Flashback 2007 – Winter Solstice

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The longest night of the year marks the return of the Sun and the lengthening of days, a time of introspection, and celebration od endurance and the powers of hope.

Winter Solstice is a time of gathering with friends, family, and neighbors to share the stored abundance of the previous harvest and make ready for the long winter ahead. This sabbat is an affirmation of hope.

Yule is both a Scandinavian and Germanic festival marking the winter holiday. The decorating of trees, the singing of songs and telling of stories, hot spiced drinks, and sacred pine boughs all have their roots in Pagan Winter Solstice and Yule practices. Deer and their association with the Horned God Cernunnos have also survived in modern celebrations. Ancient Druids harvested mistletoe from Sacred Oaks to hang in the doorways of homes to ensure the blessings of the Sacred Groves and for good luck.

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