By The Old Farmer’s Almanac


by Bob Berman, as featured in The 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac

  • The year begins with a predawn string of pearls: Some 40 minutes before sunrise on January 1, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury hover from upper right to lower left, low in the eastern sky. Venus is now at its brightest of the year.
  • The alignment on the 2nd finds the Moon between Venus and Jupiter. On the 3rd, the Moon is to the left of Jupiter.
  • Through January, Venus sinks lower at first light but Jupiter is higher; their opposing motions cause them to meet from the 20th to the 26th. At nightfall all month, Mars in Pisces is due south at a bright magnitude 0.


  • A total lunar eclipse on January 20, visible from the entire United States and Canada, begins at 10:34 p.m., with totality starting at 11:41 p.m. Unlike a solar eclipse, which follows a narrow path (and may not be visible to most people), a total eclipse of the Moon can often be observed from anywhere on Earth where it’s nighttime!
  • Lunar eclipses only happen during full Moons; this January 2019 total eclipse of the Moon will appear bigger and brighter than average making it a so-called Supermoon.
  • The Earth’s dark shadow will move over the bright disk of the Moon; our planet will block the Sun’s light while it is between the Sun and Moon, causing the Moon to turn an orangish-red hue. In popular culture, this has been nicknamed the “Blood Moon.”
  • So, I guess you’re going to hear it called a “Supermoon Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse”? Or, perhaps it will be nicknamed a “Super Blood Moon Eclipse”? No matter!  This will be the last total lunar eclipse until May 26, 2021 so take time to look up at this celestial phenomenon.


Your Lucky Ancient Symbol Card for for January 2 (N.H.) and January 3 (S.H.)

Your Lucky Ancient Symbol Card for for January 2


Sadly sometimes our desires lead us down paths which have no end and offer us no chance of achieving the results we want. If we persist we end up like Sisyphus: forever rolling a boulder uphill only to have it roll back downhill before we ever get to the top. Futility suggest the existence of just such a situation–we are chasing a prize that will never be ours. Futility indicates a need to rethink our ambitions and direct our energies towards a goal or goals that can be attained.




Your Lucky Ancient Symbol Card for for January 3


The Chance card denotes a period in which taking risks may produce positive results. This doesn’t mean head off to a casino with your life’s savings! What is suggested is that you should make gains by taking a well calculated risk. For the power of Chance to be fully realized it is essential that you pick your risk carefully, move forward with conviction, and above all else don’t get greedy!

Shuffling the Cards Again, Your Spiritual Influence for January 2 (N.H.) and January 3 (S.H.)

Your Spiritual Influence for January 2

Spiritual influences effecting your life

Five of Swords

Failure and defeat are possible. Injustice and cowardliness may appear.










Your Spiritual Influence for January 3

Spiritual influences effecting your life

Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Possible failure. Vanity and underhandedness must be watched for. Skills may be misused.

Your Weekly Influences for January 2 for (N.H.) and (S.H.)

Your Weekly Influences


Tarot Influence

Ten of Swords Reversed

Evil will be defeated. Courage is needed to face challenges. Develop your spiritual self.











Astrological Influence


While Gemini always has its duality to keep under control, it does manage to bring both humor and intelligence into any situation.











Element Influence

Water Reversed

Water reversed denotes secrets to which you are not privy. Approach all ventures with caution.

Your Daily Tarot Love Card for January 2 (N.H.) and January 3 (S.H.)

Your Daily Tarot Love Card for January 2

The Judgment

A decision works to your advantage if you make it after serious deliberation. As you do the latter, add a touch of intuition. Something that nags at you and nibbles at the edge of your memory has relevance today. Does something need to end? The Universe offers change for your own good when you need it. Closing chapters leads to opening new chapters. Ends are rites of passage just as beginnings are.






Your Daily Tarot Love Card for January 3

The Hermit

The Hermit symbolizes healing powers. Are feelings the same as when you started, if you are in a relationship? If they are not, you are past due for the healing that stimulates growth. You should feel free to reach out and touch without fear. If single, healing is in the form of the personal weeding and pruning that shows old conditions have passed away in order to allow new things to grow.