The Witches Spell for October 24 – Dream Weaver Spell


Dream Weaver Spell

To bring informative and helpful dreams.

Items You Will Need:

Purple candle
Piece of Amethyst
Piece of paper or picture
Small muslin or silk bag/piece of cloth with ribbon


Place stone, mugwort, and slip of paper on which is written the issue you want answers to in the bag or cloth. When done with the spell, put the bag under your pillow. (You don’t need to use all of these if you don’t have them, and you can just put a slip of paper under your pillow instead of the bag.)

Chant the following:

“Spirits of sleep and intuition
I call on you to lend a hand
As I slumber, send me visions
So I might know and understand.”
“Send me answers to my questions
Clarify confusion’s mist
Send me knowledge as I’m sleeping
Which awake I might resist.”
“Let my dreams be strong and true
Containing knowledge that I need
Intuition rules at night
So for wise dreams I plant the seed.”