Earth Friendly Tips and Recipes – Countertops

Earth Friendly Tips and Recipes


Vinegar is the best all-purpose household cleaner and can clean almost anything. For a natural countertop cleaner, add water and vinegar to a spray bottle (in a 1:1 ratio) and spray on countertops, windows, and walls. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can add a few drops of either liquid castile soap, essential oil, or lemon juice to the mix as well. Another option, especially for those with granite or concrete countertops, is to sprinkle baking soda on the surfaces and scrub. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this. Lavender and tea tree oil have anti-bacterial qualities. I will say that this method does tend to leave a residue that requires more and more rounds of wiping the counter down. Another option for stone or concrete countertops is to mix five parts water and one part liquid castile soap. This is what I do; I like keeping it simple and using just soap and water! Notes: Do not use vinegar on marble, granite, or other stone countertops as it may etch the stone surface. Never use undiluted vinegar on grout. Essential oils are NOT the same as fragrance oils, which are artificially created and often contain synthetic chemicals. Make sure the essential oil you use is of the highest quality and 100 percent pure.



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