We Have Scattered To The Four Winds….

nice Day my Friends ::: schönen Tag meine Freunde
Oh well, what can I say? We have a Winter Storm Warning out for our area. The weather people are saying it is going to hit this evening. But since our weather people don’t know their rump from a hole in the ground, I told the ladies not to take any chances and stay home today. So it is just little old me here today. Peace and quiet, seems strange especially when you have a bunch of hens cackling and carrying on around here. I know they all get anxious and nervous when bad weather is forecasted. At the sign of the first snow flake, they would have hopped their brooms and off they went. So I called them and told them to stay home, why not? I feel better but being snow bound with all of them, I would go crazy. I would at least like to keep my sanity, what little I have left. Besides I have to run to town to get the biggest part of my medicine today. When I was sick, I couldn’t keep anything on my stomach, which included my medicine. I ran out of several medications and I swear, it has took an act of Congress to get those meds refilled. They are suppose to all finally be there today so I have to run to town and pick them up. For the last three days, my back has hurt so bad I could hardly stand it. I know while I was getting one of the journals ready, one of the ladies opened the door and apparently thought I had pulled a disappearing act. She got to hollering for me and I stuck my hand up from behind the desk. She just had to know what the hell I was doing. I told her my back was killing me, so I grabbed my laptop and was working from the floor. Not the first time I have done so and probably won’t be the last. Getting my prescriptions today is one of my main priorities. I haven’t decided when I get back if I am going to do any posting over on The Gazette or not. I know I am getting lazy, they don’t expect that much from me over there, lol! But he did mention when the horoscopes showed up over there that his ratings when way up, so that is a good thing. I will have to wait and see about that.

Well I just checked with the doctor’s office and all my prescriptions are finally in. So I am off and running before the snow starts falling. I apologize for today’s postings not being up. I hope you can understand the situation. I also hope that everyone else who is going to be effected by this storm stays safe and secure. Get out and get what you need to do before it hits. Then after it hits, we can throw magickal snowballs at each other, lol! Bad idea, I will have the flu again.

Anyway, I am off to make my track to town. Really wouldn’t worry about the snow except the 4-wheel drive is out on the truck. Yeah, they kept it for a week and it never got fixed, great mechanics there, huh! I am stopping for now or else I will keep talking and get snowed it. Y’all have a very beautiful Friday and if I get back early enough I probably will post somethings over on the Gazette, so you might want to check over there later on today. For now….

Love ya,

Lady A