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Ayurveda remedies for Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for his sexual needs or the needs of his partner. Erectile dysfunction is sometimes called “impotence”.

The term “erectile dysfunction” can mean the inability to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or the ability to achieve only brief erections.

Ayurveda defines Erectile dysfunction or ED as follows.

Sankalpapravano nityam priyaam vashyaamapi sthreeyam

na yaathi lingashaithilyaath kadaachidyaathi vaa yadi

Shwaasaarthaha swinnagaatrshcha moghasankalpacheshtitaha

mlaanashishnashcha nirbeejaha syodetat klaibyalaxanam

This means even though a man has a strong desire to perform sexual act with a cooperative partner, he cannot perform sexual act because of looseness (absence of erection) of his phallus (penis). Even if he tries with great determination, he will suffer from tiredness, excessive perspiration, and frustration in his performance.

Physiology of erection

The two chambers of the penis (corpora cavernosa,) which run through the organ are filled with spongy tissue. The corpora cavernosa are surrounded by a membrane called the tunica albuginea. The spongy tissue contains smooth muscles, fibrous tissues, spaces, veins, and arteries. The urethra, which is the channel for urine and semen, runs along underside of the corpora cavernosa.

Due to sensory or mental stimulation, or both, the erection begins. Due to impulses from brain and local nerves the muscles of corpora cavernosa relax and allow blood to flow in and fill the spaces of spongy tissue.

The flow of blood creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, making the penis expand. The tunica albuginea helps trap the blood in the chambers, thereby sustaining erection. When muscles in the penis contract to stop the inflow of blood and open outflow channels, erection recedes.


In Ayurveda, physiology of erection and ejaculation is described as follows


Vrishunow basthimedram cha naabhyuuru vankshnow gudam

Apaanasthaanamantrasthaha shukra mootra shakrunti cha


The “apaanavayu” is one of the five types of vayu is located in the testicles, urinary bladder, phallus, umbilicus, thighs, groin, anus, and colon. Its functions are ejaculation of semen, voiding of urine, and stool.

Shushruta explains the process of erection and ejaculation as “When a man has desire (iccha) to have sex, his response to touch increases (Vayu located in skin causes flow of signals from skin to brain, thus causing sensation of touch). This causes arousal or “harsha”.  Arousal or Harsha intensifies actions of vayu and at this moment highly active vayu liberates the “teja “or heat of pitta. Thus tejas and vayu increase body temperature, heartbeat, and blood flow.


Ayurveda’s take on the Causes of ED

Erection requires a sequence of events. Erectile dysfunction can occur when any of the events is disturbed. Nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column, around the penis and response in muscles, fibrous tissues, veins, and arteries in and around the corpora cavernosa constitute this sequence of events. Injury to any of these parts which are part of this sequence (nerves, arteries, smooth muscles, fibrous tissue ) can cause ED.

On lowered level of testosterone hormone:

The primary male hormone is testosterone. After age 40, a man’s testosterone level gradually declines. About 5% of men that doctors see for erectile dysfunction have low testosterone levels. In many of these cases, low testosterone causes lower sexual interest, not erectile dysfunction as the whole male body responds to testosterone.


On over-exertion:

Physically and mentally: Working for long hours in an office, experiencing mental stress at office and home, short temperedness, and insufficient sleep cause erectile dysfunction.

These causes are explained in ayurveda as “shoka  chintaa, bhaya, traasaat …. ” which means that erectile dysfunction or impotence occurs due to grief, fear, anxiety, and terror/trauma.


Strained relationship with sexual partner:

Erectile dysfunction also occurs when there is a disliking towards sexual partner. Ayurveda describes this as “naarinaamarasamjnatwaat…” means disliking for your spouse or women.


Diseases that cause erectile dysfunction:


Neurological disorders, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, anemia, depression, arthritis, endocrine disorders, diabetes, diseases related to the cardiovascular system also become reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Apart from these, the imbalance in tridoshas also cause impotence or erectile dysfunction.


Consumption of medicines, drugs, and tobacco:

Using antidepressants, tranquilizers, and antihypertensive medicines for a long time, addiction to tobacco especially smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, addiction to harmful illegal substances also cause erectile dysfunction.

In Ayurveda texts, these causes have been said in brief as “rukshamannapaanam tathoushadham” – “dry food , drinks, and medicines” causing impotence or erectile dysfunction. Modern medicine has certainly backed this up in much more detail over the course of numerous studies.


Trauma to the pelvic region:

Accidental injury to pelvic region and surgeries for the conditions of prostate, bladder, colon, or rectal area may lead to erectile dysfunction.

These causes are mentioned as abhighata (trauma), shastradantanakhakshataha (injury from weapons, teeth and nail) in Ayurveda.


Other reasons:

Obesity, past history of sexual abuse, and old age also are causes of ED. Ayurveda describes the cause of impotence or erectile dysfunction due to old age as follows “diminution of –  tissue elements, strength, energy, span of life, inability to take nourishing food, physical and mental fatigue lead to impotence”



Remedies for ED

ED is treatable at any age. The total treatment in for impotence is called “ Vajikarana therapy”. As this therapy increases the strength of a man to perform sexual act, like a horse, it is called ‘Vaajikarana’. (‘ Vaaji’=Horse.)

Vaajikarana therapy leads to

  • Balanced feelings and emotions.
  • Increased strength.
  • Potency to produce healthy offspring.
  • Increased span of erection.

Eligibility for Vajikarana therapy.

  1. The vajikarana therapy should be administered to persons who are between 18 to 70 years of age.
  2. These therapies should be administered only to a self-controlled person. If this therapy is administered to a person who does not have self-control, he could develop a far higher sex drive than desired.



Decreasing anxiety associated with intercourse with psychologically based treatment helps to cure ED. The patient’s partner can help with the techniques, which include gradual development of intimacy and stimulation. Such techniques also can help relieve anxiety when ED from physical causes is being treated as well.

This form of treatment is illustrated in Ayurveda – It has been said “A woman who understands a man and is liked by him, along with an erotic environment acts as best aphrodisiac.”


Drug Therapy

Numerous herbal preparations are mentioned in Ayurveda to treat ED or impotence. It has been said that people who are wanting to develop an increased rhythm to their intimate routines have to consume these preparations regularly to replenish the energy, vigor, stamina, and strength they expend. These preparations also supply the nutrients which are necessary for production of semen.  It is good to note, each of these herbs treats a different aspect that could be the cause of ED.  It is best to discover first what an individual’s cause is before then taking the subsequent herb for it.

These include:

  • Panax Ginseng (Red Ginseng) – overall helper
  • Rhodiola Rosea – endurance booster
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – testosterone booster (note – if your testosterone is already high, increasing it further will not have much effect on ED)
  • L-Arginine – circulation booster
  • Horny Goat Weed – energy booster


Overall Ayurveda tips to overcome ED

  1. Consuming herbal preparations to rejuvenate the reproductive organs.
  2. Massaging the body with a herbal oil which gives a relief from physical exertion and also acts as aphrodisiac.
  3. Practicing Yoga and Meditation to overcome mental exertion and to cope up with stress.
  4. Sleep at least for 8 hours a day.
  5. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.
  6. Exercise regularly.
  7. Avoid hot, spicy, and bitter foods.
  8. Favor fruits, milk products, and nuts for energy.
  9. Add a little ghee in your diet.
  10. Give a gap of four days between two consecutive intimate acts (this timing appears to help many men alone).

Astronomy Picture of the Day – Geology on Pluto

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2016, 09 May

Geology on Pluto
Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Inst.Explanation: Pluto is coming into focus. As the robotic New Horizons spacecraft bears down on this unexplored world of the distant Solar System, new features on its surface are becoming evident. In the displayed image taken last Thursday and released yesterday, an unusual polygonal structure roughly 200 kilometers wide is visible on the left, while just below it relatively complex terrain runs diagonally across the dwarf planet. New Horizon’s images and data on these structures will likely be studied for years to come in an effort to better understand the geologic history of Pluto and our Solar System. After suffering a troublesome glitch last week, New Horizons will make its historic flyby of Pluto and its moons on Tuesday.

YOUR PLANET TRACKER for May 9th: Moon in Cancer May 9, 2016 to May 11, 2016






Moon in Cancer

May 9, 2016 to May 11, 2016


You might be a little sensitive during this Moon. Unfortunately, everyone else is too. If you find yourself in deep water now, look to your intuition to get you out. The real issues are often hidden on Cancer Moon days, or dealt with sideways. People tend to circle the emotional wagons, reach for their antacids, and privately nurse their wounds. The collective unconscious is four years old and wants its mommy. Go ahead, seek nurture today. It’s like that children’s story where the baby bird, tumbled from its nest, quizzes all comers, “Are you my mother?” Only you’re looking for the World Mother. You’ll find her in a cozy place where you feel safe and loved; in a cup of tea, a mid-day retreat to your bed or a smile from a friend. Whether or not you have issues, it’s a good Moontime for sharpening your emotional intelligence. Distinguish foods that nourish (both real and symbolic) from those that bring heartburn.


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Your Ancient Symbol Card for the Week

Your Ancient Symbol Card for the Week

The Hourglass

The Hourglass is a gentle reminder that time passes and with it goes opportunity. Every moment is a moment we cannot retrieve or relive, and there are no guarantees that what we put off today really can be done tomorrow. The Hourglass urges us to make every second of our lives as rich and fulfilling as we possibly can.

As a daily card, The Hourglass suggest you may be allowing opportunities to pass you by. If you’ve been procrastinating or putting too much of your precious time into activities with no lasting value to you, now is the time for you redirect your energies into actions that will enrich your life.

Your Witches Rune Reading for the Week of April 9th

Your Witches Rune Reading for the Week



The Blank Rune

This is a rune of difficulty and negative influences will rule your life for a time, but as all difficulties are a learning experience it will lead to improved personal perspective and progress on your life’s path. Always consult the surrounding runes with this stone. If it lies with a positive stone, it indicates that the pain of this experience will lead to a beneficial change in circumstances



The Crossed Spears

The presence of the spear signifies arguments, negative events, and all manner of strife of an upsetting nature. However similar to the ‘Tower’ tarot card if next to a positive rune it could mean the end of an argument or quarrel. If with the rings it means the healing or renewal of a relationship. If there are military connections it could mean promotion. If illness is within the equation it means a speedy and successful recovery.



The Blank Rune

This is a rune of difficulty and negative influences will rule your life for a time, but as all difficulties are a learning experience it will lead to improved personal perspective and progress on your life’s path. Always consult the surrounding runes with this stone. If it lies with a positive stone, it indicates that the pain of this experience will lead to a beneficial change in circumstances

Shuffling the Minchiate Tarot Card, Let’s See What the Week of May 9th Has Waiting for You…

Your Weekly Minchiate Tarot Card 



This Week’s Theme


This card represents a fulfilling life, work done well and a clear awareness of the universe we live in.










Challenges This Week

Ace of Coins Reversed

Selfishness, greed and false starts are possible. A life that is unsettled or comfortability that may not be in your best interest.










Your Ally For The Week

Nine of Swords

Sorrow, loss and impossible burdens may be present or near.

Your Rune Reading for the Week of May 9th

Your Rune Reading for the Week


The Past The Reappear

Fehu is the Rune of prosperity, good luck and unbridled creative energies. Being associated with Frey, this Rune is also a powerful omen of fertility. Fehu is one of the three Mother Stones and should never be taken lightly.



The Present You Will Have to Deal With

Dagaz represents the fresh light of a new day. You are close to making a breakthrough. You have the will to change whatever you deem necessary. You may see the world with absolute clarity at this time.



A Glimpse into The Future

Kenaz foretells the coming of clarity and knowledge. It is time for you to grow by exchanging knowledge with others. Opportunities are upon you.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading for May 9th






Weekly Tarot Card Reading

A one-card reading gives you a glimpse at what’s coming

For the week of May 9, I chose the King of Wands!

This week it is time to take the lead and create the vision for where you want to head next. Your energy is high and you are feeling ready to take on the world. Be bold in your plans and move forward with courage.

Traditionally, the King of Wands is a strong leader, a hero who is easily bored with the status quo. This is a time to take advantage of this ambitious energy and finally find the success you’ve been craving.

Others may be looking to you to set the agenda and lead the way. This is not the time to shy away into the background. Instead you are being called to take on a leadership role and set a positive example for others. Be clear in what you see for the future and be ready to rally up the troops to support your direction.

Ask yourself, “How can I lead the way?”



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Your Tarot Card for the Week of May 9th is The Hermit

Your Tarot Card for the Week

The Hermit

The Hermit denotes a need to have some space between you and the everyday hustle and bustle of our busy world. The Hermit needs to retreat. Indeed, happiness for The Hermit requires seclusion, freedom from material wants, and time for intense introspection. The answers The Hermit needs cannot be found in our physical world. The truths he seeks are internal, spiritual, and the distraction of a well developed social life can only impede his quest for his personal truths. Still, although not anything remotely resembling extroversion, The Hermit does sometimes need to share time with others; so he can both learn and teach, guide and be guided. The Hermit’s time spent amongst people depletes his energy rapidly. To avoid mental and physical overload he has to retreat from social settings quickly.