarked name in their category section on the right hand side of their site. I clicked on our name and found 8 pages of information they had stolen from our site. To make matter worse, they have an archive section. If you check that out, everyone of those months listed in their archives are directly linked to our archives. They are building their site directly from ours. The only thing they haven’t stolen yet is our graphics. To say I was angry is an understatement.


I contacted WordPress and they cannot help because this site is not hosted by them. But they did give me the resources to turn this site over to the proper authorities. That is what I have been doing, turning them into ever agency I can. The information wouldn’t have pissed me off so bad but when I saw them using our name in their menu and category section, I hit the roof. I don’t know what the owner of this site is thinking apparently they aren’t. But I do know one thing, I will not help another site by building it for them. We work hard every day to put out the information to our members (and oh, yes, this person is not even a member here), for your enjoyment and your use. We don’t have a problem with that. But we have a very big problem when someone take our name and uses it in their menu, makes an entire section of everything we have ever posted and then link to every item in our archives.


I know they will stopping by to see what we have posted today and I wanted them to read this. I want them to know I am working as hard as I can today to get their group shut down. I have contacted the DMC and also Copyright and Infringement site and baby, I am just getting started. This is unacceptable and I can guarantee you I will not stop till you are closed down or you remove our name and material from your site.


For any of our members that would like to visit the site and make a comment, feel free. We would deeply appreciate it. In the meantime, I am back to getting them shut down permanently.


I hope you understand and we will be back tomorrow or later on today.

Till then,

Love ya,

Lady A

Site’s name, just in case you want to leave them a comment or two! Better yet, I would encourage you to leave them a comment or two!

Avocado Banana Hair Treatment

Did you know that your hair can be treated to have more hydrated smoothness and be more silky using a mask?

This is an effective one for you to try!  Avocados and olive oil are renown for being good foods for natural beauty treatment and your well-being overall.  The following is a hair mask that is a little messy, but works quite well if you prefer using ingredients in the raw.

avo banana hair mask

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