The Witches Spell for Monday, May 2nd – A Spell of Renewal


The Witches Spell for Monday, May 2nd

A Spell of Renewal

Do you need to remove negative thoughts, people, or actions from your life and move on? This spell is designed to do just that. It’s important that you know exactly what you’re trying to remove from your life- often times things that are actually positive can be confused for negative.

You should also prepare yourself for an onslaught of emotions. Purging is always emotional, trying, and draining. If you find halfway through that you aren’t ready to release your pain or the negative things that are clinging to you, it is safe to stop this spell halfway through and try again another day. Remember, being kind to yourself and giving yourself permission to feel pain should always come first before trying to rid yourself of the pain. Getting rid of it before you’re ready can leave you feeling emotionally stunted.

Dragon’s Blood incense
Music that calms you
Something to write on. A candle, black or red, works well. You can also try a photo of a specific person who is causing the negativity.
A writing implement. Depending on what you’re writing on, this could be a pen, a marker, or a pin for the candle.

At noon, take your tools to the sunniest part of your yard. Light your Dragon’s Blood incense. Sit for a few moments, meditating on how you want to feel. Imagine yourself happier, brighter, smiling more than you have in years.

Bathe your candle or photo in the smoke of the incense, making sure every part of it touches the smoke. Rub the candle or photo with your thumbs with the image of yourself happy still in mind.

Now, write your spell. This should come in the form of a command- I will forgive this person, this emotion will disappear from my life, I deserve happiness. Whatever works and is in line with your desires. If you’re carving it into a candle, carve it deep, with power. Really pump yourself up for this.

Light your candle or set the photo on fire, but do it on something where you won’t lose the wax or ashes. If it’s a candle, you don’t have to wait for it to go out completely. Just let it run until you start to feel relief.

Bury the ashes of the photo or what’s left of the candle in the sunny spot, at least a foot deep. If you feel negative emotions coming back, return to this spot with your Dragon’s Blood to meditate on your happiness again.


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Viivi James