The Witches Magick for December 25th (especially since it is the Holidays) – To End Tiresome Visits

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If you have company that stays too long and interferes with your life, try some of the following spells. None of them will harm visitors; they merely impel them to leave.

Three spells involve brooms. The simplest entails nothing more than placing a broom upside down behind the door. If the guests still refuse to leave, stick a fork into the bristles of the inverted broom.

Failing this, go into a room adjoining that which the guests are in, place the broom so that its handle points toward the offending visitors and intone the following traditional rhyme:

Get thee hence beyond my door
For I am weary to the core.


There are other methods as well. Throwing salt on an ungracious guest’s shoes (if he or she has removed them) is said to be effective, as is putting a pinch of pepper beneath his or her chair.

Hanging a pair of scissors at the front door might also work. If not, go to the kitchen, take the pestle out of the mortar and stand it upright in the fireplace.

Tracing an equal-armed cross in the hollow of the left hand with the index finger of the right should also give your guests an urge to leave (or will at least communicate your boredom).

If none of these measures works, even when backed up with visualizations, perhaps you should try the surest spell of all-ask your visitors to leave.

–Scott Cunningham; David Harrington. The Magical Household: Spells & Rituals for the Home