Laws of the Craft (The Ardaynes)

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Laws of the Craft

(The Ardaynes)

The Laws (also called the Virtues, The Ordains or The Ardaynes) are important to many neo-pagans and eclectic Wiccans. While each Wiccan group and individual are autonomous, they have the interlinking respect and function of the Laws to bring the tradition together as a whole. Security is given in adherence to the Laws, and the belief  that if one obeys the Laws and is sworn to the Laws, that they can be trusted with “Perfect Trust”. The laws guide our actions, and give us guidence on behaviour, both as an individual, a group, a Coven and as a Tradition.

The New Book of the Law is a published by Lady Galadriel. It is an excellant “rule book” for those looking for a tested ethical and group working system when they form a group or Coven. These obviously won’t have much application to those of us who are Solitaries. I’ve also included two other Ardayne-like writings from Scott Cunningham called The Nature of Our Way and The Law of Power which are oriented more towards the Solitary Practitioner.

1. The Laws were created to give our lives form and order, that all might be balanced throughout all of the planes. In truth there are two sets of laws which govern us — one sets forth the ways of the Wiccan, and the other the ways of the Universe. Both are important, both should be observed with respect and treated with honor. The Laws were shaped and molded to teach us, to advise us, and to counsel us in our time of mortal life on earth.

2. Honor the Gods, for They are the channels and the manifestation of the Source. Honor yourself, for this force also lies within you. Love the Gods as They love you, and by loving yourself and your brothers and sisters, so the Gods shall honor you. As the love and joy of a man and a woman [or “lover and beloved” — LAH] flowers and grows when nurtured with respect, and cultivated with understanding and honor, so should you love the Gods.

3. The Goddess is the Great Mother, and the God is the Great Father, and we are Their children; and we shall worship Them, for They are the rulers of the Universe, and all that is therein. Therefore, O Children of the Gods, try Them not, nor attempt to test Them, for They shall show you that he Ways of the Craft are not to be belittled or mocked.

4. Let the Power of the Craft flow from you only in love — or not at all. For it has always been known that the energy webs which we weave and maintain shall eventually return to encircle their creator. Thus our works become either the net which entagles and binds us, or the web of light by which we find the Gods.

5. Let the Rites of the Wicca be a way for the children of the Gods to be as One — for Power only flows when unified. Always should you revere the Earth, and heal and tend Her, for She is our life, our Mothership, on which we navigate the dark currents of space.

6. When you reap the harvests of your lands, then you shall not reap one corner of the field, nor glean the herb gardens, or the fallen fruits of the orchards. These you shall offer to the Earth Mother, in direct return, or through offerings made to your Circle, or to sustain its Priests and Priestesses.

7. Always be proud to be of the Wicca, but do not allow your pride to become vanity — for those who are conceited are a stubling block at the door of the Temple, and they shall be cast adrift, to swim within their own vanity.

8. Observe and listen, reserving your judgement, for until all the silver is weighed, who can know the worth thereof?

9. As like breeds like, even more so does good beget love and joy. Your life will be full of love and joy if you are joyful and happy.

10. Your teachers are the servants of the Gods, and they shall plant the seeds of knowledge within the minds of their students, and they shall use their power for the good of the Wicca. Yet it is each individual’s duty to tend the seeds which are planted, and to make the final harvest. Those who misuse the power and the trust of the teacher’s position shall have to answer to the Lords of Karma, and adjust the balance accordingly.

11. The Temples of the Gods, which are Their abode on Earth, shall belong to all Their children, and each Circle shall be as a special family. Do naught against any Temple or any family of the Wicca, lest you do that thing unto the Gods, and against yourself.

12. You must not be a teller of tales amongst the children of the Goddess, and you must hold no malice or evil thoughts towards others of the Wicca.

13. You should not lie, nor give false testimony before your Elders, or those who are of the Wicca — for liars are fools, and a menace unto themselves, and to the Wicca. Be truthful in all your works and deeds, especially within the Circle, for what you say within the presence of the Gods becomes manifest.

14. You must not put stumbling blocks in the way of those who do not follow the Path of the Wicca. You must make no unrighteous judgements of their ways, and you should aid them with an attitude of love when it is asked for. Yet ever should you keep the Counsel of the Elders, and reveal naught to others of where our Circles may be, nor may you reveal our ways without the consent of the Priestess.

15. When you make a vow to the Lord or the Lady, or you swear an oath to another of the Wicca, then you must do all that has come forth from your mouth, for a covenant with the Gods, or with the Wicca, is your Honor, and woe to those who care not for the fetters they attach to their souls by not keeping their word.

16. The Great Mother and Father would not have their children suffer the indignities of oppressors for their sake, for what is within the hearts of Their children is dear and true to Them. The Ancient and Mighty Ones shall cause the balance to be made for those who desecrate the Lord and Lady, Their temples, or Their creations.

17. Never shall you use Magick, nor the Craft, to cause harm, for this is misuse of the Power, and it is not to be condoned. To cause the death of another through the Craft is to require the death of the Self in sacrifice.

18. Never betray any of the brethren, nor the lore of our people, for you are all servants of the Gods, and must live by the virtues of love, honor and wisdom. Let truth, loyalty and honor be your creed. Let them be your guides, tempered by love and wisdom.

19. The Order of the Gods shall you keep, and within Their Circles shall you walk. You should not say “I believe” when you doubt, nor claim to obey the Lord and Lady’s word when you never enter into the Temple. You must not profess with your lips that which is not in your heart.

20. Do not use the names of the Gods in negative or evil ways, for They love and cherish Their children above all others. All others They love, even those who know them not. Yet those who hate and curse in Their name shall have the Mighty Ones take the measure of their worth.

21. In any disputes between the children of the Goddess, no one may invoke any laws but those of the Craft, or any tribunal but that of Priestess, Priest, and Elders.

22. No one of the Wicca may do anything which will endagner the Craft, nor bring any of the Wicca into conflict with the Law of the Land, or with any of our persecutors.

23. Your magickal tools are channels to that which is most precious and pure within you. Do not cheapen them by haggling their price when you acquire them.

24. Never accept money for the use of the Power. It is sorcerors and charlatans who accept money for their spells and prayers. If you accept no money, you will be free from the temptation to use the Craft for evil or unworthy causes.

25. You shall never take unduly from any human, animal or elemental that which is not yours to take — for if you steal from another, in the end you will have to sacrifice something dearer to you in order to attain the balance.

26. Show honor to all people, that they may look up to you, and respect you, and their eyes shall become a mirror for your soul.

27. Those who are of the Wicca shall not own slaves, for one person may not own the spirit of another, for only the Great Mother and Father own our souls. Nor shall you take as a pledge any person’s life, for to do so is to take upon yourself both a mill and a millstone.

28. If a stranger sojourns with you, you shall do them no wrong; they shall be as one of the Circle, born amongst ye, and you shall deal with them as you would yourself.

29. Just weights and just balances shall be given by you, and just value shall you give, and thereby receive threefold.

30. Your altars shall be kept clean, pure and holy, and all that is brought into the Temple or the Circle shall be cleansed and blessed, for the joy of the Gods, and of the Wicca.

31. A clean mind should have a clean body. You should keep your body, your clothes, and your house clean, in honor of the Mother, who gives these things to you.

32. Let none die without honor, without love, without respect, unless their actions have decreed otherwise.

33. You should not couple together if it shall cause pain, jealousy or deprivation to another by doing so. Union for malice or evil reasons such as these upsets the balance, and the Lords of the Universe shall make adjustments accordingly.

34. Let those who would love, and would be as one, and bear child, be handfasted. For the sharing of love in this manner is beauteous, and love’s union in the energy of the Gods, and the heritage of the child. It is important for children to know and to identify with those who brought them here.

35. The Law of the Goddess is that none of the Wicca shall take and wed someone who they do not love, whether it is to harm another, or for some form of material gain.

36. Remember that your children are Goddess-spawned, and are free spirits. You do not own nor control them. They are your brethren, come to visit for a while, that they may share in the vision of your love and wisdom. Let each parent realize that although they may teach and guide with love, the child shall also teach the parent, and aid them in their growth and lesson

37. The etheric web and energy vortexes of the earth are in constant flux and motion to adjust to the needs of the planet. The sacred trust of the Wicca is to create and to maintain centers of light and knowledge, using the magick of the divine spark within us to focus and channel the forces of the Universal fire. And these are the channels established between the worlds of the stars and the realms of the earth, bringing in and regulating the spirit flames which energize and activate all life forms. Thus we tend and guard the threads of creation, and we weave the patterns of life and manifestation in an ever-evolving tapestry.

38. Never use your heritage or position for self-glorification or gain. Respect your magick and our ways. We must always recognize that while others may look to us to lead them, they too are our guides.

39. Keep yor body strong, your mind keen, and your purpose pure, for within your being you shall channel the Power, and it needs to be strong and pure. And these are the keys to the path of Oneness, and to communication with the Gods. Yet first you must learn to speak to Them in such a manner as They can comprehend you. For the children of the Wicca must aid the Gods, and work with Them, otherwise the Gods cannot aid and work with you. Ever remember that the Priest and Priestess are the living representatives of the God and Goddess Forces, and likewise that all humans carry these forces within them, though they may lie dormant and unawakened.

40. As the Great Mother and Father come unto one another and create with the pure vibration of Love-Wisdom, so should you strive to make your Temple pure in vibration, and thus a fitting place wherein you may invite the Gods. Thus, your Circle should always be duly purified and cast, and likewise, those who would use the gateways and travel the Circle between the earth and other realms should also be duly prepared and purified.

41. The Goddess hath said, “I shall not carry thee, yet neither shall I hinder thee, nor keep thee from having the same opportunities as all of my children. Thou art free, yet thou shalt not be coddled like babes in the storm. If thou hast true devotion within thee, then all obstacles may be overcome.”

42. The laggard is but half a person — and though half is better than none, the whole is twice as good as the half. Those who do not work, or who lack the will and desire to learn the ways of the Gods, unto them is said, “The Ancient and Mighty Ones shall not keep thee within their house, if ye learneth not.”

43. A sanctuary you shall make unto the Gods, that They may dwell amongst you. And you shall fashion it to the best of your ability, according to all tha your Elders shall show you, and pure energy shall you place therein.

44. An altar shall you make to unto the Lady, and you shall make due reverence unto Her, for every place where She is exalted, She will come to you and bless you. And you shall fashion your altar out of wood or stone, and burn incense and candles thereon, at the proper times, in observance of her ways.

45. You should set aside at least one day during each moon unto the Goddess, and on these days you shall do Her work; and on those days She shall renew Her children and bless them.

46. Learn to build your own Temple, and to craft your own sacred Circle, and all the tools that are used therein — for to be a person of the Craft is to be a person of consequence.

47. Let each of you inscribe your own record of our ways and teachings. For the course of each Wiccan should be charted, that the patterns of their life-web may be made known and utilized. Let each Wiccan start their Book of Light with the teachings and lore of their tradition, yet let it also contain the rites and ways of each individual, which are the harvest of each child of the Wicca, to use the wisdom of their heritage as the seeds of their own wisdom. Thus shall our lore and knowledge continue to grow and unfold, like a beautiful flower.

48. It is right to study and to understand the sigils, statues and stories of the Gods, for they shall guide your thoughts to Them, and They shall hear them. Yet you must ever remember that you worship not the sign nor the statue, but the Gods which inspired them.

49. If your Circle owns any land, let all guard it, and help to keep it clean. Let all justly guard all monies of the Circle, as well as the rights and property of all members of the Circle.

50. If any Wiccan truly labors, then it is right that they should have their just pay. This is not considered the taking of money for the Art, but good and honest work. Yet if any Wiccan works willingly for the good of the Craft, or for their brothers and sisters without pay, then it is to their greatest honor.

51. If any Wiccan should deny themselves some pleasure or material indulgence in order to do service in the Circle, this person shall be blessed and remembered. For those who give for the greater good of all shall have their spirit uplifted.

52. Know also that if you gift the Lady’s Priests and Priestesses, or Her Circles, this is an offering made unto the Mother Herself, for a true Priest or Priestess strives always to do Her work, and to be of service to Her children, so to honor and respect them is to honor and respect the Queen of All.

53. And the offerings which are considered the most pleasing to the Gods are these: the fruits of the orchards the scents of the trees and herbs the metals of the earth the waters of the earth the flowers of the meadows and the milk of all mothers. Yet offerings of labor or money are honest too, and these will also be accepted — moreso if you work with love in your heart, for always there is work to be done for the Gods, and service to be given to the children of the Wicca.

54. If your offerings are made to restore the balance, it must by of a nature that it not offensive to the Gods. It must be of value, yet given with a free heart. Thus shall the harmony be restored. If your offerings are given with a heart filled with love and devotion, or are of service to the Gods, or to the Craft, then shall you receive blessings manifold.

55. And when you make an offering unto the Gods, you should offer it thru the most proper medium, at the proper times, and in such a manner as to make it acceptable. Any and all remains of the rituals shall be consumed in the fire, or buried within the Earth, as a way of returning to the Source all that we use in the observance of our ways, thus ensuring the continuity of the cycle.

56. All may use the Craft to help and aid them, or for the advantage of their Circle, or the Craft — yet only if you are sure that you harm none. Let each Wiccan and Circle always debate these matters at length. Only if all be satisfied that none be harmed in any way, may the Art then be used. If it is not possible to achieve your ends one way, then perhaps the goal may be achieved by actng in a different way, so as to harm none.

57. Throughout the world it has been many a year since Wiccans have been burned. Yet misuse of the Power might raise the persecutions once again. So never break the Laws, however much you might be tempted, and never consent to their being broken. And if you know they are being broken, then you must work strongly against it.

58. In days of old it was decided by the Mighty Ones who came before us that the Art might be used to restrain others from harming the Craft or its children, yet only after great consultation with all members of the Circle, and only then to deflect or to constrain them.

59. And such were the ways of the Lady that She brought us forth in joy, and such were the Ways of the Lord that His reign gave all life pleasure. Offer love in your worship and all shall be joyous in beauty.

60. In the dimly remembered dawn of ages past, the Wicca were truly free. Then, in Atlantis came the Age of the Misuse of Power, followed by the Ages of Persecution and Suffering. Thus the people of the Wicca hid themselves and cloaked their knowlege, and wove veils of secrecy and silence. And this is how the Ways of the Wicca have been preserved through the time of darkness. Yet much of the ways of our people were lost to the ignorance of others.

61. Yet the cycle spirals ever on — and the Age of the Earth Mother once again draws nigh. We must be strong — one with our birthright, and one with our Gods, if we are to bring forth the balance. Those who would harm us, or attempt to enslave us, we must overcome — yet only through light and love, and never through violence or the evil of chaos. And through our efforts the time of our people will come into being once more. In the times which lie ahead, there lies much work to be done, so that once more the cycles of life are drawn to the path of light, and the balance acheived through the power of love.

62. In order to bring the ways of Light and Love and Life to the peoples of the Earth, our secrets are slowly becoming secrets no more, and it is good that this is so — for the age of shadow and secrecy is passing. Yet the sharing of our ways needs always to be guided by wisdom and by love. Let our rites and our mysteries be kept sacred. Let no one defile our worship or our heritage. For the defilement of our ways is an honor loss to self, and for the Craft.

63. Let each High Priestess govern her Circle with justice and Love, and with the help and advice of the Elders and the High Priest, always heeding the messages of the Gods when they come.

64. Ever remember that although the Priest is the force with which the Circle is built, the Priestess is the ruler therein — for it is through her that the Goddess created the world, and all things therein.

65. The High Priestess will heed all complaints of all Pagans and Wiccans, and strive to settle any differences between them with reason and with justice.

66. Let each Circle of Light decide how it shall be known — whether by earthly name or magickal one. For each child of the Wicca knows best the safety or dangers of their homeland.

67. Let each Circle or Temple maintain and dedicate unto the Goddess and the God all the things that are required for Their rituals, for what is blessed in the name of the Gods rightly belongs to Them, and the Priest and Priestess shall be the caretakers thereof.

68. Anyone of the circle who is of sufficient rank, and wishes to form a new Circle, shall tell the High Priestess and the Elders of their intentions. Members of the old Circle may join the new Circle when it is formed, but if they do so they must leave the other Circle, unless otherwise instructed. For it is the Old Law that each Wiccan may join the Circle of their choice, yet their energy should not be divided between two or more Temples.

69. The Elders of the old and new Circles shall meet in peace and with respect, to decide the level of interaction and connection between the Circles. Yet it is known that the splitting of a Circle often means strife. So only if it is truly in a spirit of peace and harmony should the Circles meet for the celebration of the Great Festivals.

70. None shall enter the Circle that have a sickness or an ailment which may be passed on to the Lady’s other children — for to do so causes harm to yourself, as well as to the others of the Circle. Rather should the Healers go unto the sick one, that through the love of the Gods they shall be made well and whole once more.

71. It has been judged lawful that if any of the Craft need a house, or land, and none will sell, to incline someone’s mind so as to be willing to sell, providing it harms none and the full price is paid without haggling.

72. In the matter of quarrels or disputes between the members of the Circle, the High Priestess shall convene the Council, and inquire into the matter. The Council shall hear each person privately, and then both together. And they shall decide justly, not favoring one side nor the other.

73. If an agreeable resolution cannot be reached, then that Wiccan must leave the Circle, for a Circle of Light cannot be properly formed where there is disagreement and discord. And when a Circle is not properly formed, the energy within is either dissipated, or turns ugly, festering like a hidden sore. So let them leave, but only with love in their hearts and yours, for even though your paths may diverge, you are still all children of the Wicca, and there must be no violence between us. Bear no grudges, hold no thoughts of vengeance, for this will rot away the foundation of your power.

74. It has ever been recognized that there are some people who can never agree to work under any others. At the same time there are also people who cannot rule justly. To those who must ever be chief there is but one answer: “Void this Circle, and seek another one, or if ye be of sufficient rank, then form a Circle of your own.” To those who cannot rule justly, the answer shall be “Those who cannot bear your rule will leave you.” For none may come to Circle with those with whom they are at variance, for to do so angers the Gods, and hinders the Craft.

75. Those that do wrong without knowlege shall be held innocent; those that do wrong through carelessness shall be judged lacking in wisdom, and dealt with according to the nature of the transgression. Those who do wrong with deliberation and forethought shall be thrice punished, and the Lords of Karma shall lay low their pride.

76. Each person must make a balance for their words and actions, and the judgements of the Elders should incline to try to make good come from the injustice or wrong-doing. Many are the ways to restore the balance, so let the judgements of the Elders and the Priestess be in keeping with this.

77. Do not turn aside those who seek the ways of the Wicca for the want of an offering or the lack of a robe. You are the servants of the Gods, and the servants of Their people, and those that seek for the Gods you must aid in their quest.

78. Of those who would inquire as to the ways of the Goddess, or who wish to become of the Wicca, ye shall search their hearts, and even into their spirits you shall look, as you are able. For the Wicca do not look to acquire mere numbers. Let none be turned away if their hearts are true, and their desire earnest.

79. The hidden children are like the strings of a harp: each one may give a clear note, and when gathered together in sympathy and accord, they shall give rise to a beautiful symphony. Yet when struck without reason or thought, these notes may cause discord or disharmony. Therefore the Gods decree to Their Teachers and Priests that all must be taught to master their harp, and to pluck their strings with care, that they cause no discord or imbalance.

80. Choose the Priests and Teachers of the Wicca with diligence and with care. The qualities that you should search for within them are Faith, Belief, Knowledge, Ability, Patience, Leadership, Humility, and a loving nature — for they must lead and teach the children of the Goddess, and will thereby have the power to do great good, or to cause great imbalance.

81. In practice it should be that the greatest of the Priests and Priestesses should guide the rituals within each of the Temples of the Old Gods, and truly you should be content with the advice and guidance given by them. Yet ever it should be given so that it is clear and understandable, for within the Temple each of the Wicca is free, and thus they should be able to recognize and to understand our ways and their implications. And those who cannot explain the inner workings, or give just cause and reason for their decisions, may be questioned, or the wisdom of the advice weighed.

82. Let the Priestess and Priest lead as long as they are able, and their leadership be wise and strong, and to the benefit of the Wicca. Yet if their health is ill-favored, or if the next generation needs to try their hand, then let them have the vision and the wisdom to step away from their position, and pass the duties of the Circle t o another. Let them not become overly attached to the office, nor too fond of the power.

83. If a Priestess or a Priest should tire of their duties and charges, then they may step down, but only after having trained and acknowledged a successor. If a Priest or Priestess deserts their Circle, then they have lost the right to ever lead again within this life, so great a trust they have broken. If they should return to the Circle within one turn of the Wheel, and are judged to have true atonement in their hearts, new insight and growth, then they may be forgiven, and allowed to return to the Circle, yet they shall worship only, and hold no office or title. Leadership is a sacred commitment and an honor, and they have shown that they cannot be trusted with such responsibility.

84. Any Priestess, Priest, or Elder who consents to a breach of the Laws regarding the use of the Craft to cause harm to others must immediately be relieved of their office, for it is the lives of the children of the Goddess which they endanger, as well as the honor of the Craft.

85. The High Priestess may take a Sabbatical from her Circle, if her personal life and duties require it, for up to a year and a day. During that time, the Maiden shall act as High Priestess. If the High Priestess does not return at the end of a year and a day, then the Initiates of the Circle shall name a new Priestess. Unless there is good reason to the contrary, the person who has done the work of the Priestess should reap the reward. If someone else is named, then the Maiden should continue in that office.

86. Each Priestess and Priest shall choose their own consorts, yet let them be wise in the learning of our people, and thus others shall abide by the wisdom of their choice. Yet if the Circle feels the decision is ill-advised, or that they cannot abide and work in honor and trust with that consort, then they may request a gathering of all concernted to meet and to talk, and to resolve the balance with love and honor. For only those who are pure and strong, keen and wise, patient and loving, can effectively and properly carry out the duties of a Keeper of the Circle.

87. Those of the Priesthood shall not neglect their mates, or their children, or their house, nor anything which is in their possession; nor shall the sick and the needy be neglected for the sake of the Circle. Therefore let them adjust the one thing against the other, that neither should suffer, and that which is given by the Gods is treated with love and respect.

88. Long ago, at the time of Creation, it was deemed that the female should hold the power of life-giving. And such was the male force drawn to the love and beauty of the Creation of life, that he surrenders unto her keeping the force of his powers in the furtherance of life. Yet the Priestess must always remember that the fuel of the flames which light the fires within her Temple comes from the Priest. Thus she must use the force wisely, and only with love, and she must honor and respect he who is the activator of the Life Force.


Witchy Comments & Graphics

(Adapted from Rites From The Crystal Well)


Insofar as The Craft Of The Wise is the most ancient and most honourable creed of humankind, it behoves all who would be witches to act in ways that give respect to the Old Gods and Goddesses, to their brothers and sisters of The Craft, and to themselves

Chivalry is a high code of honour, which is of most ancient Pagan origin and must be lived by all who follow the Old Ways.

Know well that thoughts and intent put forth will wax strong on many planes of existence and return, bringing into creation that which has been sent forth. For this reason the adept must exercise discipline over his or her thoughts. Remember, ” as you sow, so shall you harvest”

It is only by preparing our minds to be as Gods that we may one day unite with the Godhead.

“This above all … to thine own self be true…”

A witch’s word must have the validity of a signed and witnessed document. It is only by developing such mental discipline that great power may be controlled and directed

It is well to refrain from speaking ill of others for not all truths of the matter may be known

Pass not unverified words about another. For the most part hearsay is a thing of falsehoods

Be honest with others. Have them know that honesty is likewise expected of them

The fury of the moment plays havoc with the truth. Strive always to keep your head

Harm not another. Think always of the consequences of your actions

Dignity, a gracious manner, and a good humour are much to be admired

As a witch you wield much power. Therefore exercise much discretion in its use

Courage and honour endure forever.

Offer friendship only to those worthy of it. To associate with younger souls will only pull you down

Those who follow the mysteries must be above reproach in the eyes of the world

Keep pride in thyself. Seek perfection in body and in mind

The 161 Laws of Wicca

Witchy Comments & Graphics

The 161 Laws of Wicca

by Gerald B. Gardner


  1. The Law was made and ordained of old.
  1. The Law was made for the Wicca, to advise and help in their troubles.
  1. The Wicca should give due worship to the gods and obey their will, which they ordain, for it was made for the good of Wicca as the worship of the Wicca is good for the gods. For the gods love the brethren of Wicca.
  1. As a man loveth a woman by mastering her.
  1. So the Wicca should love the gods by being mastered by them.
  1. And it is necessary that the Circle, which is the temple of the gods, should be truly cast and purified. And that it may be a fit place for the gods to enter.
  1. And the Wicca shall be properly prepared and purified to enter into the presence of the gods.
  1. With love and worship in their hearts, they shall raise power from their bodies to give power to the gods.
  1. As has been taught of old.
  1. For in this way only may men have communion with the gods, for the gods cannot help man without the help of man.
  1. And the High Priestess shall rule her coven as the representative of the God.
  1. And the High Priest shall support her as the representative of the God.
  1. And the High Priestess shall choose whom she will, be he of sufficient rank, to be her High Priest.
  1. For as the god himself kissed her feet in the fivefold salute, laying his power at the feet of the Goddess because of her youth and beauty, her sweetness and kindness, her wisdom and justice, her humility and generosity,
  1. So he resigned all his power to her.
  1. But the High Priestess should ever mind that all power comes from him.
  1. It is only lent, to be used wisely and justly.
  1. And the greatest virtue of a High priestess be that she recognize that youth is necessary to the representative of the goddess.
  1. So she will gracefully retire in favor of a younger woman should the Coven so decide in council.
  1. For a true High Priestess realizes that gracefully surrendering pride of place is one of the greatest virtues.
  1. And that thereby she will return to that pride of place in another life, with greater power and beauty.
  1. In the old days, when witchdom extended far, we were free and worshipped in all the greater temples.
  1. But in these unhappy times we must celebrate our sacred mysteries in secret.
  1. So be it ordained, that none but the Wicca may see our mysteries, for our enemies are many and torture loosens the tongue of man.
  1. So be it ordained that no Coven shall know where the next Coven bide.
  1. Or who its members be, save only the Priest and Priestess and messenger.
  1. And there shall be no communication between them, save by the messenger of the gods, or the summoner.
  1. And only if it be safe may the covens meet in some safe place for the great festivals.
  1. And while there, none shall say whence they came nor give their true names.
  1. To this end, any that are tortured in their agony may not tell if they do not know.
  2. So be it ordained that no one shall tell anyone not of the craft who be of the Wicca, nor give any names or where they bide, or in any way tell anything which can betray any of us to our foes.
  1. Nor may he tell where the Covendom be.
  1. Or the Covenstead.
  1. Or where the meetings be.
  1. And if any break these laws, even under torture, THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS SHALL BE UPON THEM, so they may never be reborn on earth and may remain where they belong, in the hell of the Christians.
  1. Let each High Priestess govern her Coven with justice and love, with the help and advice of the High Priest and the Elders, always heeding the advice of the messenger of the gods if he cometh.
  1. She will heed all complains of all Brothers and strive to settle all differences among them.
  1. But it must be recognized that there will always be people who will ever strive to force others to do as they will.
  1. These are not necessarily evil.
  1. And they oft have good ideas and such ideas should be talked over in council.
  1. But if they will not agree with their Brothers, or if they say,
  1. “I will not work under this High Priestess,”
  1. It hath ever been the Old Law to be convenient to the Brethren and to avoid disputes.
  1. Any of the third may claim to found a new Coven because they live over a league away from the Covenstead, or that they are about to do so.
  1. Anyone living within the Covendom and wishing to form a new Coven shall tell the Elders of their intention and on the instant avoid their dwelling and remove to the new Covendom.
  1. Members of the old Coven may join the new one when it is formed. But if they do, they must utterly avoid the old Coven.
  1. The Elders of the new and the old Covens should meet in peace and brotherly love to decide the new boundaries.
  1. Those of the craft who dwell outside both Covendoms may join either but not both.
  1. Though all may, if the Elders agree, meet for the great festivals if it be truly in peace and brotherly love,
  1. But splitting the Coven off means strife, so for this reason these Laws were made of old and may the CURSE OF THE GODDESS BE ON ANY WHO DISREGARD THEM. So be it ordained.
  1. If you would keep a book, let it be in your own hand of write. Let brothers and sisters copy what they will, but never let the book out of your hands, and never keep the writings of another.
  1. For if it be found in their hand of write, they may be taken and arraigned. Let each guard his own writings and destroy them
  1. whenever danger threatens.
  1. Learn as much as you may by heart and, when danger is past, rewrite your book, an it be safe.
  1. For this reason, if any die, destroy their book if they have not been able to.
  1. For, if it be found, `tis clear proof against them.
  1. And our oppressors know well “Ye may not be a witch alone”.
  1. So all their kin and friends be in danger of torture.
  1. So destroy everything not necessary.
  1. If your book be found on you, `tis clear proof against you alone, you may be arraigned.
  1. Keep all thoughts of the craft from your mind.
  1. If the torture be too great to bear, say, “I will confess. I can’t bear this torture. What do you want me to say?”
  1. If they try to make you speak of the Brotherhood, do not.
  1. But if they try to make you speak of impossibilities such as flying through the air, consorting with a Christian devil or sacrificing children, or eating men’s flesh.
  1. To obtain relief from torture say, “I had an evil dream I was beside myself, I was crazed.”
  1. Not all magistrates are bad, if there be an excuse, they may show mercy.
  1. If you have confessed ought, deny it afterwards, say you babbled under torture, and say you knew not what you said.
  1. If you are condemned, fear not.
  1. The Brotherhood is powerful and will help you to escape if you stand steadfast, but if you betray ought there is no hope for you in this life or in that to come.
  1. Be sure, if steadfast you go to the pyre, drugs will reach you, you will feel naught you go to death and what lies beyond, the ecstasy of the goddess.
  1. To avoid discovery, let the working tools be as ordinary things that any may have in their houses.
  1. Let the pentacles be of wax so that they may be broken at once or melted.
  1. Have no sword unless your rank allows it.
  1. Have no names or signs on anything.
  1. Write the names and signs on them in ink before consecrating them and wash it off immediately afterwards.
  1. Let the color of the hilts tell which is which.
  1. Do not engrave them unless they cause discovery.
  1. Ever remember ye are the hidden children of the Goddess so never do anything to disgrace them or Her.
  1. Never boast, never threaten, never say you would wish ill of anyone.
  1. If any person not in the Circle, speak of the craft, say, “Speak not to me of such, it frightens me, `tis evil luck to speak of it.
  1. For this reason, the Christians have their spies everywhere. These speak as if they were well affected to us, as if they wouldn’t come into our meetings, saying, “My mother used to worship the Old Ones. I would I could go myself.”
  1. To such as these ever deny all knowledge.
  1. But to others, ever say, “Tis foolish men talk of witches flying through the air. To do so they must be as light as thistledown. And men say that witches all be blear eyed old crones, so what pleasure can there be at a witch meeting such as folks talk on?”
  1. And say, “Many wise men now say there be no such creatures.”
  1. Ever make it a jest, and in some future time perhaps, the persecution may die and we may worship our gods in safety again.
  1. Let us all pray for that happy day.
  1. May the blessings of the Goddess and God be on all who keep these Laws which are ordained.
  1. If the craft hath any appendage, let all guard it and witchcraft in the land,” because our oppressors of old make it heresy not to believe in witchcraft and so a crime to deny it which thereby puts you under suspicion.
  1. And let all justly guard all monies of the craft.
  1. And if any Brother truly wrought it, `tis right they have their pay, an it be just. An this be not taking money for the art, but for good and honest work.
  1. And even the Christians say, “The laborer is worthy of his hire,” but if any Brother work willingly for the good of the craft without pay, `tis but to their greater honor. So be it ordained.
  1. If there be any dispute or quarrel among the Brethren, the High Priestess shall straightly convene the Elders and enquire into the matter, and they shall hear both sides, first alone and then together.
  1. And they shall decide justly, not favoring one side or the other.
  1. Ever recognizing there be people who can never agree to work under others.
  1. But at the same time; there be some people who cannot rule justly.
  1. To those who ever must be chief, there is one answer.
  1. Void the Coven or seek another one, or make a Coven of your own, taking with you those who will go.
  1. To those who cannot, justly the answer be, “Those who cannot bear your rule will leave with you.
  1. For none may come to meetings with those whom they are at variance.
  1. So, an either cannot agree, get hence, for the craft must ever survive, so be it ordained.
  1. In the olden days when we had power, we could use the art against any who ill-treated the Brotherhood. But in these evil days we must not do so. For our enemies have devised a burning pit of everlasting fire into which they say their god casteth all the people who worship him, except it be the very few who are released by their priests, spells and masses. And this be chiefly by giving monies and rich gifts to receive his favor for their great god is ever in need of money.
  1. But as our gods need our aid to make fertility for man and crops, so is the god of the Christians ever in need of man’s help to search out and destroy us. Their priests ever tell them that any who get our help are damned to this hell forever, so men be mad with the terror of it.
  1. But they make men believe that they may escape this hell if they give victims to the tormentors. So for this reason all be forever spying, thinking, “And I can catch but one of these Wicca, I will escape from this fiery pit.”
  1. So for this reason we have our hides, and men searching long and Doth finding, say, “There be none, or if there be, they be in a far country.”
  1. But when one of our oppressors die, or even be sick, ever is the cry, “This be witches’ malice”, and the hunt is up again. And though they slay ten of their own to one of ours, still they care not. They have countless thousands.
  1. While we are few indeed. So be it ordained.
  1. That none shall use the art in any way to do ill to any.
  1. However much they injure us, harm none. And now times many believe we exist not.
  1. That this Law shall ever continue to help us in our plight, no one, however great an injury or injustice they receive, may use the art in any way to do ill, or harm any. But they may, after great consultations with all, use the art to restrain Christians from harming us Brothers, but only to constrain them and never to punish.
  1. To this end men will say, “Such a one is a mighty searcher out, and a persecutor of old women when they desire to be witches, and none hath done him harm, so it be proof that they cannot or more truly there be none.
  1. For all know full well that so many folk have died because someone had a grudge against them, or were persecuted because they had money or goods to seize, or because they had none to bribe the searchers. And many have died because they were scolding old women. So much that men now say that only old women are witches.
  1. And this be to our advantage and turns suspicion away from us.
  1. In England and Scotland `tis now many a year since a witch hath died the death. But any misuse of the power might raise the persecution again.
  1. So never break this Law, however much you are tempted, and never consent to its being broken in the least.
  1. If you know it is being broken, you must work strongly against it.
  1. And any High Priestess or High Priest who consents to its breach must immediately be deposed for tis the blood of the Brethren they endanger.
  1. Do good, an it be safe, and only if it be safe.
  1. And strictly keep to the Old Law.
  1. Never accept money for the work of the art, for money ever smeareth the taker. “Tis sorcerers and conjurors and the priests of the Christians who ever accept money for the use of their arts. And they sell pardons to let men escape from their sins.
  1. Be not as these. If you accept no money, you will be free from temptation to use the art for evil causes.
  1. All may use the art for their own advantage or for the advantage of the craft only if you are sure you harm none.
  1. But ever let the Coven debate this at length. Only if all are satisfied that none may be harmed, may the art be used.
  1. If it is not possible to achieve your ends one way, perchance the aim may be achieved by acting in a different way so as to harm none. MAY THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS BE UPON ANY WHO BREAKETH THIS LAW. So be it ordained.
  1. “Tis judged lawful if ever any of the craft need a house or land and none will sell, to incline the owner’s mind so as to be willing to sell, provided it harmeth him not in any way and the full price is paid without haggling.
  1. Never bargain or cheapen anything whilst you buy by the art. So be it ordained.
  1. Tis the Old Law and the most important of all laws, that no one may do anything which will endanger any of the craft, or bring them into contact with the law of the land or any persecutors
  1. In any dispute between the Brethren, no one may invoke any laws but those of the craft.
  1. Or any tribunal but that of the Priestess, Priest and Elders.
  1. It is not forbidden to say as Christians do, “There be witchcraft in the land,” because our oppressors of old make it heresy not to believe in witchcraft and so a crime to deny it which thereby puts you under suspicion.
  1. But ever say, “I know not of it here, perchance there may be but afar off, I know not where.”
  1. But ever speak of them as old crones, consorting with the devil and riding through the air.
  1. And ever say, “But how may many ride the air if they be not as light as thistledown.”
  1. But the curse of the Goddess be on any who cast suspicion on any of the Brotherhood.
  1. Or who speak of any real meeting place or where they bide.
  1. Let the craft keep books with the names of all herbs which are good, and all cures so all may learn.
  1. But keep another book with all Bills and Apices and let only the Elders and other trustworthy people have this knowledge. So be it ordained.
  1. And may the blessings of the gods be on all who keep these Laws, and the curses of both the God and the Goddess be on all who break them.
  1. Remember the art is the secret of the gods and may only be used in earnest and never for show or vain glory.
  1. Magicians and Christians may taunt us saying, “You have no power, show us your power. Do magic before our eyes, then only will we believe,” seeking to cause us to betray the art before them.
  1. Heed them not, for the art is holy and may only be used in need, and the curse of the gods be on any who break this Law.
  1. It ever be the way with women and with men also, that they ever seek new love.
  1. Nor should we reprove them for this.
  1. But it may be found a disadvantage to the craft.
  1. And so many a time it has happened that a High Priest or a High Priestess, impelled by love, hath departed with their love. That is, they have left the Coven.
  1. Now if the High Priestess wishes to resign, she may do so in full Coven.
  1. And this resignation is valid.
  1. But if they should run off without resigning, who may know if they may not return in a few months?
  1. So the Law is, if a High Priestess leaves her Coven, she be taken back and all be as before.
  2. Meanwhile, if she has a deputy, that deputy shall act as High Priestess for as long as the High Priestess is away.
  1. If she returns not at the end of a year and a day, then shall the Coven elect a new High Priestess.
  1. Unless there is a good reason to the contrary.
  1. The person who has done the work shall reap the benefit of the reward, maiden and deputy of the High Priestess.
  1. It had been found that practicing the art doth cause a fondness between aspirant and tutor, and it is the cause of better results if this be so.
  1. And if for any reason this be undesirable, it can easily be avoided by both persons from the outset firmly resolving in their minds to be as brother and sister, or parent and child.
  1. And it is for this reason that a man may be taught only by a woman and a woman by a man, and women and women should not attempt these practices together. So be it ordained.
  1. Order and discipline must be kept.
  1. A High Priestess or a High Priest may, and should, punish all faults.
  1. To this end all fault and his sentence pronounced.
  1. All properly prepared, the culprit should be told his fault, and his sentence pronounced.
  1. Punishment should be followed by something amusing.
  1. The culprit must acknowledge the justice of the punishment by kissing the hand on receiving sentence and again thanking for punishment received. So be it ordained.


Witchy Comments & Graphics


1.   The first principle is that of love, and it is expressed in the ethic, “DO AS YOU WILL, SO LONG AS YOU HARM NONE”a) love is not emotional in it’s essence, but is an attribute of the individual as expressed in relation to other beings;

b) harming others can be by thought, word, or deed;

c) it is to be understood the “none” includes oneself;

d) the harm which is to be regarded as unethical is gratuitous harm; war,in general, is gratuitous harm, although it is ethical to defend oneself and one’s liberty when threatened by real and present danger,
such as defense against invasion.

2.   The Witch must recognize and harmonize with the forces of the universe, in accord with the Law of Polarity: everything is dual; everything has two poles; everything has it’s opposite; for every action there is a reaction; all can be categorized as either active or reactive in relation to other things.

a) Godhead is one unique and transcendant wholeness, beyond any limitations or expressions; thus, it is beyond our human capacity to understand and identify with this principle of Cosmic Oneness, except as It is revealed to us in terms of It’s attributes and operation.

b) The most basic and meaningful attribute of the One that we, as humans, can relate to and understand, is that of polarity, of action and reaction; therefore Witches recognize the Oneness of the Divinity, but worship and relate to the Divine as the archetypal polarity of God and Goddess, the All-Father and the Great Mother of the universe.  The Beings are as near as we can approach to the One within our human
limitations of understanding and expression, though it is possible to experience the divine Oneness through the practices of the Mysteries.

c) Harmony does not consist of the pretty and the nice, but the balanced,
dynamic, poised co-operation and co-relation.

3.   The Witch must recognize, and operate within the framework of the Law of Cause and Effect; every action has it’s reaction, and every effect has it’s cause.  All things occur according to this law; nothing in the universe can occur outside this law, though we may not always appreciate the relation between a given effect and it’s cause. Subsidiary to this is the Law of Three, which states that whatever goes forth must return threefold, whether of good or ill; for our actions affect more than people generally realize, and the resulting reactions are also part of the harvest.

4.   As Above, So Below.  That which exists in the Macrocosm exists, on a smaller scale and to a lesser degree, in the Microcosm. The powers of the universe exist also in the human, though in general instance they lie dormant. The powers and abilities can be awakened and used if the proper techniques are practiced, and this is why initiates of the Mysteries are sworn to guard the secrets from the unworthy:  Much harm can be done by those who have power without responsibility, both to others and to
themselves according to the Laws of Cause and Effect and of Threefold Return.
a) Since our philosophy teaches that the universe is the physical manifestation of the Divine, there can be nothing in the universe which does not partake of the nature of the Divine; hence, the powers and
attributes of the Divine exist also in the manifest, though to much smaller degree.
b) These powers can be awakened through the various techniques of the Mysteries, and, although they are only capable of small effects in and of themselves, it is possible to use them in order to draw upon the
forces of the universe. Thus humanity can be the wielders of the power of the Gods, a channel for Godhead to act within It’s own manifestation.  This, then, is further reason for the oath of secrecy.
c) Since the universe is the body of the One, possessing the same attributes as the One, it’s Laws must be the principles through and by which the One operates.  By reasoning from the known to the unknown,
one can learn of the Divine, and thus of oneself. Thus the Craft is a natural religion, seeing in Nature the expression and revelation of Divinity.
5.   We know that everything in the universe is in movement or vibration and is a function of that vibration.  Everything vibrates; all things rise and fall in a tidal system that reflects the motion inherent in the universe and also in the atom.  Matter and energy are but two poles of one continuous phenomenon.  Therefore the Witch celebrates, harmonizes with, and makes use of the tides of the universe and of life as expressed through the cycle of the seasons and the motion of the solar system. These ritual observances are the eight great Festivals of the Year, referred to as the Wheel of the Year.  Further, the Witch works with the forces and tides of the Moon, for this body is the mediator of much energy to our planet Earth and thus to ourselves.
6.   Nothing is dead matter in the universe.  All things exist, therefore all things live, though perhaps in a different manner from that which we are used to calling life.  In view of this, the Witch knows that there is no true death, only change from one condition to another.  The universe is the body of Godhead, and therefore possesses one transcendant consciousness; all things partake of the consciousness, in varying levels of trance/awareness.
a) Because of this principle, all things are sacred to the Witch, for all partake of the one Life.
b) Therefore the Witch is a natural ecologist, for Nature is part of us as we are a part of Nature.
7.   Astrology can be useful in marking and interpreting the flow and ebb of the tides of our solar system, and thus of making use of those tides; astrology should not be debased into mere fortune-telling.
8.   Throughout the development of the human race, civilizations have seen and worshipped many and various attributes of the Divine.  These universal forces have been clothed in forms which were expressive to the worshipper of the attribute of the Godhead which they expressed.  Use of these symbolic representations of the natural and divine forces of the universe, or godforms, is a potent method for contacting and utilizing the forces they represent.  Thus the Gods are both natural and truely divine, and
man-made in that the forms with which they are clothed are products of humanity’s striving to know the Godhead.
a) In keeping with the Law of Polarity, these god-forms are brought into harmony by the one great Law which states: All Gods are one God.  All Goddesses are one Goddess.  There is one Initiator.  This law is an expression of our understanding that all of the forces of the universe, by whatever ethnic god-form is chosen to clothe and relate to whichever force, can be resolved into the fundamental polarity of the Godhead, the Great Mother and the All-Father.
b) It is the use of differing godforms, of differing ethnic sources or periods, which is the basis of many of the differences between the various Traditions of the Craft.  Each Tradition uses the forms, and thus the names, which to that Tradition best express and awaken an understanding of the force represented, according to the areas of emphasis of the Tradition.
c) Because we know that differing names or representations are but expressions of the same divine principles and forces, we require our members to swear that they will never mock the names by which another honors the Divine, even though those names be different from and seemingly less expressive than the names and godforms used by our Tradition (for to the members of another Tradition, using it’s names, ours may easily seem equally less expressive).


9.   A Witch refuses to allow her/himself to be corrupted by the great guilt neuroses which have been foisted on humanity in the name of the Divine, thus freeing the self of the slavery of the mind.  The Witch expresses responsibility for her/his actions, and accepts the consequences of them; guilt is rejected as inhibiting to one’s self-actualization, and replaced by the efforts of the Witch to obey the teachings of harmlessness, responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions, and the goal of actualizing the full powers of the individual.
a) We refuse to believe that a human being is born innately sinful, and
recognize the the concepts of sin and guilt are tremendously inhibiting
to the human potential; the consequences of the Law of Cause and
Effect, called karma by some, are not punishment, but the recurrences
of situations and their effects because the individual as not gained
the Wisdom needed to handle or avoid such situations.
b) There is no heaven except that which we ourselves make of our life on
Earth, and likewise there is no hell except the effects of our unwise
actions.  Death is not followed by punishment or reward, but by life
and the continuing evolution of the human potential.
c) One cannot damn the divine in oneself; one can, however, cut oneself
off from it through the rejection of wisdom and a refusal to strive for
self-realization. This cutting off does not lead to personal suffering
in “hell”, for there is no Self to suffer if the tie to one’s own
divinity has been severed; what remains is merely an empty shell, a
“personality” or thought-form devoid of it’s ensouling Spark of the
Divine Fire.
10.  We know of the existence of the life-force which ensouls all living
things, that is, all that exists.  We know that a spark of this Divine
Fire is within each and every thing that exists, and that it does not
die; only the form of it’s existence changes.  We know that this spark of
the life-force returns to manifestation again and again in order to fully
realize and actualize it’s potential, evolving finally to the peak and
essence of existence which is pure be-ing.  In this process of
reincarnation each form returns in the same type of form, though it’s
ever-increasing actualization may lead to higher levels of existence of
that form.  Man returns as man, cat as feline, mineral as mineral, each
class of form evolving as the individual forms of that class evolve.
11.  This process of evolution through successive incarnations in manifest form
works through the utilizations of wisdom gained, the essence of the
life-experience.  This essence of experience, or Wisdom, is an attribute
of the spark of life itself, one and inseparable (see 9a).
12.  We must care for the body, for it is the vehicle of the spark of life, the
form by which we attain. Thus we must heal the body of it’s ills and keep
it a tuned and perfected tool; so must we heal others (both physicaly and
psychologically) as far as it is within our power to do so.  However, we
cannot interfere with the life of another, even to heal, except at their
request or with their express permission; unless such non-interference
would be inhibiting to our own, ethical existence and development — and
even then the responsibilities and consequences must be understood and
accepted.  This, then, is one of the important reasons for the communal
life the Witches under the guidance of the Priesthood: That the group may
be guided by wisdom and experience, with the aid and support of one’s
peers; and that one’s actions may be guided by the influence of the
ethical life of the group as a whole.
13.  Harmony with, and utilization of, the great natural forces of the universe
is called magick. By magick we speak, not of the supernatural, but of the
superbly natural, but whose laws and applications are not as yet
recognized by the scientific establishment.  The Witch must strive to
recognize these forces, learn their laws, attune her/himself to them, and
make use of them.  The Witch must also be aware that power corrupts when
used _only_ for the gains of the self, and therefore must strive to serve
humanity: Either through the service in the Priesthood, or by example and
effects of his/her life on others. The choice must be made in accord with
the true nature of the Witch.


The Sacred Tradition Of Witchcraft

Witchy Comments & Graphics

The Sacred Tradition Of Witchcraft

The Tradition of Witchcraft sees the aspects of the Divine All as separate and united as Goddess, God, and Both. The One who is All matches “all being from the One.” The forms of The Lord and the Lady are interlocked and interchangeable. Father Sky and Mother Earth/Sky Goddess and Earth God, Sun and Moon. Triple Goddess and Wed to the Triple Goddess. Threefold God and Wed to the Threefold God; Lord and Lady of the Greenwood; Lord of Abundance and Lady of Plenty; Queen of the Stars and King of the Universe; Creator and Creatrix Spirit and Matter; Life and Passage; and Cosmic, Dancers of Energy and Matter.

The Creative Forces of Nature are revered, with the Goddess and the God symbolizing the Universal Materials and Energies from which comes all existence. The God and the Goddess are equal and omnipresent, for They are found throughout the Universe, the Earth and all that dwell therein. Because it is the Spiral Dance of Rebirth that brings us back to the Source of our existence in the Goddess and the God, reincarnation and communication with spirits are accepted parts of the religion.
Knowledge is the gift of the Goddess and the God, learning through many lives on Earth and keeping close to Them. Magick is a natural means of working with natural energies to accomplish a goal, and this magick becomes part of natural life for the practicing Witch. Consciousness may be altered through visualization, meditation, ritual, music and dance to better commune with the Divine and effect the magick. Through Dedication, the pathway to communication is constantly open so altered states cease to be necessary for contact with the Divine in Nature, only inner stillness and balance.
Freedom of the individual and personal responsibility are key aspect of Witchcraft. The liturgy, may be created as needed or desired for the magick will naturally flow with the acceptance of oneness with the All and with self-responsibility in our living.
Immanence, interconnection and community are three core principles of Witchcraft. Because the God and the Goddess are manifested in all life, all existence is connected to be one living cosmos. The focus is on the growth of the whole through care for the Earth, the environment, and each other. The mythology of the Lord and the Lady revolves around two themes in the Wheel of the Year – that of Fertility and passage of the Seasons, and that of the Divine life Cycle of the God, often related in allegory to the changing of the seasons. Thus, the sacrificed go motif can be found in the Corn (Wheat) Cycle, wherein the God willingly gives His life-force into the crops at the tie of marriage that humanity may be sustained thus relating the Divine to life and Rites of Passage.
The Triple Goddess is the Maiden, Mother, and Crone (Matron), whose consort is the Horned God, the Creator, Destroyer (Hunter), and Lord of the Beasts. All Nature has both positive and negative aspects, and to be reborn one must first die. The Goddess is seen as both positive and negative aspects, and to be reborn, one must first die. The Goddess is seen as both life in Her form as Mother and as death in Her form as Crone, yet both are the same. Death is a natural passage to new life and is not feared or labeled as evil. With Nature there are both pleasant aspects and harsh aspects, but this is all part of the reality of the energy that flows in the Earth, the Universe, and the being of the Earth The transition of the spirit through incarnations is not feared, but understood and accepted as natural, for life is eternal, and all spirits are immortal.
Attuning to the God and the Goddess changes one forever-sparks new hope for the individual and for the planet. Personal destiny is in the hands of the practitioner. The Dark Aspects of the God and the Goddess-Lord of Shadows and Crone-as well as the Bright Aspects-Horned God and Maiden/Mother-are accepted. The Divine is both Creation and destruction; Abundant Nature and Destructive Nature. Since all life is joined in the Dual Deity, the Two Who are One, and to each other, life cannot be destroyed, only changed or moved into and out of the cauldron of life. The religion then is the worship or reverence of the Life Force represented in the Dual Deity as a Conscious Unity. This reverence may be expressed through ceremonies or rituals dedicated to cycles of fertility, of planting and harvest, and of solar and lunar phases.
The Esbats are Rituals of the Full Moon, New (Dark) Moon-Times to receive learning from the Goddess. The Sabbats are composed of four solar festivals, called the Greater Sabbats or the Cross-Quarters. These are the main focus of ritual in Witchcraft, along with Twelfth Night (Naming Day). The names by which the Lord and the Lady are addressed are not important, for They are One By whatever Names They are Known, and They dwell within . They give life to be lived fully and with enjoyment and we are reborn to learn until we are reunited with Them Because people are of the Earth, She should be revered. The Witch knows of the connection of all things, the immortality of life, and draws upon the Power of the Divine directly, or through the Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water or such spirits, devas, and Other People as may be helpful. The Elementals are the Kith and Kin of the Witch, for body and strength are of Earth, breath and thought are of Air, energy and drive are of Fire, and emotions and vital fluids are of Water. In Middle English speech as Weetch’ie–meaning Wise, and the use of that wisdom was called the Craft of the Wise–WicceCraft, from when comes the word Witchcraft. The Practice of the Craft as spirituality and holds th e word Witch as honorable and spiritual.


Your Planet Tracker for May 20: Sun in Gemini, May 20, 2016 to Jun 20, 2016







Sun in Gemini

May 20, 2016 to Jun 20, 2016


Signs are Seasons

The last sign of any season represents a point of transition. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The mutable air sign Gemini is a perfect symbol of this period of duality, a time when spring is preparing to become summer (or fall turning to winter in the southern hemisphere).

The Twins represent the ability to detach ourselves from the environment to see it more objectively. All the air signs (Libra and Aquarius are the others) are about breathing room with which to better observe and comment on the world around us.

Cruel or Just Cool

Gemini is associated with Mercury, the planet of communication. Its sharply observant eye often gives rise to a wicked sense of humor, or just a puckish playfulness. For those who can’t stand to be toyed with, Gemini can seem uncaring and without sentiment. But it’s Gemini’s job to help us see alternative views of reality.

Gemini is neither about truth nor judgment. It offers options, explorations, possibilities, conjecture and jokes. The lens of perception may be turned in its need to catch the light from yet another angle. If we take this to the limit we may ridicule others, using wit to separate ourselves from feelings. But the purpose here is not for us to wound or be wounded. It is to lighten up, brighten up and open the mind’s eye to new possibilities.

Loving Objectivity

There can be real compassion with detachment now. This is the season for sharing our thoughts and observations without the censor of truth or judgment. We may find the space to speak with openness, simply exchanging information and ideas.

No one needs to be right. There is no grade for this course. It’s a free pass for the eye, the mind and the mouth to travel new paths and remember that reality is not just one thing, but an infinite web of possibilities.

The Committed Gemini

Consistency is not the essence of Gemini. The sign of the Twins symbolizes variety, rather than stability. Nevertheless, those born under this sign can be highly committed individuals.

The key to Gemini commitment is to keep the mind moving. If a relationship, a job or field of interest is sufficiently diverse, those born under this sign can show up every day. But once routine takes over the Gemini is gone, if not of body, certainly of mind.

Sometimes it’s enough to alter the regularlity of the schedule to keep Gem’s attention. Where there are choices, life is interesting. When there are none, Gemini ceases to flourish and fulfill its purpose.

Famous Geminis

It shouldn’t be surprising that many songwriters were born with the Sun in Gemini. Paul McCartney, Jewel, Bob Dylan, Lauren Hill, Stevie Nicks and Alanis Morissette are among the better known of this group.

Humor shines through Geminis Drew Carey, Mike Myers, Jerry Stiller and Bob Hope. But, we also find a number of serious actors here, including Anne Heche, Annette Bening, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Liam Neeson, Rupert Everett, Natalie Portman and Helen Hunt.

Not surprisingly, Geminis are a very diverse group, running the gamut from Isadora Duncan to Donald Trump, Allen Ginsberg to George Bush (the elder), Miles Davis to Barry Manilow. They remind us of the brilliant diversity of human expression and the multitude of choices that lie before us every moment of every day.


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Your Daily Influences for May 20, 2016

Your Daily Influences
May 20, 2016



The Empress Reversed
This card represents infertility, instability and the loss of material possessions.











Jera denotes positive, recurring cycles, fertility and a time to harvest rewards from your hard work.





The Menat
You will find focusing on this aspect difficult, because truths will be obscured by dreaminess and illusion. You will not accomplish much here in the next several weeks, and therefore should focuses your attention elsewhere








Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.

Your Charm for May 20th is The Necklace of Charms

Your Charm for Today

Today’s Meaning:
What you need in this aspect is a bit of understanding. You can find happiness in abundance if you understand and accept the differences of those with whom you share your life within this aspect.

General Description:
This is an Egyptian group of amulets. The centre ornament is the Lotus, from which hangs the emblem of Millions of years — Thou shalt never perish, never, never come to an end. The Lotus bestowed upon the wearer Light and Understanding, the gifts of the god Ra, their sun god, king of gods and of men. The Fish, the symbol of the Egyptian goddess who controlled the rising of the Nile brought Abundance and Riches. The other pendant is in the form of a lock of hair, the meaning of which is obscure.

Your Three Dragon MahJong Reading for the Week of May 20th

The Three Dragons Reading for the Upcoming Weekend

In Chinese Culture the Dragon is generally considered a sign of great luck and power. However the Red, Green and White Dragons in Mahjong represent three distinct influences that can affect your life. Today’s reading involves the White Dragon and its influence on your life this weekend.



The White Dragon is indeed a wily fellow. His domain is the great unknown, and the tile set under him suggests an area or areas that could affect your life in unexpected ways.





Circles 2
Symbol: Pine Tree

The Pine Tree tile represents strength and resolve. It often refers to a powerful, determined man. While powerful, this person is not violent, but very skilled in attaining his goals through diplomacy.




Bamboo 9
Symbol: Willow Tree

The Willow Tree tile represents adaptability and survival in the face of harsh conditions. The Willow bends before the bitter winter winds, but does not break. The Willow tile suggests compromise. You must be willing to give some to get some.




Symbol: Refinement

The Orchid tile suggests there may be rare and refined experiences coming into your life. Enjoy them!