Sometimes I Just Have to Be Reminded

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Reminded that we are still feared,
Reminded that we are still associated with all
the old myths and stereotypes
Reminded that we still have a long way to go
to change our stigma and remove the fear people
associate with us.
Most of all calm the fire that burns in my spirit
when I think back to 1950 before I was born,
before I ever got to meet one of my dear family
members because of fear and hatred that ran
through the people’s heart and veins, hatred for witches.

I never knew my aunt but I have been told the stories,
stories that will always burn in my heart and my soul.
How the mob came for her one night in 1950,
her and two other women they took behind the floodwall.
There the mob played judge and juror and passed
sentence on my aunt and the other two women.
“Guilty” was the cry, Guilty of witchcraft they declared.
With that they put the noose around my aunt’s neck
and in a matter of moments, she would be no more.

I never knew my aunt only through stories do I know
her now.
It burns deep within my soul and my heart what happened
back in May of 1950.
My blood boils and vengeance I want to seek
Anger at the ignorance, intolerance and hysteria that took
my aunt from me.
Seek vengeance, oh, yes indeed
But what good would it do,
I can accomplish more by remembering her and
telling her story so others will know her and her plight.
A woman I never got to know but took from me by
an angry mob.

Fight fire with fire, no!
Fight fire with the truth.
Letting the ignorant know our true story and history.
Our persecution throughout the centuries.
Let them know, we have suffered and some have
paid the ultimate price.
We are the survivors, descendants of great ancestors,
We are the ones they couldn’t burn or hang and
We say enough is enough.

Now is our time
Our ancestors paved the way for us,
Now we proudly walk that Path.
Never resting till no brother or sister
has to fear being a witch.
Never again fear being a witch,
How wonderful and glorious that sound
Never again, be afraid to call yourself a witch
Instead proudly proclaim it,
this is my goal
this is my purpose.

My heart burns and my heart aches when
I think back to 1950 for the woman I never

Vengeance I do not seek, truth I do.

-Lady of the Abyss