Winter Solstice/Yule Online Coven Gathering


Anyone is welcomed to join us!


Sunday, December 20, 2015


6:00 to 7:00 PM CT

The Sacred Circle starts at 6:15 PM CT SHARP. Please be considerate and be on time or wait until 7:00 PM CT to join us for visiting after the circle has been opened!


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Just because it says coven does not mean you have to be in the coven to attend. All Pagans are welcome to join us! If you have any questions about the gathering please email me at I look forward to many of us coming together to celebrate this wonderful Sabbat.

‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for December 16th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

To be in harmony with others, we must be in tune with ourselves. This is not always a state of mind easily come by, but necessary and possible to those who truly want to put their best foot forward.

They must cultivate and re-cultivate the things that make peace within themselves. They must not only have faith, but they must depend upon it, drawing from it energizing joy, love, and lightness of heart. They must know and understand the moods and manners of their coworkers and express to their colleagues their happiness and enthusiasm for the good things of life.

At times everyone has fits of uncertainty concerning their way of life. And it is gratifying to have someone capable of lifting us out of the blues and scattering the doldrums. But the job is mainly ours. We have to cross examine ourselves again and again to be sure there’s nothing that will not contribute to our best self, or draw less than the best from others.

To be cooperative is not only beneficial to associations with others, but to our own health, peace, and happiness. Let there be peace and harmony and let it begin with me.



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By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – December 16

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – December 16

“If you have one hundred people who live together, and if each one cares for the rest, there is One Mind.”

–Shining Arrows, CROW

One of the principles of Community is Unity. The alignment of thoughts in groups of people will cause One Mind to form. One Mind is Unity. Each individual in the community must align their thoughts with what other members are thinking. If all the people think of helping one another, then the community will be service oriented and powerful results will be enjoyed. Having our thoughts aligned within a group will cause our children to experience a positive environment. When they have children, the grandchildren will automatically experience these results also.

My Creator, help me to contribute to positive group thought.


December 16 – Daily Feast

December 16 – Daily Feast

Like anything else, if one is prepared to meet winter rather than cower at the thought, it is an excellent time to be happy and alive. When we are warm on the inside and we have no excessive fears, we can lean into the wind and pace ourselves to breathe the cold air and taste the snow without absorbing it. We were created to take domination over these things and it is time we proved it. But as long as there is one other person who is not warm, who does not see beauty, we can’t be too comfortable not immune to winter.

~ I will ask him (the white man) to understand his ways, then I will prepare the way for my children. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


The Daily Motivator for December 16th – Grace and integrity

Grace and integrity

by Ralph Marston

Do the hard stuff. The hard stuff is what brings new value into the world.

Commit to excellence, never failing to honor that commitment. Though you know it is not easy, you also know it is best.

Embrace difficult challenges. Somebody has to push life forward, and you are just the person to do it.

Think, speak, act and live with responsibility. Set a positive example, showing all the world how good life can be when it is lived with no excuses.

Be always deeply thankful for the possibilities, for the beauty, for it all. Abundance grows when it is recognized and appreciated.

Add joy to each moment. Meet, then exceed life’s demands, and with grace and integrity, live it well.

© 2015 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
From The Daily Motivator website at

The Daily OM for December 16th – Serving Your Community

Serving Your Community
Giving the Gift of You

by Madisyn Taylor

Being of service to our community is part of being a good citizen of the planet earth.

To live harmoniously, we need to be supportive and helpful to all people, creatures, and plant life that share this earth with us. While “being of service” is part of being a good citizen of the world, it also feels good to help others. When we do something for others in service, without the expectation of anything in return, we are turning our actions into offerings.

There are many ways to be of service to our community. There are the obvious and much needed volunteer opportunities, such as serving Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter, mentoring our youth, or cleaning up a beach. Then, there is the kind of service that we may not even think of as being acts of service. Learning a new language (perhaps sign language) so that you can talk to more people is a way to reach out to others. Inviting someone who isn’t motivated enough to exercise on their own to join you on your daily walk is a way to give of yourself. Sharing flowers or vegetables from your garden, organizing a poetry reading, offering to babysit for a busy parent, or donating pet food to an animal shelter all are simple ways to offer your services to your community.

There are many ways that you can serve the world. Imagine the impact we would have on the environment if we picked up one piece of trash off the street everyday and chose not to drive our car once a week. Even gardening tactics such as throwing wildflower seeds onto a vacant lot can brighten the lives of others – including the lives of birds and insects. Everyday, you can do something to make this world a better place. During meditation, ask for guidance on what you can do to be of service. This can be a wonderful way to start your day. Smiling at a stranger who looks down in the dumps or teaching your neighborhood kids how to whistle will impact someone’s day or even their life. Giving of yourself is the best gift that you can give.


Daily OM

Flashback 2007 – Winter Solstice

Coven Life®


The longest night of the year marks the return of the Sun and the lengthening of days, a time of introspection, and celebration od endurance and the powers of hope.

Winter Solstice is a time of gathering with friends, family, and neighbors to share the stored abundance of the previous harvest and make ready for the long winter ahead. This sabbat is an affirmation of hope.

Yule is both a Scandinavian and Germanic festival marking the winter holiday. The decorating of trees, the singing of songs and telling of stories, hot spiced drinks, and sacred pine boughs all have their roots in Pagan Winter Solstice and Yule practices. Deer and their association with the Horned God Cernunnos have also survived in modern celebrations. Ancient Druids harvested mistletoe from Sacred Oaks to hang in the doorways of homes to ensure the blessings of the Sacred Groves and for good luck.

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Flashback 2007 -Summer Solstice

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The longest day and shortest night of the year, and known to the Druids as Alban Heruin, Solstice marks the height of the Sun’s powers and the beginning og their decline as the wheel of the year turns. Celebrations are filled with marriages, music, dancing, racing, feasting, and rituals. Young animals and new babies have replenished the community.

Stonehenge was aligned to the Summer Solstice Sun about 4,000 years ago. Each year, thousands of modern pagans and Witches gather at Stonehenge in celebration of the Summer Solstice, attesting to the widespread importance of this day in cultures around the world.

Summer Solstice is sacred to the Horse Goddess Epona. She is a Mother Goddess of the fruits of the fields and orchards, and represents abundance; the cornucopia is a symbol of Epona’s bounty.

Copyright Abby Willowroot Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2007 Page 77

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