Your Charm for Thursday, February 27th is Cancer the Crab

Your Charm for Today

Cancer the Crab

Today’s Meaning:

This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is emotional, loving, intuitive, imaginative, shrewd, cautious, protective and sympathetic. This could be an elder you look up too.

General Description:

Fourth sign of the Zodiac, June 22nd to July 23rd. Ruled by the Moon; correct metal, Silver. Those born under Cancer’s influence were supposed to be keen observers, imaginative, strong willed, reliant, tenacious, imressionable, brilliant, reserved, exacting, and sometimes over anxious. The Cancer stones are the emerald, agate, and chalcedony. The emerald was most highly esteemed in ancient times, was believed to possess great healing powers, and to be benficial to the eyes. Emerald talismans were worn to invode eloquence, courage, protection from sickness, and by seamen to guard them from perils at sea. Emeralds were supposed to turn pale at the approach of danger.

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Let’s Look At The Totem Animal – Crab


In the lore of Tahiti, the crab is the symbol of the god of fugitives, since it can be seen scurrying from rock to rock as it heads for the sea, trying its best to escape the scrutiny and detection of its natural predators.

There is an old Japanese folktale of feuding families that battled so fiercely that the losers, in their humiliation, threw themselves into the sea, rather than face disgrace on land. Once they sank to the bottom of the ocean, however, they were not drowned, but were transformed into crabs.

Ancient Chaldean astrologers believed that the world would end and disintegrate into its primordial elements when all

the planets were lined up in the constellation of the Crab. Because the wisdom of the Chaldeans was honored by astrologers in other cultures, their apocalyptic prophecy was given great credence in Egypt, India, Persia, China, and Europe.

In the zodiac, the sign of the Crab is from June 22 to July 22. Those born under this sign are sometimes said to be imaginative, but somewhat lacking in willpower. Home is very important to Crab people and they guard its sanctity with great determination.

If the crab has come to you as a totem animal through your dreams or visions, you might examine your personal life to see if you have a tendency to hold on to things that would better be released. This spirit helper comes to you from the water, a symbol of the unconscious, and it will aid you in determining what elements within your life need to be set free in order to elevate your consciousness to higher planes of awareness.

This totem animal will also help you to increase your powers of endurance and to develop a harder shell around your sensitive nature. Learn to listen to this spirit helper’s advice as to when to hold on and when to let go of certain challenges and opportunities.


Although the lover whose affection you desire has begun to care for you, a new rival is about to come on the scene.


The Transformative Power Of Your Personal Animal Totem

Brad Steiger

ISBN 0-06-251425-3


The Crab

Crabs are bottom dwellers in the sea as well as in fresh water. Some even venture on land. They can walk and run sideways, burrow and swim. The crab is able to shift its focus instantaneously and quickly move in a sideways direction to confuse its predators. Mankind has a tendency to focus on what is directly in front of them and often overlooks what is creeping in the side door. The crab holds the teachings of shifting focus and expanding inner perception. Sudden and unexpected movements are used to its advantage. Those with this medicine will often learn their soul lessons through unexpected changes in their personal environment.

Since crabs are bottom dwellers and are at home in the water they are linked to the subconscious mind and all the secrets that it holds. They burrow into the depth of life then swim to the surface with new insight and understanding.

The crabs segmented body has several appendages of which five pairs serve as walking legs and two as sensory antennae. These antennas serve as a bridge between heaven and earth. Messages transmitted from Great Spirit through these antennae symbolize the awakening of consciousness and offer those with this totem the gift of clairvoyance.

Most crabs have fairly complicated nervous systems. They are able to resist changes in external environments and flourish in hostile situations. Aggressive towards one another, especially in the mating season, males fight to gain access to females and communicate their aggression by waving their pincers. Those with this medicine will benefit by learning the art of balanced communication.

The crab uses all of its senses to survive. Its body movements as well as

its excellent sight, smell, taste and hearing assist it in reaching its desired destination. They are skillful in everything that they do. Crabs teach us how to empower ourselves on all levels, perfecting, refining, awakening and expanding our own perceptions.

When crab scampers into your life unexpected events are about to occur. These events will require the use of all your senses. The crab shows you how to develop and refine all aspects of yourself. It only requires that you open your heart to its wisdom and be willing to follow its instructions. In so doing, personal power is your for the asking.

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Moon Almanack for Tuesday, January 10

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Lunabar Moon Almanack for Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Waning, Full Moon Age: 17 ¼ days.
Ascending Node is at 12° Sagittarius.
Moon in 13th degree of the Sign Leo, the Lion;
also in 16th deg. of the Constellation Moonchild, the Crab.
Midheaven: 12:58 morn. Moonset: 8:04 morn. Moonrise: 6:45 eve.