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We will start on the Element of Fire tomorrow. If we should run across anymore info on the Element of Air, we will also be adding that. If you haven’t guessed by now, for the next few days we are doing the Elements.


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Meditation for the Element of Air

Meditation for the Element of Air

Sit in a comfortable position, it is best to be outside, try choosing a space where you will not be disturbed. Ground your energy. Close your eyes and take three big slow breathes on your third breath visualize the air your are breathing in to be yellow, filling you with yellow light, when you blow out, you blow out negativity seen as black smoke leaving your body through your breath. Continue to do this until you’re completely filled with yellow light. Now slow your beathing and see the yellow light shine within you, know that the air you breathe is the same air that was in Ancient Egypt, Greece, the Neolithic age and in modern France as well as the whole world. Air connects us all and gives all things life. It is through sound waves in the air that we are able to communicate be it through speech or electronics such as computers and cell phones. Ponder on all of this then when you have finished connecting to the element of air ground the yellow energy into the earth and release any excess energy. Be sure to record your experiences in a journal used for spells and meditations.


Tytus Lionheart has been studying magick, wicca and the occult since 2006. A dedicant to the Correllian Natavist Tradition, Tytus is on a path to Wiccan Clergy as a First Degree Priest. Tytus is the author of “Lion Heart” (www.lionheartrealm.blospot.com) a personal blog dedicated to sharing his material and experience on Wicca and the Occult. From years of study and practice he has become knowledgeable not only in Wicca but in witchcraft, Ceremonial magick, Shamanic spirit communications, Chaos magick, Chakras, Healing Magick, magickal herbalism. Tytus’ forte is in natural magick and utilizing the natural world for great magickal effect. “It is my hope to open readers to the magick of herbs and plants and the power of the human Will.” – Tytus Lionheart
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The Element of Air


The Element of Air


The Element of Air rules the following rituals/areas…

magickal studies, intellectualism, education of one’s self and psychic abilities.

Air Stones…

aventurine, mottled jasper (leopardskin), mica, pumice and spene.

Air Herbs…

These are selected, and in no way, a complete list. New plants are discovered every day, so I’ve simply chosen those most well known, and easily available.

acadia, almond, anise, aspen, banyan, bean, benzoin, bistort, bittersweet, borage, brazil nut, bromeliad, broom, caraway, chicory, citron, clover, dandelion, endive, eyebright, fenugreek, filbert, goldenrod, hazel, hps, lavendar, lemongrass, lemon verbena, lily of the valley, mace, male fern, maple, marjoram, mint, mistletoe, mulberry, palm, papyrus, parsley, pecan, pine, pistachio, rice, sage, star anise and wax plant.

Other Factors…

Water is associated with the color yellow, and the directional association is East.

An Easy Air Spell

Stand in an open place atop a hill or mountain, far from tall trees, buildings, and other hills. Hold the appropriate enchanted herbs and stones in your power hand and, facing North, blow a little of them to that direction. Turn East and repeat the spell, then do so to the South. At the West blow all the herbs far from your hand. Visualize your need strongly all the while, stating it in words, if you wish.




Air represents mental activity, thoughts, reason and intellect, memory, knowledge, persuasion, birth and friendship, freedom, clarification and expression. A low Air person seems without any direction and unable to define or visualize any future and can not reason out the alternatives and objectives. A high Air person is at ease in complex situations and can sit and think things through, and can carry through with decisions.

It’s feelings are moist heat, it’s season is Spring, it’s direction is East/Mental, the symbol is the Wand, Athame, or the smoke of the incense. It’s colors are White, Lt Blues, Yellows and Green. Moon phase is the first quarter and it’s time is Dawn.

Different types of Air Magick include Visualizations. An important tool in any magick work, it makes the events happen. For this type, it is important that all the other factors such as color, time, the moon phase, winds, etc. are all in balance. And to have the other tools working such as incense and candle burning, or even the right tea or wine to drink in the background. This is because you need to “fix” or “ground” the images or ideas you are using in your visualization.

As our thoughts are extremely powerful, as are our Words. Words can be put together in such a way as to form spells, or used in channeling your power. Words give rise to our desires and can be released upon the winds for attainment. Created and repeated with intensity and concentration the spoken word is a powerful magick in itself. You do not have to be an accomplished linguist, just a simple sentence will do. It creates an atmosphere of concentrated awareness and strength. Words can be used in moments of stress and fear, and will create the magick itself. It does not have to be said aloud, say them to yourself if need or want be.

Another Air Magick is Mirror Magick. It can help in overcoming inner problems and also help with difficult personal decisions. It uses both the Word and Visualization forms and can also aid in being able to visualize a future event. Sometimes, used as a Scrying Tool, in which you are able to “see” possible future events.