Post Necromancy Cleansing Spells

Post Necromancy Cleansing Spells

After communicating with ghosts, strong cleansing is recommended.

Get into the tub and scrub virgorously with salt.

Make a paste using salt, Holy Water or one of the other formula waters and cleanse the body.

Form a paste with olive oil and salt and scrub the body.

Create a paste with salt, olive oil and fresh rosemary leaves. Scrub the body.

Any of these methods should be very effective for cleansing.


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One thought on “Post Necromancy Cleansing Spells

  1. As well as a cleansing bath I often smudge my entire body with a smudge stick as well. I often use fresh rosemary and prefer it most times because I can then gently rub it all over my body and/or add it to my bath with sea salt. I tend to use rosemary far more than sage. As thankfully I’ve got so much rosemary growing in my backyard. I also feel as its so fresh compared to my purchased sage that it feels far more cleansing to me than anything else I’ve tried. Sometimes I also add rose leaves from our own garden too. As adding rose leaves can make one feel more secure and loving within themselves. Chamomile is great to add too if you’ve had a really heavy spiritual experience because its so calming. If you feel that u need some healing yourself after a “heavy spiritual” experience &/or a negative one, you can feel so exhausted by it all. On these rare occasions I’ve also added fresh lavendar from my garden too. So on occasion I’ve added rosemary, roseleaves, chamomile and lavender as well as some sea salt to my bath water. Just thought I’d add these suggestions to help my fellow Witches who practice true Necromancy. As it can be intensely tiring psychologically and physically as well.
    Blessed Be,
    CazWytch )O(


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