Spirit Message of the Day – Remember Your Happily Ever After

Spirit Message of the Day – Remember Your Happily Ever After

Once Upon a Time…
“we took a journey that led us through a forest of self-discovery. It was here where we encountered the wolves, monsters, fairies, and all those things that helped to define who we are and where we were going. And now we have finally arrived.”

“We can see the castle on the horizon. It shines like a beacon and heralds the end of a long journey well traveled. Through the tangle of the roots and trees, the calmness of the reflecting waters welcomes the traveler to a more placid place, where light and dark integrate and synthesize into greater awareness. The castle represents the anima of knowledge. Access to these offerings of wisdom is the ultimum reward. There are all manner of spirits hidden within the elements, ready to assist us through our path to maturation. They represent collected wisdom and can only be discerned if our hearts and minds are open to receiving their messages.”

“The flying birds symbolize the spirit. They are launching themselves from the safety of their nests and into the multifaceted splendor of the golden castle. They represent transcendence and the ability to balance mind and spirit. The serene water is the unconscious fully mirroring consciousness, representing the balance between the physical body and our spiritual essence. The outside of the castle represents the physical place of conscious thoughts, while the interior supports the unconscious, collective unconscious, and spiritual matters.”

The wild woods in the foreground contrast the softness of the clouds and are a reconciliation of opposites. The branches represent the earthly plane and physical reality of our being against infinite, ever-changing layers of the world beyond. Together they compose the wholeness of the universe. By traveling through dark forests and encountering creatures and spirits, we have the opportunity to expand ourselves in ways we did not necessarily think possible. We have been provided lessons through innumerable situations that feed into our psyches and help us become more attentive to our conscious thought processes. Through it all we have learned to follow our intuition and to listen to a deeper part of ourselves that has finally brought us to happily ever after. We can only attain ‘wholeness’ once the shadow, omni present in our journeys, has been confronted and integrated into the psyche.

“We have arrived at happily ever after. We have full integrated the many and often complicated elements of our being and have eyes wide open to the illuminative power of wholeness. We embrace the multivalent layers of our inner life and can now appreciate the treasures that lie within.”

Today’s message is from The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt.

If for only a moment – imagine right now- this is your happily ever after. You have everything you’ve always wanted. How does it feel? Where are you? What are you doing? Whom are you with? What are you thinking? Sit quietly for a minute. Remember these thoughts and knowlingly carry this feeling with you tomorrow. Watch what you’ve just imagined come to life right before your eyes. 
Transcend. Align your will with your desire. Remember your bliss and find your happily ever after…again.

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