The term retrograde gets a bad rap. (Mercury rx, I blame you.) But surprisingly, retrogrades aren’t always earth-shattering events. How life-changing a retrograde tends to be is based on the planet itself and its proximity to the sun, which vary widely. For example, Mercury and Venus retrogrades are often more noticeable, since those planets (aka inner planets) are closer to the sun (and Earth), while the retrogrades of outer planets like Uranus and Neptune aren’t always as apparent. So when I tell you that there are five retrograde planets in August 2022, don’t panic — all of them are outer planets, making the changes they bring up far more gradual.

What Is A Retrograde?

The definition of “retrograde” means to reverse or go backward — but when it comes to the planets, they are actually always moving forward. During this cycle from Earth, however, it appears as if they’re going backward, when in reality they’re just changing speeds.

Every astrological planet retrogrades periodically, except for the sun and moon (since they’re luminaries). The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), in particular, spend about four to five months every year retrograde. These retrogrades always occur around the time that they form a trine to the sun, which activates the retrograde of the planet. Near the end of the retrograde, the retrograde planet will form another trine to the sun, bringing endings to that period, and usually a revelation.

What Planets Will Be Retrograde During August 2022?

With all five outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — retrograde in August 2022, there will definitely be some reviewing and revising that takes place, but don’t worry, you’ve experienced the retrogrades of each of these planets every single year, so you’re a pro.

What To Expect From August 2022’s Retrograde Planets…

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