Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 24th – ‘Compliment Day’

I’d like to share a tasty recipe that will have everyone eating of your hands during today’s ‘Compliment Day.’ My passion for all things culinary has driven me to spend much time over the last twenty years studying the magic inherent in food, and there is one recipe that I repeat on a fairly regular basis because of its promise and time tested positive results. This recipe comes from ancient Indian texts and will the compliments coming right at you. You need a small amount of saffron, milk and some sliced almonds. Mix the almonds and some of the saffron together and then boil them in the milk. The lore surrounding this secret recipe says that whoever drinks it will be blessed and think only sweet thoughts while saying only sweet words. So go ahead and be generous with your compliments towards everyone else, but if there’s a special someone you’ve been waiting to hear sweet nothings from: got milk?

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

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The Witches Spell for Nov. 15th – Breaeaking an Unwanted (Love) Spell


Breaking an Unwanted (Love) Spell

This can be altered to fit any type of unwanted spell, or to zero in on one specific spell.

Perform this only if you are certain you are under a spell that is not in your best interests. It is wise to perform divination beforehand to see whether you are and whether that is the right course of action to take.

Incense: Frankincense, Sage or any appropriate cleansing/purifying incense or one that is personally empowering.

Timing: As needed, during the Waning Moon, at or just prior to Midnight.

Items Needed:

A candle (black for banishing or white for purity, cleansing & freedom)

Appropriate anointing oil

Unshelled pistachios

9 in number (or any number that is great significant to you personally).


Anoint your candle if desired, light it and the incense, set them in appropriate burners, visualizing yourself being freed.

Take one pistachio. Forcibly break it open, visualizing the unwanted spell breaking as the shell breaks. The more emotion you can put into the breaking of the shell, the better.

As you do this chant: “So may it broken be/ Any (love) spell cast on me/ That was cast not by my hand/ As I will, free and clear I stand!”

Continue this fashion until all 9 pistachios have been shelled. Eat the pistachios, knowing that you are now free.

Calendar of the Sun for December 30th

Calendar of the Sun

30 Yulmonath

Obatala’s Day

Color: White
Elements: Earth and Air
Altar: Upon cloth of white set a cup of coconut milk, eight white candles, the figure of an elephant, a white flywhisk, a bowl of white rice, and eight white or clear stones.
Offerings: Rice and coconut milk.
Daily Meal: Coconut anything and rice.

Invocation to Obatala

Great White King
Great White Queen
Pure as the snow
On the tops of mountains,
To sit in your space
On your white cloth
Is to be in the high place
Of objectivity
And perfect justice.
To work with your hands
Is to create life anew
Being both father and mother
Being the healer of wounds
That has no gender
As healing has no gender.
To touch with your vision
Is to see past the flaws
And faults of your children
To a cleaner place of fairness
Upon the high unbroken snow.

Song: Mountain God

(The ritual should end with a round of drumming and dancing.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]

Herbs and Such – HAZEL NUTS

Herbs and Such – HAZEL NUTS

Hazel nuts were also believed to possess mystical powers and could be used in divining. The nut is believed to be at its
strongest on Hallowe’en night, which was traditionally called ‘Nutcrack Night’ in England (UK). Lovers were recommended to use
this to gain foresight into the relationship.

‘Two hazel nuts I threw into the flame,
And to each nut I gave a sweetheart’s name.
This, with the loudest bounce me sore amazed,
That, with a flame of brightest colour blazed.
As blazed the nut, so may thy passion grow,
For ’twas thy nut that did so brightly glow.’

‘Some merry, friendly, countra folks
Together did convene,
To burn their nits, an’ pu their stocks,
An’ haud their Halloween
Fu’ blithe that night.’
~R. Burns.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 12 – Pecan Pie Day?

How could you not love today’s sweet and sticky vibe on an entire day devoted to that southern staple — pecan pie. But why stop at the gooiness of pie when you can also have pecan cake or pralines, pecan butter or ice cream? You could also soon see some extra cash, since pecans are considered to be a magically delicious food that can bring a boost to your bottom line. Pecans are also said to help you keep your job. To ensure your employment, shell a handful of pecans and eat them slowly, all the while visualizing a new you who is gainfully and happily employed. Take the shells, wrap them in a small bag and put them somewhere at work where they won’t be noticed or removed. This is a mystical and tasty way to make sure that you won’t be removed either.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com