Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of January 1

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of January 1

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room

In astrological terms, the year doesn’t begin on the 1st January, but of course this date is ingrained in our Western psyche. So much so, in fact, that we cannot but join in the celebrations, reminisce, regret or rejoice for what has been, and then get jolly and plan a new year of promises and resolutions about this and that.

Yet, as the sun begins to lighten our days little by little (in the northern hemisphere) this naturally is a turning point in nature too, a time when not all is dormant, but is part of an never-ending cycle.  As the poet, Shelley wrote, ‘O wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ So enjoy planning love’s future, for it won’t be long before it will become your present.



As the new year comes and goes, you begin to find a way to enjoy yourself without relying on anyone else. If attached, you have new plans, adventurous joint projects and a chance to build a grand future together, so take advantage of innovative ideas that come to you throughout this week.




The worst thing for you is to feel tied up in emotional knots. But this week, you’re thinking straight and feeling good, so if you’re more excited about saving money than listening you to partner’s crazy ideas, well, why not?  It doesn’t mean you adore money more than you adore your partner, but it does mean it’s time to respect your independent spirit too.




If single, you may be thinking, ‘well, I’m attracting a load of contenders, but why are they always the wrong types that I find so disappointing or just unavailable?’ Yet, as the planets start to change for the better in your chart, the ‘wrong type’ will begin to change to the ‘right type’, and the desire to get on with life and love will be far more enticing.




Although most of your friends believe that love is about settling down, you’re wondering how to do in a way that will also maintain your autonomy. So are you really going to conform to the expectations of others, or follow your true desires? Make a decision based on what you truly want, not what others want you to be.




This week, you feel like love personified and someone is certainly getting heated under the collar about you. But, there’s something stopping you from getting close, and that’s the fear of committing yourself too soon. Radiating charisma, you can now truly realise those love goals.




Sometimes we feel ‘at one’ with the universe. This usually happens when we fall in love and that’s when everything else becomes meaningless.  If single, you may experience those moments again this week, and if attached, it’s timely to rekindle your passion. You will be at one, not only with another, but with yourself and life too.




Commit yourself to a current quest so that you can really engage with love. This week, the romantic soul within is calling you on to adventure forth and navigate the chilly waters of feeling, and head for warmer shores. Don’t rock your love boat. Jump in, take the helm, and honour your quest.




You want to escape, to where, you’re not sure. But it does feel as if you need to get out and do something new and exciting. This week, lovers or partners are at last ready to join you on a new mission for the new year. The change you seek is on its way, and the freedom you need is exciting everyone.




A few weeks ago, you might remember, the change of planetary energy was supposed to augur the bright, enchanting new you that everyone would love and desire? Well, funnily enough through all the melodrama, it will now begin to work its magic. Get ready to show how loveable and loving you are.




At this time of year, birthday or not, you’re also very realistic and organised about what you want to happen next year. In fact, this is one of those weeks when things begin to fall into place, and any love issues seem less fraught, fragile or frivolous. Whether you’re in the party spirit or saying humbug, you know that something beautiful is going to manifest, but it’s up to you to work on it.




Think of the present as an adventure. Embrace adventure. Let adventure love you back, and you can continue through the coming weeks with a smile on your face. Enjoy the unexpected rather than retreat from it or try to control it. You never know what might happen on the way to love’s open door.




Over these festive celebrations, sad, good or joyful memories have been hard to shake off, but don’t feel you have to run away from feeling anything. Yet with the new year comes new contacts, a fresh perspective on yourself, and a glimpse of a creative love relationship just round the corner. All this will inspire you to be determined to enjoy the coming months ahead. So your catchphrase this new year has to be,  ‘vive la difference.’

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