Calendar of the Moon for November 6th

Calendar of the Moon

Reed Month

Color: Blue-green
Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of blue-green place a vase of reeds, a single blue-green candle, a great bowl of water floating with wetlands plant leaves, and a knife.
Offering: Recycle something useless into something useful.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian soup and sandwiches. Only water or herbal tea to drink.

Ngetal Invocation

Call: Now is the time of the bleak cold.
Response: Now the reeds whisper in the swamp.
Call: Now is the time when we see the growing dark.
Response: Now is the time when we begin to shiver.
Call: Now is the time of bare trees.
Response: Now is the time of rain and wind.
Call: Now the rain fills the wetlands to overflowing.
Response: Now the swamp overflows into our lives.
Call: We feel our feet dragged down into the cold waters.
Response: Yet the wetland is the source of greatest life!
Call: We feel ourselves pulled into the unfamiliar.
Response: Unfamiliar to us, but no less of value.
Call: The damp cold begins to reach our bones.
Response: We must welcome its touch.
Call: We must keep it far away with fire’s warmth!
Response: We must welcome its touch.
Call: Why should we not ban it from our lives?
Response: For this, too, is a Mystery of water.
Call: Not the deep mystery of the Ocean…
Response: Not the running flow of the river…
Call: Not the crystal of snow and ice…
Response: But the secrets of the still waters.
Call: From the still waters springs the greatest number of lives!
Response: And it is this that we must honor.
Call: Welcome into ourselves the song of the whispering reeds!
Response: Welcome into ourselves the oncoming winter.

Chant: Cold as stone
Marshes heart
We will own
What is apart

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Current Moon Phase for Nov. 6th – Waxing Crescent

Crescent Moon

(waxing/14% of Full)

During this Moon phase, there is a slight slowing down of enthusiasm due to an emerging desire to produce tangible results from the energy being expended. The issue of values enters into the equation and an urge to tie together the data available so that you can utilize current opportunities. There is still plenty of forward motion, and this is a great time to continue initiating and progressing forward. This Moon phase favors gaining more information and the input of others to further your plans.

‘Call your Dragon Guardian Spell’

‘Call your Dragon Guardian Spell’

This is to call upon a guardian dragon to protect anything.

There are 3 stages to it.

First, The Sudden Need Incantation:

This method is short and to the point. Usually used to protect the caster or another in a sudden crisis.

“By Dragon wing and dragon claw,
my defense is without flaw.
Shrouded by dragon might,
remove me from enemy sight.
Fly before me, Dragon bright,
and blind my foe with thy light.
Full of rage and terrible ire,
burn my assailants with Dragon Fire.”
Dark and terrible be thy wrath,
Dragon, protect me on my path.”

Second, The Short Term Protection.

This summoning is used for short term goals and needs such as protecting an object for a brief period, such as a car ride or elevator trip. Mark the object to be protected with the sign of the guardian and repeat the incantation below:

“Gentle Guardian wise and strong
keep it as it belongs.
Safe within thy charge and care,
the current venture to fare.
No harm to come or ill to befall,
guarded and safe through it all.”

Third, The Long Term Need:

This form of summoning is closer to permanent as we would perceive it. Yet in this you must still work with a time frame in mind, however distant it may be.

Guardian Dragons may be summoned in this fashion for protection of people places and things needing or deserving long term care (such as children, houses, spouses, etc). Multiple objects can be protected with but a change in grammar, but they should be together for a single dragon to protect (the objects become like a mini-horde).

“Dragon brave and Dragon wise,
let nothing escape your watchful eyes.
I call to you from your hidden lair,
(name object here) is entrusted to your care.
Permit no harm to come to ( named object),
in your presence may all evils take flight.
No baneful creature born of flesh nor spirit
may touch (name object) nor even come near it.
May those that would bring harm
be filled with fright and alarm.”

Miracle baby of the Aurora tragedy

Miracle baby of the Aurora tragedy

By Kate Snow , NBC News

AURORA, Colo. – He’s the tiny miracle after the tragedy of Aurora.

Hugo Jackson Medley was born at 7:11 a.m. local time on Tuesday, according to  University of Colorado Hospital spokesman Dan Weaver. Both mother and  child are doing well.

His mother, Katie Medley, escaped the Colorado movie theater attack uninjured, but her husband, Caleb, is in the same hospital in a medically-induced coma fighting for his life.

High school sweethearts High school sweethearts, Katie and Caleb Medley started dating during their senior year in the small town of Florence, Colo., according to their close friend Michael West, who has become their family spokesman.

“You could just tell that out of everyone in the world, these two were meant for each other,” West wrote on a website dedicated to Caleb that he created to raise money to cover his friend’s medical bills.  As of Tuesday afternoon, the website has had 2,600 donors who have given about $90,000.

In eighth grade, Caleb, now 23, decided he wanted to be a standup comedian. So after he and Katie, 21, got married they moved to Denver, where he could chase his dream.

In an Internet video titled “Caleb Saves the Internet: Saving the One Nighter,” he chronicles life on the road as a struggling comic. He jokes about staying in a seedy motel room with a busted deadbolt and stains on the wall. But Caleb was making progress. Last Wednesday night, he performed stand up at the New Faces Contest at Comedy Works South in Denver, according to the Denver Post. He did well enough to advance to the next round of a comedy festival.

It was to be a big week for the couple. Not only was Caleb getting comedy gigs, but he was about to become a father. Katie, a veterinary student, was nine months pregnant and her doctor planned to induce labor on Monday, July 23.

One last date night Katie and Caleb decided to treat themselves to one last night out before they needed a babysitter. Even though she was nine months pregnant, they were huge Batman fans and they were not going to miss opening night.

“They had Batman apparel on. They waited for this movie for over a year,” said David Sanchez, Katie Medley’s father.

“They were having the normal opening night movie experience,” their friend Michael West wrote, recounting a conversation he had with Katie.  “They stood anxiously in line, spent too much on popcorn and soda, suffered through the movie trailers and watched the beginning of the movie. That is when evil struck.”

“I thought it was a prank at first or someone playing along with the movie,” Katie told him, West writes. “Then he opened fire.”

Caleb was shot in the face. He was put in the back of a police cruiser and driven to University of Colorado hospital. The website says he has lost his right eye, suffered brain damage and is in a medically-induced coma.

Katie’s father, Sanchez, was at the Arapahoe County courthouse Monday to see the man he blames for ruining what was supposed to be a joyous time for the family. He said his daughter had asked him to come since she was in no state to attend herself.

“When it’s your own daughter and she escaped death by just mere seconds, I would say, it really makes you angry,” he told a group of reporters outside the courthouse where the shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes made a brief appearance Monday.

Asked about his son-in-law, Caleb, he said, “He’s in critical but stable condition, so we’re praying for him. I think the main concern is him right now, and the baby being born.”

Like many of the young 20-somethings at the movies that terrible night, the Medleys have no health insurance, according to their friend West.

“Caleb and his family have no insurance, and these hospital bills are going to be well into the hundreds if not thousands if not millions. Caleb and Katie will be struggling with these hospital bills for the rest of their lives,” West wrote on the website.

Special Kitty of the Day for April 1

Lily, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lily
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Calico
Home: Denver, Colorado, USA
Lily joined our household in November 2011. We lost our sweet eighteen-year-old calico “Cali” last year. When we saw Lily we knew it was time to add her to our household in memory of Cali. She looks a lot like a “Lucky Cat” you see in Asian restaurants, and we are the lucky ones to have found her. She was abandoned in a house with her sister kittens and rescued by a local cat organization. We spotted her in a local pet store chain where she was up for adoption. It was love at first sight.

Lily is petite, fetches, drinks water from faucets, and watches everything we do with great interest. We see that adorable pink nose up close all the time. Lily’s favorite activity is to prance up the staircase with a small plastic yogurt cup in her mouth, then throw it downstairs, over and over. Her vocalizations are various and unique — she meows loudly and frantically while she waits for us to get out of the shower. She says “mmmmm” with a question mark at the end to great us when we enter a room. She also carries on conversations. She has the markings of a calico or tri-color Japanese Bobtail, but as you can see, she has a long tail with a white dot at the end. She is extremely calm and gets along well with two males cats in the household, ages eight and eleven. In fact, she rules!

Opening the Gateways Simultaneously

Opening the Gateways Simultaneously


After a suitable meditation time with the tattwas, when you feel you are ready, stand and face the north. Visualize the northern gate with the tattwa of earth carved upon it. The entry can be a golden gateway or a monolithic stone structure, or even a simple wooden gate. Stare into the tattwa until its aura begins to become visible, then shift your focus to the gateway. You should begin to see the fog lift, and the portal will be clear. It may look like a swirling vortex at first, but it will eventually take on a form that represents that element. Turn east and repeat the process. Continue with all four of the elements if you wish, or you may choose to open only one gateway at a time. If you wish, you may protect yourself with a personal bubble and enter into the realm of the elements. Be sure to ask that the gate remain open. Explore and commune as long as you like. When you are done, make sure to close each gateway by allowing your vision to blur as you look at it. The vortex should become active again, and the fog will settle.