Warding Off Unluckiness And Evil Spirits

Warding Off Unluckiness And Evil Spirits

Items You Will Need:

  • A Hand
  • Fingers
  • A Heart

The Spell:

To do this spell all you must do is make a three-fingered claw and place it over your heart. After you do that push outwards. This will banish any evil spirits that is or might be haunting you. You will know if you are being haunted if you get bad luck. Once you get bad luck for a long period of time use this spell the next time bad luck hits you.

4 thoughts on “Warding Off Unluckiness And Evil Spirits

  1. Ah! I just figure it out! 3 fingered-claw are like alligator claw the is use mostly on voodoo. ( I am learning voodoo since a week, what a synchronicity!)
    Thanks for guiding me on a substitute! The fingered claw are often expensive though. Thanks


    1. Indeed, you know the Five Fingered grass can be bought in most grocery stores or where you buy food. Just look for it under cinquefoil. It is also known as that.


  2. Hi, I don’t quite understand “three-fingered claw” , it is the finger nails that are cut? Or the fingers themselves ( english is not my mother tongue) and pushing outwards is a little confusing, it is not like pulling?
    Btw my finger have short nails, it will not looks like a claw.
    Any advice please?


    1. Hey hun,
      Ok, my friendly advice would be to do a substitution here. Instead of the three-fingered claw, I would use Five-Finger grass. The claw is extremely hard to find. It is an item that is occasionally used in Voodoo. The grass is much easier to use and will accomplish the same thing. Just lay it on your chest and continue with the spell.
      Lady A


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