The Witches Magick for the 18th Day of December – Yule Sun Ritual

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Yule Sun Ritual

You will need:

A candle to represent the sun — it can be a large candle, or one that is yellow, red, gold, or orange

Something with which to inscribe the candle— either your athame or a small knife, or even a toothpick or a needle

7 small candles, either birthday candles or tea lights, to represent the 7 other festivals of the Wheel of the Year

A piece of paper, coloring pencils or pens, and scissors

Sit somewhere comfortable with the candles in front of you. Arrange the smaller candles in a circle, leaving a space in the center for the sun candle. Take the sun candle and inscribe images of the sun into the wax. As you do this, chant:

Welcome sun, light reborn.

In thanks this candle I now adorn.

When you have worked your candle, place it in the center of the ring of smaller candles. Light the sun candle with the words:

Return of the Sun, the darkness is gone.

Light each of the seven small candles from the sun candle, saying with each one:

Blessed be!

Spend some time focusing on the sun candle and its place within the Wheel of the Year that you have created around it. Think of the light returning to the world and to your own life, spreading its warmth and energy into everything. Then take your paper and draw an image of the sun. Make it bold and bright by coloring it in. Cut out the shape carefully and write on the back of it:

“The sun has returned, so mote it be!”

Hold your paper sun aloft to the sun candle and say:

I create this sun with thanks and blessings.

If you can, allow your candles to burn down, or extinguish them with thanks. Relight the sun candle over the next few days to allow the magic of the returning sun to be part of your life. Use your paper sun as a focus for your Yule magic. Attach it to your Yule log or thread it with ribbon and hang it on your Yule tree to celebrate the festive season.


Mandy Mitchell, Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year