A Very Blessed Friday Morning To All Our Friends & Family Of The WOTC!

I must apologize for us running so late. We received a phone call this morning that a farmer had sacked up a bunch of kittens and threw them into a pond.  The pond is not to far from behind our office. Needless to say, Lady A and a few others took off for the pond. Lady A took off her sling, her back brace and her shoes and proceeded to jump in. No one knows how deep this particular pond is. Thank the Goddess, Lady A was a lifeguard earlier in her life. She did about two dives and finally found the sack. There were 5 kittens in the sack. Unfortunately, only 3 survived. Lady A is rather sad about this fact. I told her if it wasn’t for her even those three lives wouldn’t be here. Those she saved need some medical treatment, she is taking care of that. The other two are being buried. I can say one thing for our Lady, she has an excellent set of lungs. I could hear her calling the man who threw the kittens in every thing in the book except for a farmer.


Lady A is all wet and you are stuck with me. I am going to do my best to get your daily posts out to you in a timely manner. Wish me good luck!


May the Goddess Shine Her Blessings On You This Day,

Mistress of the Myst

May 12 – Daily Feast

May 12 – Daily Feast

Country people do not find it strange to hear the pond is turning over. They know it is not doing a flip but everything that has fallen in it suddenly comes to the top. It is nature’s way of cleaning house. It isn’t pretty but it does work. The whole pond of human affairs needs to turn over at times. When everything seems to happen at once, friends disagree, and coworkers are suddenly mired in stuff from the bottom of the pond, it is time to clean house. It isn’t always, u wo du hi, beautiful or pretty, but it does work. The best part is that it doesn’t last long. Everything rights itself with time – for a while. It helps to know that when something unclean falls in the water, eventually the pond will turn over to get rid of it. It just takes time.

~ We took an oath not to do any wrong to each other or to scheme against each other. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

The Element of Water: Naelyan (Dragon of Seas, Springs, Lakes, Ponds)

The Element of Water


(Dragon of Seas, Springs, Lakes, Ponds and Rivers)


The element of Water governs the western quarters of the circle. Its dragon ruler is Naelyan  (nail’-yon), who oversees the dragons of the seas, springs, lakes, ponds and rivers. Its color is pure blue; it is cold and moist. Positive association  of Water are: sunset, autumn, the water chalice, any form of helpful water, compassion, peacefulness, forgiveness, love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind.  Negative associations are: floods, rainstorms, whirlpools, any kind of harmful water, laziness, indifference, instability, lack of emotional control,  insecurity.

The subspecies of the element of Water are those of the seas and various waters. It is not unusual to find  this element working in conjunction with dragons of wind, storm, and weather, mountains and forest, or those of destruction.

In Cambodia, land of nagas and dragons, each reservoir has its temples where its divinity is  worshipped in dragon form. In Chinese legend, the first emperor to take on a dragon form, was Fu Hsi; this dragon-king put the Primordial Waters into order  by digging dikes, canals and irrigation ditches: he also tamed the Yellow River, making it safe for humans to live beside it.

Wishing All My Dear Friends A Very Happy & Blessed Sunday!

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Good Sunday Morning, my friends! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! I know the graphic above is a little corny but……I would love to be fishing right now, lol! It is still a little cold here to even think about fishing. But Kiki and I love to go fishing. Remember Kiki, she is my little baby Pom. Kiki and I were out in the yard yesterday pulling weeds and digging up the herb garden. I swear I never saw so many worms in my life. That is what got me to thinking about fishing. If I was going fishing and digging for worms, I won’t see a worm to save me. But that figures, doesn’t it? We have three ponds around us stocked with fish. Last year, Kiki and I went fishing every pretty afternoon we could. Kiki got used to going fishing. When I would pull in a fish, the little fart would jump on it. She would want to play with it and it was a fight getting the fish away from her.

It was hot one afternoon, probably about 90 and we had gone down to the pond. Kiki is furry as everything. When she is washed and groomed, she feels like a little, soft teddy bear. Well, I had just took her to the groomer’s and she looked gorgeous. Here we go to the fishing hole, I sit down and started to fish. Kiki was wandering around the bank. I caught a fish, here she came a running. I fought with her and finally got the fish and put him back in the water. I had noticed Kiki had quit wandering and was sitting and watching my line go out in the water. I didn’t think a thing about it. I brought my line in because a fish had stolen the bait. When I threw it back out, I be darned if Kiki didn’t jump in the damn pond and go after it. I was about to have a heart attack. The pond starts out swallow but in the middle no one knows how deep it really is. She started swimming like a fish out to the line. Well here I go in the pond, still holding the fishing pole and chasing her around the water. I finally got out to my hips and caught the little brat. I drug her back to the bank and I was mad. I made her sit on the bank and not move. Well in the middle of all this loop la, I had caught a pretty good size catfish and didn’t know. I sit down myself and something jerked the crap out of the line. I fished with two hooks on the line. The catfish was on the bottom hook. Here comes Kiki excited, she had never seen a catfish. I had him laying on the bank, getting the hook out of his mouth. Well the brat jumped on him and on him and on him, till finally she jumped right on that top hook. You never heard anything yelp like her in your life. I know it hurt and I cried and cried. I think I just threw the fish back in the water. I picked her up and calmed her down. She had the hook stuck in her front paw. I didn’t have a knife or nothing with me. So I took a lighter and burned the line from the pole. This freed her from the pole but not the hook. So I took off running to the house, which is about a half a mile away (I got my exercise that day!). I ran into the house and she was crying and whimpering. I sit down in the kitchen floor with her. Well here comes hubby and Kiki is his baby (though she is stuck up my butt constantly, lol!). He threw a fit and went into hysteria. I told him to calm down and get me the pliers from the junk drawer. He got them and thank the Goddess, the hook was only stuck lightly through her pad. I was able to gently remove the hook with the pliers. I ran and took her to the bathtub to clean her paw and she stunk to high heaven. So I just gave her a bath. After that I gave her something for pain and she calmed down. Then I knocked my husband in the head and he calmed down, NOT! I am not a violent spouse, yet, keyword “yet!” He informed me I was never to take her fishing again. Yeah right, we have done made our fishing plans for this year. We have figured out, I am only going to fish with one hook this year, lol! No more doggie fish for me!

You know after a memory like that, I don’t think I would rather be fishing right now, lol! Instead I would rather be sitting here doing just exactly what I am doing!

Have a great one, my friends!

Have A Super Fabulous Thursday, dear friends!

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Good day, dear ones! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I woke up this morning in foggy London, lol! I wish but not really. I am still in Kentucky but I have never seen such fog in my life. It is after lunchtime and it is still foggy. This is strange, strange weather we have been having. I listened to the News though and I believe everyone is having strange weather this year. Days like today make you look at the calendar and count the days to Spring. I know Kiki and I can’t wait for Spring to get here. We miss taking our walks down to the pond. Kiki might be a little Pom but if I don’t keep my eye on her, she jumps in the pond. Oh, brother! 

One Summer, I got a fishing hair up my rump. There is a huge shade tree by the pond and I figured that would be a perfect spot for Kiki and I to fish. I gathered up all my fishing gear and off we went. You can sit at this pond and catch Blue-Gill after Blue-Gill. That year, none of them were big enough to keep. But this year, they might be a good eating size. Anyway back to the story, I would pull in a fish and Kiki would get all excited. She would pounce on the poor fish, growl at it, snarl and just act down right vicious, lol! I didn’t think anything about it. I threw my line back in and got a bite. This was a good bite. So I jerked my pole and the next thing I knew, Kiki was in the pond after my line. I like to, well you know. She was in the pond swimming out to the line. I dropped the rod and started hollering and going in after her. She turned around and starting swimming back, chasing my line. I grabbed the rod before the fish drug it in the pond. I fish with two hooks on my line. On the first line, I had a medium size catfish. I pulled it up on the bank. Kiki came flying out of the pond and stepped on the second hook. I like to have died. She holler and yelped and was wild as a jacka**. I threw the fish back in the pond and I tried to calm Kiki down were I could cut the fishing line. She wouldn’t hold still to save me. So I was smoking, I decided to burn the line off the rod. It worked. I took off running from the pond to the house to get the hook out of her paw. We got to the house, she was almost hysterical. Hubby heard her screaming, he came running. Well I caught heck from him because she had a hook in her paw. Kiki is his baby! I thought I was going to have to slap him, he was almost hysterical too. He sat down in the kitchen and I got the pliers and started to cut the pointy end off the hook. Thank the Goddess, it was just barely through her padded paw. I had no problem getting it out. When it was finally out, hubby and Kiki loved and loved. He kept telling her, I was a bad Momma because I caused her to get a hook in her paw. Yeah, right! I can ask her now, if she wants to go fishing and she jumps up and down. I really don’t think the experience traumatized her too much, lol!

Have a great day and dream of the warm days of Spring that are just a month and 21 days away!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


Today’s Affirmation for Thursday, January 26th

“I am committed to finding the most worthwhile routes for my energies – I will work to transform my emotions into the exhilarating energies of the spirit.”


Today’s Visualization for Thursday, January 26th

Releasing Negativity

Close your eyes and focus your attention on the breath. As you in hale visualize yourself drawing pure white light in through your nostrils until it fills your being. As you exhale visualize all your negative thoughts and painful emotions passing out of your nostrils in a muddy stream. Maintain this visualization as you continue breathing.