Make Someone See and Dream of their Fears


Get a pot, put some water from the sink and put it the stove burner thing on medium. Pour some oil, Salt, and vinegar. I put a little baking soda because when Baking soda and vinegar mix the make that cool foam. You don’t have to put the Baking Soda.

While the water starts to bubble a little, get a sheet of paper draw a stick figure and write the victims name on it. Cut it out and you can say “I name you ______” or just use it. I didn’t name it, I just used it. Get roaches, as much as you can or want I got 4. Get some ant as well.

Alright, the water should be bubbling a little but so put the burner on High. When the pot is boiling like crazy, throw in the roaches and the ants. Visualize your objective, imagine you’re the victim and feel the ants against your skin. Imagine yourself in a corner and lots of roaches everywhere, feel the fear, etc. Throw in the person and recite 3 times

“Roaches are you cause of fear,
Roaches I cast on you my dear.
See them crawl, see them near you.
See them all, see them on you.
Feel their legs against your skin,
Drown in roaches, boil for you sin.
Powers of fire, powers of the south.
Set him on fire, with roaches running about”
So mote it be.

Let the water continue to boil for 10 more minutes. Then throw it out.

* Include the ants because they symbolize joy and peace. Boiling them to death, would symbolize boiling joy and peace to the person.


Earth Friendly Tips and Recipes – Dishwasher Detergent & Liquid Dish Soap

Earth Friendly Tips and Recipes

Dishwasher Detergent

For a natural dishwasher detergent, mix 1 cup borax, 1 cup baking soda, and 1/4 cup citric acid (found at nutrition store). Mix and then grind to fine powder. (Recipe found here.) Transfer to an airtight container to store. (Recycled glass jars work well.) Use 1 tablespoon of mixture per load. Use vinegar as a rinse agent.

Liquid Dish Soap

For a natural and homemade dish soap, combine 2 cups of liquid castile soap, 1/2 cup warm water, and a few drops of essential oils for scent (optional, especially if using scented castile soap). Shake or mix well and place in container of your choice. (Recycled dish soap squeeze bottle is one idea.) Shake well before using.


Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Earth Friendly Tips and Recipes – Oven Cleaner

Earth Friendly Tips and Recipes

Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner is one of the most toxic cleaning products. Thankfully, there is a super simple, inexpensive way to make your own natural oven cleaner. Just sprinkle a cup or more of baking soda over the bottom of your oven and spray with enough water to make a paste. For dirt on the sides of the oven, create a baking soda and water paste and then apply. Let the mixture set overnight, spraying it a few times to keep it wet. Then just wipe it up. When you have cleaned up the worst of the mess, dab a bit of liquid castile soap on a cloth or sponge to wash the remaining residue from the oven. The first time I tried this I was amazed at how well it worked!



Natural Cleaning Tip for Your Kitchen

Simple Toothpaste

Simple Toothpaste


Baking Soda

Salt Water


Peppermint oil (if possible, if not, try dried parsley just make sure it doesn’t get stuck between your teeth!)

Mix 1/3 cup of baking soda, ½ teaspoon salt, water and glycerin until you have a past you are happy with. Use more or less water for the type of paste you wish–thinner or thicker.