Good Wednesday Morning To All My Dearly Loved Family & Friends!

Good Wednesday Morning, my luvs! I apologize for running late. I have been getting more estimates on my house now. I live in a straight-line wind area. If you aren’t familiar with that, the winds can get up to 90 mph sometimes even higher. Anyway, to keep this story short, the wind blew my roof off. So I am dealing with the insurance adjuster and contractors again, I am so lucky!

I wanted to let you know why I was running late. You know something, I am going to change my name. Yes, you heard right, I am changing it to “Lady Late, ” lmao!

Make it a fantastic day,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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One thought on “Good Wednesday Morning To All My Dearly Loved Family & Friends!

  1. I like Lady LMAO. You lost a roof? Eight degrees and the occasional wind ripping off your roof sounds like you need to move. 🙂


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