Is it Friday, YET??? Please let it be Friday! Oh, It’s Just Thursday! Happy Thursday World!

How would you like about 5 of these nasty dudes wake you up at 3:30 in the morning? I pulled this pic off the net. I didn’t have my camera, I had a shotgun instead, lol! But 5 coyotes scratching, chattering and trying to get in were my alarm clock this morning. Oh, by the way, no one got shot during the making of this posting, lol!

Love you, guys!

L. A.

Marvelous Monday, dear friends! How Are All My Beautiful Friends Doing?



Time is important in our everyday life
It tells us when it’s to smile,
It also tells us when it’s time to cry.
Time for sorrow, pain and be lonely
Time for laughter and be happy.

Time is a treasure each one should keep;
For time when you lost it, surely you’ll weep.
Time is a gift each one ever holds;
For time truly is gold.

Time can mend a broken heart;
Yet time can break a waiting heart.
Time is all I have to share
Because for me, the most precious gift I can give someone is my TIME…

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Hex-breaker Bath

Hex-breaker Bath

Agrimony Reversing
The herb, agrimony, is prized in magick circles for it ability to repel and return a hex.
Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over angelica, agrimony, chamomile blossoms, hydrangea flowers, lovage and either tormentil or five-finger grass. When it cools add everything to your bath.