WOTC Spell #1 for June 25th – Make That Nasty, Nasty Neighbor Move



Nasty Neighbor Spell


Items You Will Need:

Your morning urine

9 black peppercorns

3 T. salt

1 clove garlic, peeled

3 rusty nails

Jar with tight-fitting screw on lid


Place all ingredients in the jar, screw on the lid, and shake it continuously while chanting:

“I piss on you and all you’ve done.
Pack your things–get out now–run!
Your place–that house and property–
Is no longer yours, you see,
You may not live there anymore
On you, it has shut its door.
I’m done with you and with this mix
A moving trick on you I’ll fix

Throw the contents of the jar in the neighbor’s yard and mutter under your breath:

I mark you now with piss and rust,
With garlic, pepper, and salty crust.
Pack your things and leave today.
This trick is fixed. Now go away!

Walk away and don’t look back.

C – Clementine

C – Clementine

Ruler: Venus, Sun, Bast

Type: fruit

Magickal form: fruit peel

East this fruit on Sundays to strengthen the immune system and promote good health. Or consume some on Fridays to attract more friends into your life. Serve clementines at parties to invoke spontaneity and fund. Feed them to children (or adults) who need help in overcoming shyness. Carry the dried peel in your pocket to increase self-confidence.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for April 19 – ‘National Garlic Day’

This ‘National Garlic Day’ could conceivably keep the vampires away as it’s a whole day dedicated to the ‘stinking rose.’ In ancient times garlic was given to people suffering from insanity, as it was believed to bring healing to that condition. Roman soldiers ate garlic to stimulate courage in battle. In magically delicious lore, garlic is used in protective diets to keep you safe from things that go bump in the night, even if it’s your spouse making a midnight snack of that last garlicky piece of lasagna. Use garlic daily to improve health and increase stability and security.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com



Eating this herb will help clear sinuses.  that’s why you feel better after
eating spicy Asian foods when you have a cold.  The cayenne helps, too.  You can eat it raw or cooked.  You can slice it into pill-sized wedges and swallow them with juice or tea as if they were pills.  Garlic is also excellent for clearing up itchy vaginal infections.  Depending on how sore you are, you can peel one (be sure not to nick it) and use it directly as a suppository, or you can wrap it in cheese cloth to prevent direct contact with sore tissues.  Or if the infection has just gotten started and not done much tissue damage yet, you can put the garlic into a blender with plain yogurt and blend until smooth. Then apply the garlic/yogurt mix with a baster or spoon.  A garlic suppository placed against the uterus will help fight uterine infections. (This is the only thing that worked to clear up an IUD caused infection — after prescribed medicines failed.)  The garlic suppository works especially well in combination with golden seal capsules taken by mouth.

Herbs and Such – HAZEL NUTS

Herbs and Such – HAZEL NUTS

Hazel nuts were also believed to possess mystical powers and could be used in divining. The nut is believed to be at its
strongest on Hallowe’en night, which was traditionally called ‘Nutcrack Night’ in England (UK). Lovers were recommended to use
this to gain foresight into the relationship.

‘Two hazel nuts I threw into the flame,
And to each nut I gave a sweetheart’s name.
This, with the loudest bounce me sore amazed,
That, with a flame of brightest colour blazed.
As blazed the nut, so may thy passion grow,
For ’twas thy nut that did so brightly glow.’

‘Some merry, friendly, countra folks
Together did convene,
To burn their nits, an’ pu their stocks,
An’ haud their Halloween
Fu’ blithe that night.’
~R. Burns.

Removal of a Spell

Removal of a Spell 

Items you will need:

3 cloves of garlic


Ritual: With water, grind the garlic into a paste. Rub the paste on the souls of the afflicted person’s shoes, and on the front steps of his/her home. Create a blessing with the Sun retribution. Symbol invoking enlightenment and clarity. This will negate Earth spells

Garlic Spells

Garlic Spells

Garlic cloves tucked into the corners of the threshold of entry doors keep out negative energies and unwanted visitors.

On Hogmany Eve (New Year’s Eve), braid or string thirteen garlic bulbs and hang them in the kitchen to absorb undesired energies. (Be sure to throw out the ones from the previous year.) Roasting and eating garlic with supper aids digestion and keeps the skin young. Cutting a garlic clove and wiping the juice on a knife empowers it to deflect negative energies. Do this on a paring knife and stick it in the ground to deflect bad weather from coming to the house. Add a clove of garlic to a mojo bag to strengthen the spell and ward off negative external energies.

By: Ann Moura