Earth Friendly Tips and Recipes – Oven Cleaner

Earth Friendly Tips and Recipes

Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner is one of the most toxic cleaning products. Thankfully, there is a super simple, inexpensive way to make your own natural oven cleaner. Just sprinkle a cup or more of baking soda over the bottom of your oven and spray with enough water to make a paste. For dirt on the sides of the oven, create a baking soda and water paste and then apply. Let the mixture set overnight, spraying it a few times to keep it wet. Then just wipe it up. When you have cleaned up the worst of the mess, dab a bit of liquid castile soap on a cloth or sponge to wash the remaining residue from the oven. The first time I tried this I was amazed at how well it worked!



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